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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.

Mega Man Revolution, is a fangame by Fifth Independent and Sprite's INC. It features two playable characters: Mega Man and Bass, 8 original Robot Masters, an additional 8 secondary weapons which are unique for Mega Man and Bass. Attention has been paid to remain true to the style of the original NES games, with the new soundtrack being created in Famitracker and the game having options for sprite flicker.

In 2015, the project was taken over by Sprites Inc and entitled as Mega Man Revolution Remix in order to improve the quality of the game, design-wise, graphically, and musically in addition to making Proto Man as playable character. It is expected to be re-released sometime in 2017.

As of October, 2017, Mike Crain has also been entirely redoing the entire OST in Famitracker and uploading them to Bandcamp to try to fix a lot of issues it had.


The story is being revamped along with the rest of the game. This section will be rebuilt once the new version is released.



Robot Masters

Ghost Man
Weapon Acid Bubble Weakness Storm Chaser

Ghost Man was originally a Robot Master designed to work in haunted house attractions at amusement parks in Turkey. His job was to scare customers using his powers of levitation and invisibility. After being taken by Dr. Wily and corrupted with Evil Energy, Ghost Man gained the Acid Bubble Weapon, but at the loss of his legs and severe damage to his circuitry.

“I’ll give you the fright of your life!”

Good point Stealthy Bad point Scares everyone by accident
Like Horror movies Dislike Chipper robots
Sand Man
Weapon Sand Shield Weakness Iron Saw

Sand Man is a Robot Master designed to act as a detainment unit at a prison facility in Australia. Using his Sand Shield, he could protect himself from inmates while blinding them. After being taken and reprogrammed by Wily, his Shield’s power was increased to the point the shield would cause serious damage to others. In his stomach is a cooling unit complete with a tube connecting to his mouth. This is to keep him from overheating due to the heat of the desert he works in.

“I’ll not only throw sand in your eyes, I’ll kick you while you’re down, too!”

Good point Vigilant Bad point Likes to cheat
Like Sand castles Dislike The ocean
Pyre Woman
Weapon Fire Seeker Weakness Sand Shield

Pyre Woman originally was used as a smelting Robot Master in Japan using the flamethrower on her body to create Fire Seeker, a high temperature blast of fire. She was robot who loved her job and was very eager to work, but was prone to overheating. Even after being modified by Wily to increase her firepower, her eagerness remained and her habit of overheating never stopped.

“Burn it all! BURRRRRRN!”

Good point Loyal worker Bad point Overheats easily
Like Fire Dislike Overheating
Blast Man
Weapon Sound Blaster Weakness Wild Sprint

Formerly a Robot Master who aided in police work in the U.S., Blast Man was designed for riot control. His Sound Blaster could fire sound waves at varying frequencies to incapacitate humans or robots and was able to do so without causing long lasting damage. After being stolen by Wily, his Sound Blast was modified to use only the destructive frequency and could be compressed to create explosions. Blast Man likes to put on a big show to make people think he’s tougher than he really is, but in reality he’s extremely effeminate in demeanor.

“You’ll never break MY sound barrier.”

Good point Great at playing/writing music Bad point Pretends to be tough
Like Loud music Dislike Silence
Cryo Man
Weapon Ice Beam Weakness Fire Seeker

In Canada, Cryo Man aided in Cryogenic research at a lab that used the extreme cold of the environment around them to aid in their experiments. Being equipped with a mace and the Ice Beam, a weapon capable for creating shards of ice, Cryo Man could break ice apart easily and aid in the creation of colder temperatures. After being reprogrammed by Wily, he went insane and drove all the other scientists and robots from the lab and has been slowly tearing the lab apart since.

“I hope you love the cold as much as I do when I freeze you.”

Good point Ice sculpting Bad point Low intelligence
Like Coloring pictures Dislike Math tests
Haste Man
Weapon Wild Sprint Weakness Ice Beam

From Russia, Haste Man is a Robot Master whose mind is always on two things: speed and business. To put the two things together he created the Cyclone Staple, a high speed production plant that uses high-intensity lasers to aid in the precision-cutting of parts. He would even increase the speed of his own Wild Sprint weapon to get things done quicker, but would more often than not confuse himself from moving around too quickly. After being modified by Wily, he turned his factory into a death trap by combining his lasers with his security system to destroy anyone who would enter his lair.

“I’LL BE BACK… before you know it.”

Good point Fast Bad point Reckless
Like Fast cars Dislike Waiting
Saw Man
Weapon Iron Saw Weakness Acid Bubble

The newest version in a series of lumberjack Robot Masters, Saw Man was designed to use a new type of saw called the Iron Saw that was made using a new specialized iron. Due to the funds put into making the Saw itself, the budget for Saw Man’s design was decreased. This forced Dr. Light to give him a simpler design with a lack of hands, something which he is insecure about. While working in Brazil, Saw Man was reprogrammed by Wily causing him to go rampant and start cutting down the entire Amazon Rain Forest.

“Slicing and dicing, that’s all life is about!”

Good point Hardy Bad point No hands
Like Lumberjacks Dislike Robots with hands
Storm Woman
Weapon Storm Chaser Weakness Sound Blaster

Storm Woman is a weather-control Robot Master designed to dissipate severe storms that form around the oceanic border of Africa by using special remote-controlled cloud robots. When off work, Storm Woman passed the time by traveling and cataloging the different types of clouds he would see. After being reprogrammed by Wily, she went insane and took over the weather tower she worked at in Nigeria by flooding it. She then began to intensify weather around the world by firing into storm clouds her weapon Storm Chaser, a bolt of electricity. She is also a huge wind bag, liking to tell hugely exaggerated stories of glory nonstop. 

Good point Strong Bad point Hypocritical
Like Telling exaggerated stories Dislike Hypocrites


  • Mega Man Revolution started development 10+ years ago, but was discontinued a long time ago, due to all the project files being erased.
    • The game is developed in Multimedia Fusion 2.
  • Mega Man uses the Mega Arm instead of the Mega Buster in this game.  This is because the game is heavily influenced by Mega Man V, to the point where the Mets in Dr. Remir's castle are replaced with turrets from Neptune's stage.
  • Dr. Light in the Light Labs screens/cutscenes depict him playing Pong.

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