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Mega Man IV walkthrough.

Level Strategies

Toad Man's stage

Bright Man's stage

Pharaoh Man's stage

Ring Man's stage

Midway Point

When you start, you'll be fighting the tank's turret. Avoid it's swirling shots and it's boomerang antenna. Charge the ?

Mega Man gets inside Wily's fortress.

First Confrontation with Ballade

Crystal Man's stage

Napalm Man's stage

Stone Man's stage

Charge Man's stage

Mobile Skull Castle

[Note: You can ONLY enter if you got the letters W I L Y]

REAL Battle with Ballade


After defeating the second four bosses and Ballade, Wily's fortress begin to explode and Wily goes to space.

Wily's skull cruiser

Part One: The Deck

This stage is straightforward. Head right, defeating the Jet Bombs, the Space Joes (Joes in pods) and the Pressn (mini versions of the Mega Man III Wily Machine) until you get to the miniboss, the Giant Met Cannon. Avoid it's plasma balls and missiles and shoot it until it's gone. Now continue right until you're at the boss, Copy Cannon.

Part Two: Inside the Cruiser/Teleporters/Cyberspace