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Scene 1: Intro

Narrator: AD 200X. A vicious army of robots built by Dr. Wily has overtaken the world.

(Rock is in Dr. Light's Lab, where he became Mega Man.)

Narrator: Having a strong sense of justice, Rock volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot.

(Rock turns into Mega Man.)

Narrator: Thus the super robot, Megaman was born.

Scene 2: The Four Robot Masters

(Mega Man fights and defeats Stone Man, Star Man, Bright Man, and Napalm Man and proceeds to Wily Castle.)

Scene 3: Wily Castle

(Mega Man fights through Wave Man's stage and defeats the Octoper OA guardian. Mega Man defeats Wave Man and proceeds to Toad Man's stage. Mega Man fights through Toad Man's stage and defeats the Escaroo guardians. Mega Man defeats Toad Man and proceeds to Dr. Wily's stage. Mega Man avoids the Force Beams and destroys the Hothead guardians. Mega Man avoids the Force Beams, and destroys the Sniper Joes. Mega Man fights and defeats Dr. Wily.)

Scene 4: The Day is Saved

(Wily Castle starts to explode.)

Narrator: Mission perfect!

(The narrator takes the player to watch a fireworks show during the defeat of Dr. Wily.)