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Mega Man & Bass walkthrough.

Level Strategies

In the beginning, the only stages available are the opening stage, Cold Man, Astro Man and Ground Man. Other stages become available after completing other. Recommended order: Cold Man, Burner Man, Pirate Man, Ground Man, Tengu Man, Magic Man, Astro Man, Dynamo Man.

				Burner Man
		Cold Man	Pirate Man
Opening Stage	Astro Man	Dynamo Man	Teleport hatches	Final stages
		Ground Man	Tengu Man
				Magic Man

Opening Stage: Robot Museum

The game begins with King stealing a robot museum. As this is the first stage, it is very simple. After attacking Proto Man, King uses the Green Devil to cover his escape.

Cold Man's Stage: Ice Processing Plant

Astro Man's Stage: VR City

Ground Man's Stage: Ruins Excavation Site

Ruins with lots of sand that push the player down. In the area with statues, destroy only the ones in the way to avoid being crushed by the spikes.

Burner Man's Stage: Wildfire Prevention Station

Burner Man's stage is available after defeating Cold Man.

Pirate Man's Stage: Undersea Base

Pirate Man's stage is available after defeating Cold Man or Astro Man.

Dynamo Man's Stage: Main Power Plant

Dynamo Man's stage is available after defeating Astro Man.

In the dark area after the sub-boss, use Wave Burner to see where enemies and spikes are.

Tengu Man's Stage: Weather Moniter Station

Tengu Man's stage is available after defeating Astro Man or Ground Man.

In the first part, the screen moves and the player has to move fast to avoid being crushed. Don't stand long in the orange balloons as they blow up shortly after jumping on them.

Magic Man's Stage: Robot Carnival

Magic Man's stage is available after defeating Ground Man.

Jump in the trains heads to pass through the pits.

Crystal Teleporters

To enter in the final stages, the player must destroy the 8 crystals in this stage, each vulnerable to only one weapon. After destroying one crystal, a giant screw worth 100 screws appear in its room, so make sure to shop if you have many screws to not waste.

 Lightning Bolt	Copy Vision
 Ice Wall  	Remote Mine
 Spread Drill	Wave Burner
 Tengu Blade	Magic Card

Final stages

King's Palace Stage 1: Main Power Generator

Atetemino Proto and Monking A

King's Palace Stage 2: Main Hall/Royal Treasury/Throne Room

King's Palace Stage 3: Wily's Secret Lab

This is Wily's last stand, a long stage with a rematch against the eight Robot Masters in the way. They appear in the following order: Cold Man, Astro Man, Dynamo Man, Pirate Man, Burner Man, Magic Man, Ground Man and Tengu Man. After passing by all enemies, Wily fights against the player inside his Wily Machine, and later uses the Wily Capsule.