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A walkthrough of Mega Man 9. Please keep in mind that each of the Robot Master stage walkthroughs can be read separately, as they mostly do not conform to the boss order.


Wii version controls:

Button Action
D-pad Move, aim weapon
2 button Jump, start
1 button Fire
+ button Pause, start

Walkthrough and Boss Order

The Boss Order.
Boss Weapon Weakness
1. Galaxy Man Black Hole Bomb Concrete Shot (use Mega Buster)
2. Jewel Man Jewel Satellite Black Hole Bomb
3. Plug Man Plug Ball Jewel Satellite
4. Tornado Man Tornado Blow Plug Ball
5. Magma Man Magma Bazooka Tornado Blow
6. Hornet Man Hornet Chaser Magma Bazooka
7. Splash Woman Laser Trident Hornet Chaser
8. Concrete Man Concrete Shot Laser Trident
  • After completing five stages, Mega Man will receive the Rush Jet.

Galaxy Man's Stage (Space Research Station)

When you first start off in this stage, head to the right. don't mind the UFO heading at you; just keep running, and it will go under you. Head up the two stairways, ignoring the second UFO also heading at you on the second level. Shoot every other UFO you see. 

If you head to the right, you will find yourself in an area with 2 Mets and many UFOs. Destroy the UFOs if you can, but here the Mets are top priority. there is a short period of time between the point where the Met reveals itself and when it shoots, so this is when you should destroy them. Jump over any bullets they shot beforehand, and mind the lethal spikes. Kill all of the UFOs after the first two Mets. Use the same strategy against the Met in the last part of the area, then head up the stairway to the right. you will find yourself in a room with two strange ring-like teleportation devices. jump inside the left one, and you will be launched upward out of the other. Fall back into the right teleporter and you will be launched right next to the other stairway in the top-left. Climb up it before you fall back down.

In this next area, before you go anywhere, move about two centimeters to the right. Stay where you are after that, and a Bunby Catcher will fall right next to you. After it passes, continue up the stairway and over the pit to another area with lots of lethal spike pits. it doesn't matter if the next two Bunby Catchers ahead catch you, as they don't hurt you directly, but remember this: while the Bunby Catchers make you move automatically to the right until they let go, you still have control over your jumps, and if you don't jump over the pits ahead, you will fall in.

When (or if) you fall into the next area, veer to the left, or you will fall into a spike pit. Kill the Met up ahead, and fall into the next area, taking the weapon energy capsule on the ledge if you need it, and veer to the right. Destroy the UFOs in this next area, and head right, left, right to the checkpoint. There are four more teleporters up ahead; they shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

These next areas have Petit Devils. They split into smaller versions of themselves when they are hit twice, so avoid them if you can, but kill them if you need to. Mind the Shield Attackers on the third screen up.

The next area has both Bunby Catchers and Mets. Avoid the former and kill the latter, and mind the spikes. The next screen up has some UFOs passing by. Wait for them to leave and head on up the ladder. Grab the bolts if you want.

In this next (and last) area, head to the right, not the left. A Bunby Catcher will throw you into the spikes if you go there. Head over to the teleporters, and teleport your way to the boss room.

Before you fight Galaxy Man, you should learn his attacks. His first attack is rushing across the screen, trying to crash into you. To avoid this, simply jump over him. His second attack is launching a Black Hole Bomb from the sky and appearing under it when it detonates. As the bomb falls from the sky, it will follow you, so your best bet is to chase the bomb in one direction as it falls and then run in the other direction right as it detonates. This will give you a lot of space in between you and the bomb, and therefore a lot af space between you and Galaxy Man. You should be able to shoot him two or three times before he teleports away from the bomb.

Hornet Man's Stage (Flower Gardens)

When you first start off, head to the right. You will immediately find yourself in an area with two Flower Presenters and a Caricarry. Destroy the Caricarry first, then destroy the two Flower Presenters, killing the one on the right first. In this next room, there will be a small yellow platform hanging in the air with a ball at the end. Climb onto the platform and shoot the ball, and the platform will expand. run across it to the other ladder before the platform contracts to its original state.

This next area has a large Bolt on a high platform. You can use Rush Coil to collect it if you want to, but don't jump into the spikes. Go to the right a little bit more, and two pieces of a Scissascissor will appear. Destroy one piece and dodge the other. Use the same strategy against the next Scissascissor, using small jumps to avoid the lethal spikes on the ceiling as you continue ahead. 

The next three screens feature Bokazurahs that fire projectiles that will break through all of the green blocks you will be standing on. To activate these cannons, just shoot them. The problem is, the cannons will aim at you, so make sure to maneuver around their projectiles, falling through the holes they leave once they fire three shots.

Once you fall three screens, you will arrive in a mini-boss chamber. Before fighting the mini-boss, take time to notice the arena first. It consists of 8 platforms in a somewhat circular pattern suspended in mid-air. You will also notice a string of flowers (these inflict damage) suspended from the center of the arena moving clockwise around it. for this reason, you will always want to be moving clockwise, except when you are shooting. And mind that if you fall off the platforms, you will fall in a pit of lethal spikes.

This mini-boss is called Hanabiran. His only attack is appearing on a random platform and shooting four flower petals at you. He does not move when he is visible.

You can employ two strategies for beating Hanabiran: If you want to use the Mega Buster, wait until the mini-boss appears on the other side of the arena, then shoot him multiple times, jumping over his projectiles. If he appears on a platform ahead of you, try to jump to the next platform ahead of him and try to shoot him next time. The second strategy is to use Magma Bazooka against Hanabiran. Because Magma Bazooka shoots multiple projectiles, your aim does not have to be precise, however, it is more effective to charge your shot while you wait for Hanabiran to appear.

After you defeat Hanabiran and pass the checkpoint area, there will be an area with more of the platforms you saw in the second screen of this stage and more Scissascisors. use the same strategy you used before against the Scissascissors, but be quick or the platforms will do you in. 

All of the areas after this are just full of different types of Flower Presenters, although there is one Caricarry and one Big Stomper. There will be plenty of opportunities to collect extra energy and Bolts, so take advantage of them.

Before you know it, you will be standing right outside the boss chamber. There are a few things you should know about Hornet Man before you engage in fierce combat. This is his attack pattern: he goes to the far side of the room, shoots three hornets, then runs to the other side of the room to attack again.  This battle can be won using a very specific strategy. If you have either Tornado Blow, Black Hole Bomb, or Jewel Satellite, it will be needed. As soon as Hornet Man fires his hornets, use one of the three weapons just mentioned to kill them immediately. When Hornet Man runs at you, fire at him with the mega buster, jump over him when he gets close, and fire at him again when he is running away from you. If you are going for a no-damage run or the "Quick Draw H" achievement, you should use the Magma Bazooka, if you have it. Employ the same strategy, but just use Magma Bazooka to ill the hornets.

Jewel Man's Stage (Gem Mines)

When you arrive in Jewel Man's stage, head down the path to the right and when you arrive in the next area, kill the first Met immediately. then, instead of killing the next met first, kill the Spin Cutter falling from the sky first. you can also jump over it, as it can not come back to get you once it descends the steps to the left. Throughout this corridor, kill every enemy you see, taking your time with the Classical Cannons if you need to.

The next two screens feature Deispiders that will drop down on you from the ceiling. Shoot them twice to kill them, in mid-air or as soon as they land. Running away from these guys won't work.

The last area before the mini-boss arena consists of several Swinging Platforms over a large pit. To make the platforms swing higher, the player will need to move Mega Man back and forth. Swing until the next platform is within jumping distance (Mega Man can not use Rush Coil on these platforms). Be careful when jumping from the last platform to the mini-boss arena entrance.

This stage's mini-boss, Stone Head, might just be the most aggravating one of all. Besides unleashing crazy attacks, these attacks inflict huge amounts of damage. Let me explain his attacks to you. The first thing Stone Head will do is make about 10 boulders fall from the ceiling. It is not too hard to avoid these, however, as I said before, if they do manage to hit you they will inflict crazy damage. Right after the boulders fall, Stone Head himself (quite literally, a stone head) will fall from the ceiling too. When he touches the floor, he will create a small shockwave that will debilitate Mega Man for a couple of seconds unless he jumps. Stone Head will then roll across the screen and will damage Mega Man if he is debilitated or if he does not jump. Stone Head is not invincible as long as he is visible. Stone Head has 15 HP, so the cycle should be repeated about 3 times before Stone Head finally dies.

The area directly after the mini-boss chamber and the checkpoint features three Diarns. Lure them to one side of the room to kill them all with the Mega Buster or use Black Hole Bomb if you have it to more effectively dispatch them.

The area directly after this consists of Caricarries and Detarnayappas. The Caricarries should not be too hart to kill, But make sure to kill the Detarnayappas right away, to prevent their ability to shoot and lost time. In the final part of this area and the next, there are two swinging platforms, both of which are positioned dangerously close to lethal spikes. To escape the first swinging platform, perform a "short hop" (a very small jump, performed by pressing lightly and swiftly on the jump button) to escape to safety. On the second swinging platform, simply fall on the far right edge of the platform,  then jump again, and finally veer to the right.

On to the final area! This consists completely of Spin Cutters and Deispiders, unless you want to count the Big Stomper at the end of the level. Make sure to kill the Spin cutters in midair, and the Deispiders right as they land. Mind you don't scroll to the left, or the enemies will regenerate, unless you turned that feature off in the options.

And now for Jewel Man (note that he will be using the Jewel satellite throughout the duration of the battle). His attack pattern is simple: if you jump, he jumps, and if you fire, he fires a section of the Jewel Satellite at you. he will always be running, and he only stops when he fires. Your best strategy is to always run in the opposite direction as him. When he is right next to you rushing at you, do a short hop, then run under him when he is in mid air. when he is running away rom you or if he is at the other side of the arena, shoot at him. if you have the Black Hole Bomb, not only will it inflict a large amount of damage on him but it will take away every segment of his Jewel Satellite. Probably one of the saddest bosses in the entire series.

Magma Man's Stage (Geothermal Plant)

It is recommended that you obtain either Black Hole Bomb or Tornado Blow before attempting this course. When you arrive at the Geothermal Plant, run straight ahead, and do not stop, unless you want to be damaged by the Popo Helis. If Mega Man just runs and jumps at the very edge of each platform, he will jump over the Popo Helis. In the very end of the first area, there will be a stairway over a very wide pit. If you are going for a no-damage run, stand as close to the edge of the platform as possible, then jump. There is a 50/50 chance you can make it without falling into the lava. If you want to be save, jump on to the Jump Roller in the pit. After you get damaged, you will be invincible for a short amount of time. use this time to run across the magma to the stairway. The room after this consists of two Fire Totems. Shoot them four times in the head to destroy them and continue on your way.

This next area Contains even more Popo Helis (just jump over them) and the first magma lasers. These lasers are lethal, so please take your time, even if you are doing a speed run. There is a weapons energy capsule ahead that you will probably jump on unintentionally, so fill up some weapon energy if you need it. In the next area, there is a Fire Totem that stands in the way of a Bolt, but killing it is optional. Continue on to the stage's mini-boss, the Changkey Dragon.

This is where the Black Hole Bomb comes in. Make sure to equip it when you are still falling When you first come into his dark room, you will notice a pair of eyes on the right side of the screen. Aim your black hole at it and detonate it immediately. See what happens next. If you do this about three times, and the dragon will die. Please note that when the dragon disappears off one side of the screen, he will reappear off of the same side about a second later. If any Changkeys manage to fall to the ground and rush at ypu, jump over them.

In this next area, make sure to just keep running ahead, taking no mind of the Jump Rollers chasing you until you reach the third one. Kill the third Jump Roller, then turn around and kill his friends, who were chasing you. Run ahead, avoiding the fire being shot from the Fire Totems and killing them if they are on your level. Eventually you will reach a somewhat wide pit. Kill the Jump Roller in it, then stand on the edge of the pit and jump on over to avoid faling in, then continue to the next area. (If you needed an extra life, go back to the part where the second Jump Roller appears, then head to the second level.)

The next area is only one screen large, but Mega Man must be careful here. Take a look around for yourself, then employ this strategy: as soon as a magma laser stops firing, jump across the magma pool and climb up the ladder. As you do this the magma laser should be firing again. by the time you get to the top of the ladder and walk a few steps to the left, the magma laser should just stop firing. you should have just enough time to get across it's path.

The next area has a lot more magma lasers, however they are very easy to avoid. jump across the last few pools of magma and head to the boss room.

Before you fight this stage's boss, consider this. Magma man will run from run from one side of the room to the other. he will fire three balls of lava every two seconds, and these are pretty hard to dodge. Your only hope is to use Tornado blow until it is depleted, reducing Magma man's health to about 5 pixels. Your Mega Buster will work just fine now; your best bet for dodging Magma Man's bullets is using Black Hole Bomb at this point.

Splash Woman's Stage (Hydropower Storage Plant)

Don't be deceived by this Robot Master's looks: Splash Woman packs a punch, and the same goes for her stage. As soon as you arrive, you are greeted by two floating black spheres. These are called Oksutobons. it you shoot them or get too close, they will follow you until they explode. It's recommended the jump over them both (Mega Man can much higher underwater). In this next area, you find yourself in the water with two Octones. To kill these enemies, try to shoot them in their impenetrable lower half, causing them to reveal their upper halves, which shoot at you and are vulnerable to your mega buster shots. Killing the third one to the right is optional. When you fall down to the next screen, veer to the left or right immediately. If you went to the right, a Tropish will appear on the floor you land on. shoot it or jump over it. Another Tropish will swim at you, this time from behind you, on the main is more effective to jump over this one. Do your best to avoid the Oksutobons ahead.

After leaving that small area, you will find yourself at a crossroads. Fall to the right if you need extra energy (a ledge with an energy capsule will appear on a ledge to the left here), and fall to the left otherwise. When you arrive at the bottom of one of the two pits, you will find yourself in an area with an Octone and a Sakrets. The Sakrets' projectiles break into six parts, so observe their pattern and be careful.  Kill all of the enemies and continue on. In the area where the terrain drops down sharply and goes back up again, a Tropish will try to attack to from behind. Continue on to the checkpoint and beyond.

The checkpoint area features a bubble dispenser. The bubbles it releases act as platforms that float upwards (small bubbles are temporary and large ones are permanent.) Wait until a large bubble on the right appears, then jump on it.

On the next screen up, kill the first Tropish you see, then jump on to the two small bubbles to the left. on the second small bubble you jump on, wait until the last second, then jump to the left onto a large bubble that will appear. The next screen up isn't too hard: stay on the same bubble until you kill two of the three Tropish that will appear from the right side of the screen, then jump on the other large bubble to the right. On the next screen up, kill the Tropish on the left then jump out of the water onto the ledge to the right. Continue on to an area with two Sakrets cannons. Kill one from the other room, and either escape or kill the other one if you want to. Collect the weapon energy if you need it.

The next few screens feature very strange platforms: they detach from the wall, travel horizontally across the screen, and disappear once the water inside them is depleted (the water supply is visible on the platform). Ride these platforms to the top of the screen on each screen. Mind the spikes, they are lethal.

The final two areas are no trouble; just try to avoid the Oksutobons. You will eventually find yourself right next to the boss chamber.

Splash Woman has three main attacks: summoning fish that travel horizontally across the screen, dropping Laser Tridents from the top of the screen (a total of six), and swishing her  mermaid tail. She will do all of these attacks in the order they are liste every time. To avoid her first attack, just shoot the fish or jump over them. To avoid her second attack, run randomly around the screen. Splash woman will always try to drop the laser tridents on top of you, but if you are moving they will always miss. To avoid her third attack, just stay at least 100 pixels away from her. If you plan to use splash woman's weakness, the Hornet Chaser, the fish will be even less of a problem.

Tornado Man's Stage (Meteorological Observation Station)

It is recommended that you obtain either 2 Beat calls or Jewel Satellite before attempting this course. Tornado Man's stage is in a cloudy sky and divided in three sections: The first with sun, the second with snow and ice, and the last with rain and strong wind. It has enemies such as Sniper Joes and Mets, and several rotating magnetic platforms that move back and forth on a line.

On the second screen up from where you first start, you will encounter a balloon-like enemy called a Ballonboo. If you shoot the enemy three times in the face, it will die, but if you shoot its balloon it will start to deflate and start spinning about the screen, damaging you if you touch it. This Ballonboo can be ignored, however. The next area has a few Mets and a magnetic platform. Kill the Mets and head to the strange platforms. this is how they work: they will move back and forth on a line and rotate back and forth, as said before. When Mega Man stands on them, he will rotate with the platform. When Mega Man is right-side up on the platform he will jump, and when he is upside down he will fall. You will need to do both while crossing these platforms, and it would be a good idea to stand on the edges of some platforms to make the jump to other platforms. Another strategy is to jump over and over on each platform to avoid being upside down at bad moments, but unless you an do small jumps very consistently without faltering, this is unnecessary. After you pass the magnetic platforms, continue down to the snowy area. 

The first screen of the snowy area contains two Shield Attackers and a couple of icy platforms above a pit of spikes. wait until the shield attacker travelling on the topmost plane passes by, then fall from the ledge you were standing on onto the leftmost platform on the bottom. The lowermost Shield attacker will turn around before it reaches the platform you are standing on. Kill them both and continue to the next screen.

Welcome to the checkpoint! Grab the energy capsule if you need it; if else do your best to jump over it so you can save it for a death.

In the next area, kill the Sniper Joe or jump over it. Remember that Laser Trident goes through their shields. The next area has a Met as well as a Sniper Joe. After killing them both, use Rush Coil to get the bolt on the ledge if you need it. This next area is the rainy area. In the first stage of the rainy area, there will be rain that blows you back when you jump. This means that your jumps will be shorter in distance, but not height. This is where either Beat or Jewel Satellite comes in. He, or it, will protect you from the Nombrellans falling from the sky. Unless you are an expert player, you will not be able to avoid these enemies, and if you are an expert player, you have no reason to read this. Since the platforms are only just wide enough to stand on and placed fairly far apart, one hit is a fall in the pit below. If you make it across the platforms, you will reach an area with several magnetic platforms over a bed of spikes. The wind still applies. The area after this also has windy rain, but it blows to the right. as soon as you arrive, instead of jumping to the platform to the left, fall to the floor below. As long as you use your second Beat Call or Jewel Satellite, you should be okay as long as you remember the effect of the former area is reversed. If you are feeling particularly confident, you can grab the Bolt on the platform in the middle of the area. Sooner or later you will reach the boss chamber.

Tornado Man only has two attacks, only one of which is considered an attack: flying across the room torwards you, and summoning tornadoes from the floor which damage you ( I think that goes without saying, but whatever). When the tornadoes are on-screen, they also make you jump higher, which warrants the placement of spikes on the ceiling. The tornadoes are very easy to dodge. Use the same strategy you used with Splash Woman's Laser Tridents, and jump if you feel the need. Tornado Man's weakness is the Plug Ball, but the weapon is very ineffective. Unless you're willing to take some damage, use the Mega Buster or another straight-firing weapon.

Concrete Man's Stage (Concrete Jungle)

You will start out in a generic-looking area that seems to be an abandoned construction yard. Hoohoos will drop stones from the sky, and Detarnayappas will rise out of the pits. If you have Jewel Satellite, it would be a good idea to use that here; otherwise just make do with the mega buster. At the end of the area there wil be a Classical Cannon; kill it and move on. The next room has (enemy name)s. These can be parylised with the mega buster or any other weapon, though this is temporary. Kill both enemies and continue. The next screen is uneventful. It's the next three screens where things get interesting

Oh boy, it's the elephants! These guys may be big and scary-looking, but after you learn their pattern, they're a piece of cake

The first one you meet is so pathetic it isn't even funny: Just climb onto the ladder conveniently placed to the left of the screen to avoid the red ball it rolls at you and fire away. After 15 hits, the elephant will explode. The next elephant seems a bit intimidating at first; however, you will soon find that this elephant is as good as dead from the first moment you set eyes on it. Start out by simply standing just to the left of the robot; that way, when it throws it's bouncy green ball, it will bounce right over you. When the ball is moving to the left, take the time to fire at the robot. When the ball reaches the far left of the screen, the elephant will begin to suck it back torwards him. This presents a problem, as the elephant will also suck you to the left to avoid getting inhaled, and shoot a couple of shots at the robot before the ball finally reaches it's owner. And so the cycle continues until the behemoth is dead. 

The next elephant will prove to be a bit more problematic; instead of shooting bouncing balls, it will rool a rooling ball at you, which means that it won't bounce over you. In addition, there are two small gaps located across the playfield. jump over the ball when it is rolled at you and when it is being sucked back to the elephant, and shoot when you are in mid-air. The guy wil die eventually. 

The next screen contains a deispider crawling on the ceiling above five concrete block platforms. Walk across the platforms and see what happens next. Keep in mind that all platforms you come across in the next few areas that look the same as the ones you fell through have the same effect. The next area is petty easy: just a few classical cannons to deal with. When you get to the area with the tree enemies, run straight ahead and don't stop. None of their bullets will hit you. The last area features a few platforms that will "fall" either up or down (red ones fall up and green ones fall down). Once you understand the gimmick, it shouldn't be too hard to pass the area and go to the boss room.

Say hello to the Quick Man of Mega Man 9! This guy is merciless. His attacks ( Shooting three debilitating concrete blocks, charging across the arena and smashing to the earth) seem relatively simple, but once you're stuck in a concrete block, there is no escaping until Concrete Man has gotten to you. Laser Trident breaks through the blocks and is the behemoth's weakness, so it is recommended that you acquire that weapon first.

Plug Man's Stage (Lighting Factory)

You wil start off in a factory-like setting. As soon as you land, run straight ahead or activate Jewel Satellite. Tellies will start to spawn from tubes around the room, and of course they will follow you. Being hit is not an option, because if you are hit in mid-air you will fall into the spikes below. If you choose to use the mega buster here, you can not afford to stop. If you choose to use the Jewel Satellite, you can pass this area without worry, as all Tellies die when touching the shield. Also, if you stand between the two tubes at the end of the area and wait for a while, you will refill all of your energy and weapons energy and collect at least 30 screws. The next area is only one screen large and consists of two Smaplars. Jump over these two enemies when they come to you and continue on. The next area has a classical cannon waiting for you. Remember, you can shoot their bullets. Just a few steps ahead are a pattern of Appearing Blocks. Just watch their pattern for a while, and when you feel confident you can take the blocks to the other side (sorry, speed runners!). another pattern of appearing blocks await you ahead, but these are optional. However, if you choose to take them to the ledge at the top of the screen, you will receive a few bolts and an extra life. The screen below introduces yo to a new enemy: when you pass through the strange static-filled screen in front if you, a clone will come out, bent on draining all of your energy. it takes a couple of hits to kill it. 

Take a couple of deep breaths and prepare yourself for one of the most strenuous appearing-block sections in the entire Mega Man series. at this point, the lighting in the stage gets a bit darker, but this only has an effect on the background. As you did before, watch the patterns of the blocks carefully before jumping on them. A few platforms in between the appearing blocks will have Smaplars on them. Use either the Black Hole Bomb or the Jewel satellite to kill the baddies, and if you don't have either one of these weapons jump over the enemies when they pass by. And whatever you do, don't be fooled by the somewhat slow intervals between the actual appearing of the appearing blocks; using the Rush Jet will surely be the cause of your demise if you decide to use it, especially in the later part of this section. It is, however, acceptable to use one of the two forms of Rush after the appearing blocks are behind you, as several items can be obtained on high ledges. A few static-filled screens (which as you know spawn clones) stand between you and the end of the dark area, but the clones that result in your walking through them are pretty easy to kill. After th dark area, one last appearing block segment one screen large stands between you and the last stretch of the stage. Use the usual tactic and grab the ferr 1-up on the ledge if you feel like yo need it or if you just want to get the award for collecting 10 lives. The final stretch is fairly easy; a solitary Big Stomper stands in your way. continue on to Plug Man.

plug man is rather easy... if you have his weakness, that is! His weakness, the Jewel Satellite has two effects: the expected effect (damaging Plug Man) and blocking the weapon he shoots, the Plug Ball. If you don't have this valuable weapon, use the mega buster, jump over the boss' shots when he shoots them, and Jump over him when you can.

Wily Castle 1

The first Wily Stage bosses (four in total) are known as the "Spike Pushers". They are a series of small robots located at the ends of 4 corridors. Each of these corridors contains a large spiked ball. Each robot will shoot a small bullet at the spiked balls, pushing them to the left of the screen gradually. Shooting the balls with Mega Man's normal shot will push the balls slightly toward the Spike Shooters. When the balls hit them, they are immediately destroyed and a new one will pop out from the wall. Blue Spike Shooters will fire a small shot semi regularly, while Red Spike Shooters will charge up shots and fire less frequently, but push the spiked ball much farther. If the Spike Shooters manage to make the spiked ball reach the far left of the screen, the spiked ball will retract slightly and the Spike Shooter will no longer shoot at it. Instead, they will fire a small wave of energy that is aimed at Mega Man.

There are several strategies for defeating the Spike Shooters, but one of the easiest is to focus on the bottom two corridors, alternating between the two paths. This will quickly lead to the top two Spike Shooters targeting Mega Man with their attacks, but these are relatively easy to avoid. After all of the Spike Shooters on the bottom two rows have been destroyed, you must destroy the last two robots on the top two rows. At this point, it shouldn't be difficult to push the balls and avoid their attacks.

Wily Castle 2

The second Wily Stage boss is known as the "Mega Mech Shark". Mega Man fights this boss in three stages. The first stage is the tail section. A launch pad will open and fire three homing rockets at Mega Man as it moves up and down on the far left of the screen. The rockets can be destroyed with any weapon, but to damage the tail, Mega Man must jump and shoot the launch pad when it opens. The Shark Sub Tail section is most vulnerable to the Laser Trident, with the added bonus that it can usually destroy one or two rockets on the way. However, shooting out Hornet Chasers at an even pace will make this part of the fight very safe without risking any damage.

The second stage is the Shark Sub Fin. Mega Man stands directly under the boss as it moves up and down. The boss has damaging spikes all along its belly, with two bomb bays on either sides of the spikes. These bomb bays open intermittently to drop what appears to be lobster bots. These roll toward the center of the level. In order to damage the Shark Sub Fin, the two bomb bays must be damaged. This is difficult, as the spikes are located where Mega Man would need to jump to hit them with the Buster. However, with proper timing, it is possible to hit the bombers as the Sub falls. A much easier technique is to use the uncharged Magma Bazooka. Two shots will take out the lobster-bots and damage the bombays easily. Tornado Blow which will destroy this part of the boss with ease, but uses up all its ammunition. Black Hole Bomb works well in that way too.

The third stage is the Shark Sub Head. This section is similar to the Tail section, except that it moves along the right side of the screen instead of the left. The mouth of the sub opens periodically and shoots a series of four lasers. The Head can only be damaged when it's mouth is opened. At its lowest, the lasers are nearly impossible to avoid, making some of the achievements difficult. The only way to avoid it is to use the B. Bomb to absorb the lasers or the Rush Coil to jump over them.

Wily Castle 3

The Third Wily Stage Boss is known as the "Twin Devil". Like its Devil counterparts, it is composed of several globs of jelly and a single eye. These globs of jelly move around the screen, damaging Mega Man on contact. Unlike previous Devils, this is its only attack. However, the battle is made more difficult by the fact that the Twin Devil is actually two separate entities, one green sphere and one orange sphere. The sphere with the eye begins on the bottom right while the other begins in the top left. The globs break into 12 pieces and they switch places one by one, some moving high, some moving slow. After they have completely switched locations, the switch heights (the devil with the eye lowers and the devil without the eye rises). The only way to damage the Twin Devil is to damage the electronic eye as it moves between the two devils. It is difficult to damage the eye, but the B. Bomb is extremely effective against the devil, and the nature of the weapon makes it very easy to hit.

This boss can be difficult to defeat, especially if you are attempting to only use the regular Buster. However, it does have a very predictable pattern. It makes the same 12 movements every time. Movements 1 and 2 are safe to stand still. 3 and 4 should be jumped near the middle. 5 is safe to stand still. 6 is safe to stand still, but this is the only time that the Twin Devil can be damaged. 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 always have the same pattern as well, but needs more information.

Wily Castle 4

The fourth Wily Stage boss is the typical series of 8 Robot Master fights, then the battle with Wily. First, though, you must traverse a small area filled with Mets and laser barriers, the latter of which can be blocked with your Concrete Shot. Eventually, you will find the drop to the teleportation hatch. Here is where each of the Robot Masters are.


Galaxy Man					Plug Man
 Concrete Man					Tornado Man
 Splash Woman	Jewel Man	Hornet Man	Magma Man

After defeating the last Robot Master, a ninth teleporter will appear, and that is the one that takes you to your battle with Wily. The first Wily boss is the Wily Machine. It appears as a large T-Rex-esque robot with a humanoid skull as its head. This is one of the easier Wily forms, and can be defeated without taking damage relatively simply. It's only attack is to drop an explosive egg out of its mouth while moving back and forth. The egg must be bounced back toward the Skull Rex by shooting it with Mega Man's buster. On the first impact with the Rex, it will crack slightly, on the second, it will split down the middle, and on the third hit, it will explode. The third hit must impact the mouth of the Skull, or Wily will take no damage. This is easier than it sounds, as the Wily Machine will only fire off one egg at a time. If Mega Man shoots the egg while it is at its lowest position (near the floor), it will usually bounce back and hit Wily.

Now is the second part of the Wily Machine. At this stage, the skull explodes to reveal Wily. The Wily Rex only has two attacks. The first has the Rex moving across the top of the screen and trying to land on Mega Man. The second is more difficult to avoid. It shoots a large stream of flames from its mouth in an arc, swooping low, then moving up higher. The flame is very long and requires very precise timing to jump over it. Depending on where the Wily Rex is when it begins the flame, it will move at varying speeds from very slow if it is near the far left of the screen, to very fast if it is near the far right of the screen. Its weakness is the concrete shot.

The third Wily part is the classic Wily Capsule. It will appear and disappear throughout the sky. It has three attacks. The first is a fake out. It appears suddenly, then disappears just as suddenly. The primary purpose of this would seem to be to waste some weapons energy. The second attack is to appear, create four purple orbs, then shoot them toward Mega Man. These are not very difficult to avoid with one or two well-timed jumps. Its third attack is to create 6 balls of electricity similar to Plug Man's power. Three of these will immediately fall to the ground and move toward Mega Man, while the other three will move horizontally across the top of the screen, then drop one at a time, leaving a gap. Mega Man must jump over the spark balls moving along on the floor, while aligning himself to avoid the falling spark balls. While almost any weapon will do at least one tick of damage to this form, "Plug Ball" does about 3-4 ticks of damage per hit. Also, when Wily is out of range, Mega Man can use the "Hornet Chaser" to deliver multiple strikes at 1 tick per hit to take him down quickly. To avoid electricity balls and purple orbs easily, Tornado Blow or Black Hole bomb can be used to neutralize them.

Downloadable stages

Endless Attack

  • There are above 30 sections in Endless Attack, two of them notable for resembling previous Mega Man games: The beginning of the first Wily stage from Mega Man, and the long area with vanishing blocks from Heat Man's stage in Mega Man 2.
  • After every 30 screens, there is a fight against one of the Robot Masters.

Special Stage

Fake Man's stage, with several sub-bosses and Mega Mech Shark.

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  • Endless Attack stage compilation in YouTube: Part 1, Part 2