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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.
Mega Man Infamous Intent
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Mega Man Infamous Intent (JP: ロックマン悪名高いテント, Rokkuman Akumeidakai Tento) is an upcoming fangame being developed by Deadteam, which will be distributed via PC download. It features 9 new Robot Master levels and 3 playable characters. The game's visuals will have an updated twist on the 8-bit style of the Classic Mega Man games. The game is officially cancelled in August 18, 2016 due to the unknown reason or lack of funding.

Story Preview

The wars to defend mankind continue! A mysterious new Robotic force has emerged in the town of Lansford, an old town with a rich history, famous for being home to many great heroes. Mega Man and company have taken the stage, but even so, it can't help but be noted that his longtime nemesis seems conspicuously absent in this attack. Wary of deception, they press onward, hoping to uncover the source of the rogue Robots...

Robot Masters

Doctor Famous Number Name Weapon
DFN - 001 Reaper Man Reaper Slash
DFN - 002 Gryphon Man Gryphon Dash
DFN - 003 Hook Woman Hook Jacker
DFN - 004 Grime Man Grime Sentry
DFN - 005 Tome Woman Magic Tome
DFN - 006 Barbarian Man Barbarian Rage
DFN - 007 Archer Woman Forest Arrow
DFN - 008 Cleanse Woman Chemical Cleanser
DFN - 009 Warp Man Warp Portal


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