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Mega Man Volume 8 - Redemption is the eighth Graphic Novel of the Mega Man comic book series by Archie Comics. It collects the stories "Unplugged", "Wayward Son", "Fear Itself", "A Chance at Redemption", "The X Factor - Part 1", and "The X Factor - Part 2".

Direct Market On-sale: 2/17/2015
104 pgs, $11.99 US, Full-Color

Issue List

Mega Man #33
Shipping Date: TBA

On Sale at Comic Shops: 1/15/2014
Newsstands: TBA
32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color

The critically acclaimed Mega Man series continues with the dramatic, action-packed epilogue to the "BLACKOUT: THE CURSE OF RA MOON" storyline in, "Unplugged"! The battle against the sinister alien being known as Ra Moon has ended, and Mega Man's final fate remains in doubt! With major repairs looming, and Rock's future as a super fighting robot in question, Dr. Light must work to restore our hero to his former glory. This may be a job that even Dr. Light can't handle, but at least he's got some help from his trusty pal Dr. Wily. WAIT A MINUTE—DR. WILY?! Why on earth is the evil scientist helping to save the Blue Bomber? And how far will Dr. Wily go to remain free? Featuring cover art from Brent McCarthy and a special "BOX ART MEGA MAN" variant cover from Mega Man artist supreme Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante!

Mega Man #34
Shipping Date: TBA

On Sale at Comic Shops:3/5/2014
Newsstands: TBA
32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color

This is it! The issue every Mega-fan has been demanding! The debut of Mega Man X! But first, in 'Shadow of the Moon' Part One: Mega Man joins a research team seeking the truth behind Dr. Wily and Ra Moon. But how far will they get when Shadow Man goes on the attack? Then, in 'The X Factor' Part One: jump 100 years into the future as Dr. Cain discovers Dr. Light's final, greatest creation — Mega Man X! Featuring pencils by the returning Mega Man art legend Patrick 'Spaz' Spaziante! The road to the next big mega-crossover starts here, featuring an exclusive Mega Man X variant cover by superstar artist Ben Bates!

Mega Man #35
Shipping Date: TBA

On Sale at Comic Shops: 4/16/2014
Newsstands: TBA
32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color

The world of MEGA MAN X returns! Blast from the deadly jungle to the ferocious future in the Mega Man issue everyone is talking about! 'Shadow of the Moon' Part Two: Mega Man leads his fellow robots into the mysterious ruins of the Temple of the Moon. What horrors will they uncover hidden in the shadows? MEANWHILE, halfway around the world, Break Man finally confronts Tempo! Then, in 'The X Factor' Part Two — Maverick incidents are on the rise! Dr. Cain organizes the Hunters, but will X stand for their violent ways? Find out in this stunning story featuring all new cover and interior art by PATRICK 'SPAZ' SPAZIANTE and a sweet MEGA MAN X variant from BEN BATES!

Mega Man #36
Shipping Date: TBA

On Sale at Comic Shops: 4/30/2014
Newsstands: TBA
32 pgs, 40 lb. glossy stock, Full-Color

On the eve of the Mega Man/Mega Man X Crossover comes the twisted tale that could only be called 'A Chance at Redemption'! Dr. Wily is a free man, cleared of wrongdoing, and it's all thanks to — Mega Man? Can even an evil villain like himself live with a lie of that magnitude? Can he enjoy a life of robotics research next to his 'frenemy' Dr. Light? Will the promise of power in Gamma be far too tempting? The answer to all your burning questions lie in this mega-fun issue, Plus, be sure to pick up both regular and variant editions to read both SHOCKING 'post-credits' alternate endings! Includes cover art by Patrick 'SPAZ' Spaziante and a stunning 'Trial of Dr. Wily' variant cover from rising Mega-star Brent McCarthy!

Free Comic Book Day 2014

Archie Comics reprinted The X Factor story from Issues 35 and 36 and an all new story for Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog together for the Free Comic Book Day 2014 using two new covers (one on each side) by Tristan "T. Rex" Jones and Tracy Yardley! for this special double-sided flipbook.[1]

Sonic the Hedgehog / Mega Man X FCBD 2014
FCBD 2014 MMX CoverFCBD 2014 Sonic Cover
Shipping Date: TBA

On Sale at Comic Shops: 5/2014

ts TWO free comic books in ONE! Hot off the heels of the ultra-successful Sonic/Mega Man crossover event, "Worlds Collide", comes a showcase issue of the hottest new storylines in both characters' universes - exclusively for Free Comic Book Day! Sonic stars in "Blast to the Past" and the origin of his Freedom Fighters! Then, on the flipside of this issue, get ready for the "Mega Man X" crossover event with this primer story



Mega Man was undergoing a memory restoration subroutine, although he was about to undergo an imminent system failure due to the extensive damage he had endured as a result of destroying Ra Moon with two charged Mega Busters. In the Light Labs, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, at intense work trying to repair Mega Man, order Roll and Auto to supply them with a system analyzer and an E-Tank, respectively, the latter due to Mega Man losing a lot of power. Cut Man then informs Dr. Light that he and his brothers were also heavily damaged from the event, and are not sure whether they'll be of any use in helping restore Mega Man. Dr. Light informs them they did enough help by bringing Mega Man over, and that they simply let them take care of Mega Man. Wily then snapped at Auto's setting up the E-Tank due to his having rerouted most of Mega Man's systems to keep his I.C. chip intact, before Roll interrupted and informed them that the E-Tank had restored enough of Mega Man's internal systems to show his current power output stabilizing. Light is proud at Mega Man holding on, while Wily bitterly remarks that Light's giving all credit to Mega Man when it was Wily who saved both Mega Man and Blues. Dr. Light, filled with rage at Wily's insensitive remark, grabs Dr. Wily and demanded to know Wily's role in the global blackout and Mega Man's condition, but then calms down enough to inquire if he found Blues. Wily then informed Light that Blues found him, and he replaced Blues' unstable power core, although he eventually left due to being very angry (leaving out his role in getting Blues, rechristened Break Man, in attacking Mega Man). Light is glad to hear that Blues is fine, but Roll ends up confused over the inconsistent behavior about Blues both attacking them and then giving Light the EMP immunity formula. Auto then demanded to know why no one had called the police to arrest Dr. Wily yet, before Wily protested that Ra Moon had used him. Light then informed him that they'll hear his side of the story soon, but first he could use a break to shave and shower. Dr. Light shuts down Mega Man so he, Roll, and Auto can do more intensive repairs, and notes that later they also need to fix up Cut Man, Bomb Man, Guts Man, and Rush.

At night, Roll and Auto activate Mega Man to run some simple tests while the doctors are sleeping. While checking him, Auto asks if they should believe in Dr. Wily's story. Roll is not sure, but much of what he said syncs with what Pedro Astil said, and Cut Man and the others vouched for him. Auto reminds her that Wily had reprogrammed them before, but Roll says that Light put safe-guards in against that, and Wily kept Mega Man alive. Roll then starts crying, saying that sometimes she wished she had been the one to be weaponized and hold the burden, so Rock wouldn't have to suffer. Auto says that if it happened, she would be the one being repaired on a table, and Rock would be the one wanting to switch places, but he knows Roll will keep him up and running. Roll thanks Auto, and without them noticing, Rock sheds a tear. As their scanners show that Rock is stable, they shut him down again and will try to get a total system sync the next time they boot him up.

Later, The doctors activate Rock, and all systems are booting up, Roll informing that will take a few minutes for them to come online and sync with each other. While the doctors are talking, federal agents Roslyn Krantz and Gilbert D. Stern appear to arrest Dr. Wily, and Wily argues with Light, calling him a back-stabbing ingrate. Dr. Light tries to reason with Wily, saying that even if he was under the influence of what he calls Ra Moon, he tried to take over Mega City, then threatened to destroy it, and escaped from federal prison. By keeping Wily in Light Labs, Light is abetting a felon. Wily says that Light only kept him around to help fix Mega Man, and now that the work is done, is tossing him away. Agent Stern holds the angry Wily and informs him that they knew of his presence for days, and the only reason they didn't go catch him is because of Dr. Light, so they kept busy with the global mess and bent the law to the breaking point. Wily still thinks it is a double-standard, as Light harbors a fugitive and the cops to cover it up, but that's okay because Mega Man is a big hero, while he, who was mind-controlled by Ra Moon, is forced to do things he would never do, uncover the monster, and stops him plans, but that's not okay because he isn't Dr. Light or one of his creations. Light says he is doin't everything he can to help, like pay his bail and negotiate for his stay under house arrest, but Wily tells Light to give it a rest, as he is tired of lies. While the agents carry him out, Wily complains that it's not his fault, but no one believes him, and while he fought to save everyone, who is fighting to save him?

Mega Man awakens and tells the agents to wait, saying that he can vouch for Dr. Wily. Roll and Rush are glad to see him awake, and Roll says he must take it easy. Mega Man says that he doesn't know everything that happened in the Amazon, but confirms that Ra Moon was real and Wily was fighting it. The agents can't believe his crazy story is legit, and ask Dr. Light if Wily hadn't programmed these memories into him. Light says that he tried something similar before, but he made sure it would not happen again, and even if he could, he wouldn't have the means nor the time to do it with the recent blackout and the time between its end and his arrival on Light Labs. Mega Man says that if Wily is innocent, he will prove it even if he must return to the Lanfront Ruins. Wily is surprised, and thanks Mega Man. While the agents take Wily out, Dr. Light laments it has to be this way, but will make sure he will have his say in court and in the public opinion.

Outside Light Labs, several reporters try to make questions to Dr. Wily. Wily claims to be innocent, as Ra Moon turned him against the people and robots he love, but he did everything to protect everyone. While he did horrible things against his will, he asks for understanding and forgiveness. When Wily leaves with the agents, the reporters talk with Mega Man and Dr. Light. Dr. Light says that he don't has many of the answers that they are seeking, but believes that Wily's attacks were out of character for him, but it is up to the courts to decide his fate, and he will see if all the facts are brought to light. For now, Light thinks everyone should be thankful for everything they have in the wake of the world-wide disaster, and he wants to spend some time with his children. With everything over, Dr. Light tells Mega Man that he can remove his armor, as there is no need to fight anymore. Everyone is happy with Rock, Roll and Light hugging him, Rush licking, and Auto doing a high-five. When Rock asks if the world is fine and if he stopped Ra Moon in time, Dr. Light confirm his success, informing that with the power restored, robots came back online, and did exactly what he hoped them to do for the world, helping to rebuild, refuel, rescue, clean, power, and restore (Concrete Man, Plant Man, Splash Woman, Fire Man, Elec Man, and Oil Man are shown working). Together, the robots of the world helped save humanity from the brink of destruction, and Dr. Light can think of no finer legacy. While everything is over, Roll notes that Blues is still out there, and there is the whole thing with Dr. Wily. Light will deal with Blues when he presents himself, as he is sure that, given the chance, they can talk it out, and as for Albert, the two don't need to worry about it and can stay in the lab. Rock refuses, saying that he doesn't know what happened in the end at the Lanfront Ruins, and he should go back to check. Meanwhile, in the Lanfront Ruins, Shadow Man is seen running away from Break Man and Dr. Wily's Robot Masters.

Short Circuits - "Rock's New Gig": Mega Man makes a bad musical pun.

Shadow of Ra Moon - Part One: Wayward Son

Mega Man narrowly avoided one of the Lanfront Ruins outskirts's traps: a pair of spiked pillars, although he destroyed it in the process. Pharaoh Man later arrives and tells Mega Man that the "priceless artifact" was dead and to calm down. Mega Man mentioned it was a trap, with Pharaoh Man telling him that he was built to spot traps and should lead the expedition before telling Mega Man that he has already done his fair share of work and leave it to the rest of the group as Plant Man, Dr. Light, Dr. Pedro Astil, Dr. Cossack, Rush and Roll are catching up. Roll then checks up on Mega Man regarding whether he was hurt, had stiff joints, or any need for on-the-spot adjustments, before Mega Man tells her that he's fine, just that the trap surprised him. Dr. Astil then told him that he understands Mega Man's reaction as the area was dreadful and even now it spooks him to return. Mega Man denies being scared as he was rebuilt, before Astil reminded him that the last time he visited the ruins, he technically returned alive and "fine," pointing out the scars are more than simply the physical. Plant Man then questioned whether Astil should be present due to his bad memories of the place, before Astil confirmed he was fine and just needed closure by seeing for himself what had happened. Dr. Cossack then interjected that it will also be nice to prove Dr. Wily's lying once again, with Light asking whether Cossack doesn't believe that Wily was another of Ra Moon's victims. Cossack then pointed out that he never trusted Wily from the start, and wonders why Light's going out of his way to help Wily after all he did. Light explains his belief that all people have good in them, even Wily, stating that all people deserve second chances, and sometimes a third chance. Cossack thinks Light is hopeless but drops the subject so they could at least find the answer and make sure the blackout never happens again, lamenting that his daughter Kalinka is still having nightmares from the episode.

Roll expresses concern for Mega Man when he reacts oddly, which Mega Man responds that he senses that someone is watching his movements. His suspicions are proven correct as a Search Snake is hidden among the trees. It then cuts to the third generation of Robot Masters (Gemini Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Needle Man, Snake Man, Magnet Man, and Spark Man) and Break Man elsewhere, where Snake Man reports that Mega Man is in the area, and accompanying him are Rush, Roll, Dr. Light, two bearded doctors, and two Robot Masters. Break Man is briefly excited when he learns Roll is well before stopping himself and deduced that the two other doctors are most likely Drs. Astil and Cossack, and that the Robot Masters are thus most likely Plant Man and Pharaoh Man. Snake Man then jokes that Break Man must have been snooping through Dr. Wily's files before Break Man corrects him and states that he was "researching" through them. At the same time, Gemini Man plays a practical joke on Hard Man with Top Man laughing, and Spark Man repairs the back of Magnet Man. Break Man then asks Snake Man about whether he's found their target, with Snake Man confirming that he remains elusive. Break Man then reminds his fellow Robot Masters that they not engage Mega Man or the others, as they aren't targets, and with that said, Mega Man and the others may flush out their target for them, before telling Snake Man to keep an eye on them. Break Man then reveals that Shadow Man is their target and he is as dangerous as they come just as Shadow Man's eyes are seen.

Outside the Temple of the Moon, Shadow Man is angry with Mega Man as he killed his master and now is desecrating his grave, and a Search Snake spots him. Shadow Man advances in Mega Man's direction, but Break Man appears and tackles him away. Mega Man turns around, but as he doesn't see them, he believes he is hearing things and goes inside the temple. Shadow Man is a tough opponent, but Break Man and the Robot Masters work together and Hard Man manages to hold him. Feeling disgraced for being defeated by a group of unworthy ronin, Shadow Man tells Break Man to finish him, as he failed Ra Moon and now has no purpose. Break Man tells Shadow Man that he has a master and purpose, and asks him to serve Dr. Wily. Surprised, Shadow Man asks if they hunted him to ask for his allegiance. Magnet Man says that he would not talk with them, so they had to get through him somehow. They would repair him as they did with each other, and they didn't want to lose him to Mega Man. Shadow Man says Mega Man cannot defeat him, but Magnet Man reminds him that it was Mega Man who destroyed Ra Moon. Shadow Man says he can't be one of them as he wasn't designed by humans, but the others say that Wily redesigned him, so that's close enough, and he is basically one of their brothers. After considering what they said, Shadow Man decides to join them and they have a friendly moment. With the mission to recover Shadow Man complete, Break Man orders the robots to teleport to the building site of the new Wily Castle and finish it. Magnet Man asks if Break Man isn't coming with them, and he says he must find some answers for complex, personal things.

Inside the Temple of the Moon, Pharaoh Man leads the group inside, and as he wonders how Mega Man managed to pass by so many traps, Plant Man notes that he had several robots help him destroy everything in front of them to get inside. Pharaoh Man laments the inelegance of eliminating the traps, but realized it was nonetheless effective. Plant Man then gets nervous as he realized the temple tunnel might be unstable, although Pharaoh Man, in irritation, reminds him that it isn't going to collapse. Pedro then comments that he's still nervous, but is going through with the trek for the rest of his team, with Roll offering to hold his hand. Mega Man proceeded to catch up, explaining to Dr. Cossack that he felt like he was being watched, and also commented that if Quake Woman were present, it would have been easier getting through the tunnel, and suggested making more Robot Masters like her, with Dr. Cossack agreeing and suggesting that he will build such a Robot Master when they get back, before someone tells everyone to be careful. As they reach the entrance to Ra Moon's chamber, Mega Man proceeds with the two Robot Masters and Rush to ensure that Ra Moon won't be causing anymore harm. Meanwhile, in the Geoworks International HQ, Dr. Noele Lalinde asks Quake Woman to get inside their home and finish her work tomorrow as it is getting dark. Quake Woman says to her "mom" that she will go shortly, and she hears someone quote her "mom". Break Man appears and asks her what means to call someone "family".

The X Factor - Part 1

A comic version of The Journal of Dr. Cain. 100 years into the future, Dr. Cain is searching the ground for fossils. He writes in his journal that he hasn't found anything since he started the expedition in March, although he later manages to located an oddly metallic signal underground. He eventually digs it out and discovers what is apparently Dr. Light's Laboratory. He then investigates and finds a capsule containing Mega Man X, and a recording from the long deceased Dr. Light explaining who X is and that he should not be removed from the seal until 30 years have gone by and X is determined to be safe for operation. Realizing that more than thirty years have gone by and that the tests came up green, Cain debates whether he should release X or not, as well as whether X would still function after being sealed all this time. Cain releases X, and with his help he manages to create Reploids.

The Reploids become popular and start being massproduced, and they work together with humans. Dr. Cain is proud to have played a part in fullfilling Dr. Light's dream of humans and robots living together. However, X is worried if maybe the world is moving forward too fast, as Dr. Light thought it would be decades before robots like him were ready to the world, and now Reploids are being produced by the hundreds every day. The story ends with a human chef arguing with his Reploid employees, with one of them holding a cleaver in an ominous way while looking to the chef. This implies that the Reploid intends to murder his human boss, and is likely to be one of, if not the first, Mavericks to be reported.

Short Circuits - "The Unforseen Variable": X and Zero are happy for finally appear in the comic, but Mega Man says that it's still too soon.

Shadow of Ra Moon - Part Two: Fear Itself

Mega Man, Plant Man, Pharaoh Man, and Rush managed to enter the chamber where Ra Moon was originally stationed at. Mega Man then had an intense flashback to when he had nearly died, causing the Blue Bomber to become erratic and fire shots from his Mega Buster while stating in a loud voice that he's not afraid of Ra Moon and he'll "beat [Ra Moon] again and again" before Pharaoh Man stopped Mega Man and reminded him that they were supposed to approach cautiously. Mega Man protested that Ra Moon was around there somewhere and that they have to take him down before he did something bad, only for Pharaoh Man to point out that, aside from themselves, there wasn't anything in the area, no electronics and no traps, causing Mega Man some confusion as he thought he saw something. Roll then called out to Rock to see if he was alright, with Dr. Light halting her. Plant Man then responded that Pharaoh Man gave the all-clear, and Mega Man was "testing to see if us Robot Masters can be startled into having heart attacks--despite us not having hearts," or at least not technically having hearts as Mega Man apologized to Rush. Roll then guided Rush to her while Dr. Light approached Mega Man. Mega Man apologized, with Dr. Light informing him that fear is a natural response for humans to determine safety, hence why he programmed Mega Man with it, but now Mega Man must learn how to control his fear and discern it. Mega Man then questions how he's to do this as Dr. Astil, despite having nearly died as a result of his expedition to the Amazon, was doing fine, only for Dr. Light to remind Mega Man that Astil was actually terrified, yet he had the deaths of his friends to motivate him, and also cited the same for Dr. Cossack regarding fearing for his daughter Kalinka exceeding the fear of the Temple of the Moon itself. Dr. Light then summed up that while fear isn't a fun emotion, it will bring about bravery as a result. Mega Man then questioned whether he still thought he was brave, with Light citing that he's at least braver than Light. Meanwhile, Roll finds an object and has Rush use his Rush Search to shed light on it. Upon doing so, Roll calls out that they found Ra Moon.

Meanwhile, Break Man and Quake Woman encounter each other face to face at Geoworks International HQ. Quake Woman asks if he is Blues, to which Break Man responds that "Blues" is no more, and that he is Break Man. Quake Woman then rephrases her question and asks if he's DLN-000, to which he confirms. Quake Woman then mentioned that Break Man wanted to ask her something. Break Man confirmed it and then asked "Why?", with Quake Woman saying that it is a very broad question. Break Man says that he knows what Dr. Lalinde had rebuilt her without restoring the part that was herself, and Quake Woman is aware of it, so he wants to know why she is still with the doctor. Quake Woman says she was restored later, but Break Man asks how she can be sure and why she trusts her instead of leaving to create an identity for herself. Quake Woman asks if he means it like himself and what identity is "Break Man". He says it isn't about him, he wants to know why she stays with the doctor, why thinks that her old self was restored at all, and why she bothers calling her "family". Quake Woman invites Break Man inside the building to show him what he wants to know.

Inside, Break Man sees a picture of her on the wall and asks if that's what she wants him to see. While turning on the TV, she says that is part of it. When her personality was restored, Dr. Lalinde gave her a set of video discs showing that she was a bit of a jokester before her personality was removed and later restored. Break Man states that Dr. Lalinde robbed it of her, as she is now completely different, but Quake Woman notes that she was virtually destroyed in the cave-in, asks if she would have remained the same afterwards, and than asks if Break Man is still the same as when he was built. Break Man counters the questions by saying that this isn't about him, but Quake Woman doubts it. He says that's about her and why she stays with a woman who's shown no remorse in taking away everything that made her "her", and why she keeps making excuses for the doctor. Near the door, Dr. Lalinde is hiding and listening to their conversation.

In the Lanfront Ruins, Roll is terrified and asks Mega Man how he managed to defeat it. The doctors use devices to analyze Ra Moon's remains and confirm that it is of alien origin and no longer functioning. Mega Man is relieved to see that Ra Moon is dead. Dr. Astil asks if that's what caused the global blackout, with Mega Man confirming it and adding that he wanted to wipe out all robots and humans, but his reasons are unknown. Dr. Astil spits on Ra Moon and tells it to "rot in whatever abyss you're in now". Mega Man tells Dr. Light that is is worried about how he is reacting again, and Light asks what he is feeling. Mega Man asks if it is happiness, as he is relieved that it is over and nobody has to worry about Ra Moon again, but he doesn't like being happy that something is dead, even if he was evil, and he killed him. Dr. Light happily says that he should never be happy for it, and while he has no easy answer for him, that concern shows a greater humanity than some, and hopes that he never loses it.

In the Geoworks International HQ, Quake Woman says that she isn't making excuses for Dr. Lalinde. She rebuilt her, then restored her as best as she could, she will not do it again, and this is all there is to it. Break Man disagrees and asks how she know she won't do it, and Quake Woman says that's because she trusts her. Break Man asks why, and Quake Woman, changing into Tempo, says that's because Lalinde has shown great regret and made an effort to undo the damage she has done to her. Tempo has chosen to forgive her, and with forgiveness comes trust. She asks if Break Man would want forgiveness for shooting Roll and attacking Rock. As their friend, she was upset with him, and asks if she should forgive him and if he tried to make amends. He says he doesn't need anyone's forgiveness, and no one will receive it from him. Tempo then asks if he prefers to be alone, and he says he is fine on his own. Tempo questions if he really is, asking who does his repairs and how he learned about her and Dr. Lalinde. He says he saw footage of the A.R.T.S. show and was curious, and recognizes that he had some help, but before saying more, he tells her to not turn the conversation around him. He knows that it was Dr. Lalinde who Dr. Light was talking to about reprogramming him. He wanted answers, but she gave him nothing. Tempo says that she had answered everything he asked, but he didn't like her answers. Break Man says that Lalinde toyed with who she was, and she can't forgive someone for that, but Tempo says she can and did because she wants to move forward. She can't change what happened, and notes that Dr. Light did nothing for him, asking if he can't forgive him for nothing. Angry, Break Man punches a picture of Dr. Light near Tempo and yells that "He replaced me!" Dr. Lalinde decides to appear to asks Blues if he ever stopped to consider that Dr. Light built a brother and sister for him, so that when he returned home, like the doctor always hoped he would, he would not be lonely again. Without saying a word, Break Man teleports away, and Dr. Lalinde asks if Tempo is alright. She confirms and asks if she was listening. Lalinde apologizes and says that she was scared. Tempo asks if she feared that Break Man would hurt them, and while she agrees, she says that she was afraid of what Tempo would say about her. Tempo hugs Dr. Lalinde and she apologizes for everything what she had done, and Tempo says they can help fix each other.

In the ruins, after hours of investigation, the doctors confirmed Dr. Wily's claims, finding blood stains from Dr. Wily in one of Ra Moon's cables, leftovers from Ra Thor's construction, among other things. Dr. Cossack still doesn't believe on all of it, calling Dr. Light an optimistic apologist, and Light calls him a bitter, pessimistic cynic. Cossack sighs and hopes that he can defend his friends as fiercely as his enemies. Dr. Light hopes it never comes to that, and says that Wily isn't his enemy, just a very troubled man that he wants to help, if he can. Believing the gloom and dust to be getting to them, Dr. Light suggests to pack up and return home, and Cossack agrees. Mega Man asks if Pedro found closure, and he is not sure, as while he has been angry and frightened of the place for years, seeing it so empty and dead leaves him feeling hollow, but as he would not have any answers without Mega Man, he thanks him on behalf of himself and his colleagues who couldn't not be present. Roll asks Mega Man if he is felling better, and he says he isn't sure, processing a lot of conflicting emotional data. Roll says that one of them ought to be pride, as he is a hero that save her and the world, and returned to the ruins despite his fears. Mega Man thanks her and says that being a hero is easy with her, Rush, and Dr. Light with him.

The X Factor - Part 2

In the year 21XX, the city of Arcadia was referred to as the center of the civilized world due to the creation of Reploids. Reploids were unique compared to Robot Masters in that they had the capacity of human emotions and thought, as well as living as individuals. Reploids became a crucial part by living side-by-side with humanity, although they were a new invention, which meant unforeseen incidents as a result. A platypus-type Reploid was seen helping people cross the street while Blast Hornet (or a similar reploid) befriended a kid with a balloon.

It then cuts to X receiving the news from Dr. Cain that a Maverick incident occurred almost an hour ago that resulted in the death of a person at a crosswalk, with police investigating it, being the first in a series of Maverick incidents that resulted in a fatality. X then attempted to question the status of the Reploids involved, although he ended up confused by the term "Maverick," causing Dr. Cain to explain that it was a buzzword for any Reploids that engaged in irregular behavior. Dr. Cain then explained after a quick search that the Reploids were put down by the police, although with enough difficulty that they nearly called in the military. Cain also alleged that the Reploids were acting insane. X was not comforted by this news, as it meant neither humans nor Reploids could come out of it alive. Dr. Cain had to end the conversation early as he had been summoned to a hearing relating to the recent incidents, inviting X to drop on by and support him.

In the Arcadia Council Chambers, a councilor tells Dr. Cain that somebody has to answer fot the incidents. He introduced Reploids to the world, and she asks if he can explain what's giving rise to Mavericks. Dr. Cain notes that there have been only three instances so far, the councilor saying that three is too many. Cain agrees, but that's not enough to discern a pattern or cause. It could be any number of causes, like faulty wiring in the brain, bugs, or glitches within the personality coding, and he doesn't know why they choose criminal behavior or why some become violent and act insanely. Noting that Reploids are all new, he doesn't think anyone has the answers yet. One of the councilors asks if they should suspend Reploid production until they have discerned the problem, and other says that while the Maverick incidents are a concern, it is not enough to derail all production, they need a means of regulating the problem. Dr. Cain notes that he has a few thoughts along those lines.

Months later, the Maverick Hunters are formed, with Sigma becoming their leader for two months. They have been able to prevent any further injury to the population. As Sigma is one of the most intelligent Reploids created by Dr. Cain, containing his latest circuit designs, he believes that his systems will be immune to any problems. Organized units have been placed around the world, handling any Maverick activity. X has often gone out to inspect the work of the Maverick Hunters. Sigma notices it and asks if he thinking of finally joining them, but X doesn't want to retire a Reploid, Maverick or not. Sigma than asks why he is seeing them, and he says that he is looking for answers. He knows that the Mavericks are a problem, but he doesn't believe that the Hunters are the best solution. Sigma asks if he thinks they are only fighting the symptoms and not the disease, and X agrees to be something like that. Sigma notes that X can feel more deeply than any of them, and it's one of the many things he finds remarkable about him. If there is another way to find lasting peace between humans and Reploids, he is sure X will find it, and until then, he assures X that he will keep the Reploids safe.

Short Circuits - "The Worst?": Mega Man and X discuss who have the worst archnemesis.

A Chance at Redemption

The story begins showing Mega Man destroying Ra Moon inside the Temple of the Moon. The third generation of Robot Masters (Needle Man, Magnet Man, Gemini Man, Hard Man, Top Man, Snake Man, Spark Man, and Shadow Man) return to their senses, with Shadow Man running away from them, and the second generation of Robot Masters is reactivated. Later, Dr. Wily gives basic repairs for Rush, Cut Man, Bomb Man, and Guts Man and asks them to help him carry Mega Man to Light Labs. In the present, Dr. Wily is in court, where he is proven innocent of the Robot Master attacks, but due to violating his ban from robotic sciences and breaking the United Nations quarantine over the Lanfront Ruins, he is sentenced to five years of house arrest under the supervision of a legal guarantor, Dr. Light.

In Light Labs, Light and Wily start working on an experimental new robot design (Doc Robot) that can be used to test multiple Robot Master systems at once. Wily has an argument with Rock about the robot, as it could be loaded with dangerous data, but Light stops them and takes Rock and Roll out of the lab. Wily realizes that Rock is sharper than he gave him credit, as the new robot is meant to trump him since Copy Robot and his individual Robot Masters failed. When Dr. Light returns, he tells Wily to calm down and reveals Gamma to show that he trusts him. Gamma is a project Light planned to do after the creation of the original line of Robot Masters to stop any kind of crisis, like Ra Moon. While talking with his, Dr. Light suddenly freezes due to Flash Man's Time Stopper. Flash Man managed to enter due to Break Man's old access codes being still function, and he updates Wily on the current situation. Wily's new base is almost complete, and his robots managed to convince Shadow Man to join them, giving Wily a total of 16 Robot Masters under his control, plus Break Man and the lesser robots. Flash Man leaves with no one noticing him.

Days later in Titanium Park, everyone prepares for Gamma's unveiling. Dr. Wily has some doubt if he should continue with his plans as he is liking to work with Light like in the old times, but he decides to do so. While Dr. Light gives his speech, Dr. Wily begins to have envious thoughts, thinking that the crows will cheer Dr. Light and he will be only second place, but those dissipate when Light claims that all he said will be done along with his contemporary and long-time friend Doctor Albert W. Wily, calling him to talk. The two give a speech about the projects of Light Labs and unveil their newest project, Gamma. Suddenly, the third generation of Robot Masters appear flying on Item-2s and steal the eight Energy Elements in Gamma's mouth. Mega Man tries to stop them, but is unable due to Rush being injured by a Hard Knuckle. Wily pretends that they are still loyal to Ra Moon and is sad for being indirectly responsible for the incident.

After the Credits

  • In the standard edition issue: Dr. Cain and X, alongside two Reploids and a Mole Borer, are searching some ruins in 21XX. Dr. Cain hopes he can find another working relic from the past like X, and X tells him to not get his hopes too high as finding his capsule was a fluke. Near then, in the shadows, there is an unidentified object with Dr. Wily's mark and Mega Man's broken helmet.
  • In the variant edition issue: the Mega Man 3's Robot Masters arrive in the Wily Castle with the Energy Elements. Quick Man asks somebody to help Needle Man and Spark Man with their Energy Elements, anybody but Crash Man due to him also lacking hands. Magnet Man informs that their mission was a success, and Quick Man says that while the castle's construction is right on schedule, it is too slow for him. Break Man is looking forward to challenge Mega Man.

Short Circuits - "In Your Dreams!": Dr. Wily goes a little out-of-way telling about his fight with Ra Moon.