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Mega Man 2.5D is an unofficial fan-made game created by Peter Sjöstrand and Edgar Cebolledo. It began in 2009 as an animated mockup. Due to the positive response to it, development began on an actual playable version. The main thing that sets the game apart from other Mega Man games is the co-op mode which has two players fight side by side in order to get through the game. Another thing that's different about Mega Man 2.5D is the use of changing camera perspectives, which is featured heavily in the single-player mode of the game. Because of these game mechanics, Mega Man 2.5D features seprate level designs for its co-op and single-player mode.

The idea is to have Mega Man 2.5D be a "greatest hits" type game that brings back stages and bosses from various Mega Man games, while at the same time putting a new spin on them.


Robot Masters

The following Robot Masters are confirmed for Mega Man 2.5D. Time Man and Tornado Man are currently not available as of beta 4.0.1 but will be available in future releases.

  • Shadow Man (Mega Man 3)
  • Snake Man (Mega Man 3)
  • Quick Man (Mega Man 2)
  • Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)
  • Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4)
  • Star Man (Mega Man 5)
  • Tornado Man (Megaman 9)
  • Time Man (Megaman: Powered Up)

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