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Box art for the American version of Mega Man III.

Walkthrough of Mega Man III.

Level Strategies

Snake Man's stage

Gemini Man's stage

Shadow Man's stage

Spark Man's stage

Wily Castle (Midpoint Battle)

This stage is short. Cross the Appearing Blocks and the split platforms until you get to the gates. The boss is a large version of the Octopus Battery from the first Mega Man.

Wily Castle Boss: Giant Suzy

This boss is easy. It just bounces around the room. Just unload charge shots until it's defeated.

Dust Man's stage

Dust Man

Skull Man's stage

Skull Man

Dive Man's stage

Dive Man

Drill Man's stage

Drill Man

Wily Castle (Take 2)

Battle with Punk


Wily Station

The final stage. Wily Machine

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