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The password system in Mega Man 3 is fairly simple. The player places a dot on a specific coordinate to signify either that a Robot Master has been defeated or that they have a certain number of Energy Tanks. The only complication however, is the blue dots, which represent two Robot Masters.

Red Dots

Red dots indicate that a certain Robot Master has been defeated. The player should find the name of the level they would like cleared and place a red dot on the matching coordinate.

Gemini Man - B5       Doc Gemini Man - B6
Hard Man   - C4       Doc Needle Man - B2
Magnet Man - F5       Doc Shadow Man - A4
Needle Man - D3       Doc Spark Man  - A1
Shadow Man - D6       Break Man      - E1
Snake Man  - F6
Spark Man  - F4
Top Man    - A3

Blue Dots

Blue dots represent specific pairs of Robot Masters. If the player wishes to have any of the following combinations cleared, they should not place a red dot for each one; instead, they should place a blue dot to clear them both. Note: If the player wishes to place a dot of either color for any Doc Robot levels, they must first place blue dots for all eight normal Robot Masters.

Gemini Man and Hard Man   - B5
Magnet Man and Needle Man - D3
Shadow Man and Spark Man  - F4
Snake Man  and Top Man     - A3
Doc Gemini and Doc Needle - B2
Doc Shadow and Doc Spark  - A1

E Tank Dots

The last dot the player must place in any password determines how many Energy Tanks (from 0-9) they will begin with. This dot can be either color (but it will always be red on the passwords given at the end of the level).

0 - C5      5 - C1
1 - E6      6 - D2
2 - E4      7 - C3
3 - B4      8 - F2
4 - A5      9 - A6

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