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Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters
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Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, known in Japan as Rockman 2: The Power Fighters (ロックマン2 ザ パワーファイターズ?), is an arcade fighting game. The player can choose Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, or Duo as a playable character.

This game is in the continuity of Mega Man: The Power Battle, and both games were released together in Rockman Power Battle Fighters and Mega Man: Anniversary Collection for PlayStation 2, GameCube, and Xbox, and Rockman Battle and Fighters for Neo Geo Pocket Color.


It's a disaster: Doctor Light's lab has been attacked by Doctor Wily, and stolen some crucial parts for robots. And, if it weren't bad enough already, he has taken Roll as a hostage! Mega Man and Proto Man go to stop Wily and stumble upon Duo, the big alien robot, who is willing to help. And Bass, still angry that Wily has revived more Robot Masters, again teams up with the good side to destroy the enemies...


Search for Wily!

Fortress Boss:

Rescue Roll!

Fortress Boss:

Recover parts!

Fortress Boss:

At the end of each story, the player(s) must fight a Wily Machine, which always retains the same strategies regardless of the story chosen (differing only in weakness). Much like Power Battle, following the defeat of the Wily Machine, the player(s) confront Wily inside a Wily Capsule, which must be defeated in the time allotted for additional points.



Wily's Zero

Wily's new robot...

  • In Bass' ending, Dr. Wily shows the plans from a new robot he is developing, the picture is clearly a silhouette of Zero. Interestingly, the image corresponds to his design after the events of his first official appearance.
  • Each character has a "special attack" they can perform by charging their weapon fully, holding up then releasing the shot. Mega Man will perform a spiraling uppercut, Proto Man will unleash a short ranged flare from his Buster, Bass will perform a somersault kick, and Duo will launch his energized hand forward (If the player presses the jump button after Duo does so, he will jump into the air and smack the enemy back down). All these attacks can be upgraded after finding the stolen parts in the mission "Search For Wily!" and are a reference to Capcom's Street Fighter series.
    • Unused sprites show that Mega Man may have been able to use the Hadoken from the Street Fighter series.

Unused Sprites.

  • Another factor making each character unique is their "sliding" maneuver. While Mega Man simply uses the classic Power Slide, Proto Man will dash forward shield-first, Bass will fly forward (which he can also do in mid-air), and Duo will perform a damaging shoulder charge.
  • Mega Man and Bass receive support from Rush and Treble, respectively, while Proto Man and Duo receive a shield from Beat that gives them immunity to damage. As long as these powers are active, however, no Robot Master weapons can be used. These supports can be summoned by collecting a special item Eddie drops after he teleports in.
  • In "Rescue Roll", if she is rescued after defeating the second boss, she will wink when she gives the player the item enhancer.

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