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Mega Man & Bass
Super Famicom cover and promo art by Hitoshi Ariga.

Mega Man & Bass, known in Japan as Rockman & Forte (ロックマン&フォルテ Rokkuman ando Forute?), is a side-story in the Mega Man classic series that takes place about a year after the events of Mega Man 8, but isn't officially "Mega Man 9".[1] It was originally released for the Super Famicom (SNES) exclusively in Japan in 1998 and was later ported to the Game Boy Advance and released in 2002-2003. The game is well known by fans for having a very high difficulty spike especially when playing as Mega Man since, unlike Bass, he cannot double jump, dash, and has no access to the rush coil, rush jet or super adaptor. Like Mega Man 8, Energy Tanks are absent from this game for unknown reasons, along with removing things which made situations easier to handle that Mega Man 8 had, like weapon energy not refilling after losing a life and having to travel through the entire stage all over again.


The player can choose to play as Mega Man or Bass. While Mega Man can charge his shots and slide, Bass can fire in seven directions (straight up, straight forward, or any diagonal) with a rapid-fire arm cannon, do a dash jump, double jump, and dash. The original Super Famicom version of Rockman & Forte was marketed exclusively in Japan. However, before the Game Boy Advance version was released in the United States, the Super Famicom version was translated into English and Italian through console emulation.

Mega Man & Bass doesn't use the standard 4 or 8 mission select system present in most Mega Man series. After finishing the intro stage, only four stages are selectable initially, including the intro stage itself. The first three selectable Bosses are (from top to bottom) Cold Man, Astro Man and Ground Man. Defeating the first will unlock Pirate Man and Burner Man, and defeating the third unlocks Tengu Man and Magic Man. Defeating the "middle" Boss, Astro Man, will unlock the last Robot Master, Dynamo Man (as well as Pirate Man and Tengu Man if they have not yet been unlocked). Lastly, defeating any of the five unlockable Robot Masters will open the Cyber Hatch area, which acts like the lock to King's fortress. Mega Man/Bass needs to use the Robot Masters' special weapons to open each of the 8 locks, enabling entry to the final stages.

Story (from the manual)

A declaration of crime...from the criminal!

A surprise declaration has been received...from the man who took over Wiley's base! The message reveals that the illegal trespasser is...KING!

King states that any robot who proves himself superior to human beings should rule the Earth!

King goes on to include a threat to steal the robot data from the museum.

Officials are taking the statements...and threats...with the most extreme seriousness.

Mega Man and Bass are sent out on the double to investigate...

Note: Dr. Wily's name is spelled "Wiley" in the 2002 Game Boy Advance instruction manual. Additionally, Dr. Wily is said to be 57-years-old in the Japanese manual of Rockman & Forte (1998).

Actual Story

After Mega Man 8, Dr. Wily's whereabouts were still unknown, and he built a new castle to prepare his comeback. But a robot calling himself King appeared and began to recruit other robots to form a new robot army. He believed that robots were not meant to simply serve humans, but rather that they were superior and therefore should be the "masters of the Earth". Dr. Wily was ousted from his own new castle. To stop King, Bass and Mega Man made a truce to put a stop to King's rebellion. When King attacked the Robot Museum to gather data, Proto Man attempted to stop him, but King cut him in half with his axe and Mega Man and Bass sent him to the lab and confronted him. King withdrew, claiming not to have time for them, and left them to his subordinates.

Once his army of Robot Masters was defeated and the Crystal Gate that protects King's fortress is unlocked, the two made their way through his fortress, defeating two war machines along the way, and confronted him. None of their attacks appeared to phase him, so the newly repaired Proto Man came again, charged up his Big Bang Attack (even though it would severely damage his internal systems), and destroyed King's shield. Mega Man and Bass managed to defeat King and, upon his defeat, Dr. Wily appeared on the screen and asked King what was wrong with his "brain washing." He remotely repaired King and then King fled to another room and combined two previous war machines into a giant battle machine, but was defeated again and begged the two to stop Wily's ambitions. Mega Man and Bass then went to Wily's floor of the castle and put a stop to the madness. In the end, Mega Man was sad that an innocent robot was destroyed, but then he received a letter from King and found out that everything was all right. Bass, however, was mad that Dr. Wily had plotted against him, but Wily claimed he wanted to find out if King was stronger than he was. Proto Man teleported in, saw plans for a "King II" on Wily's computer, and then destroyed them, leaving the two to quarrel amongst themselves...


Intro Stage Boss: Green Devil (back from Mega Man 8)

Robot Masters

Model No. Name Weapon Weakness
DWN. 057 Tengu Man Tengu Blade Spread Drill
DWN. 058 Astro Man Copy Vision Magic Card
KGN. 001 Dynamo Man Lightning Bolt Copy Vision
KGN. 002 Cold Man Ice Wall Lightning Bolt
KGN. 003 Ground Man Spread Drill Remote Mine
KGN. 004 Pirate Man Remote Mine Wave Burner
KGN. 005 Burner Man Wave Burner Ice Wall
KGN. 006 Magic Man Magic Card Tengu Blade

*Note: Both Astro Man and Tengu Man have returned from Mega Man 8 to join King's rebellion.

Fortress Bosses

King Stage 1:

King Stage 2:

King Stage 3:

Item shop


Auto runs a shop and creates items in exchange of Screws that can be found throughout the stages. The first six items are available to purchase from the beginning, the six items in the second row become available after defeating 3 of the eight bosses, and the remaining items (6 with Bass and 8 with Mega Man) appear in the shop after defeating 6 bosses.

Most of the items are available for both characters, but some are character-specific: respectively, 7 for Mega Man and 5 for Bass. Mega Man's items focus on defense and on finding CD's, while Bass' items focus on dexterity.

Items in common Screws Auto's description
Mlife1Blife1 Spare Body50"It will add an extra life. Think of it like life insurance, the more you have, the better off you are."
SmbitemE. Balance
(Energy Balancer)
120"When you pick up a weapon energy, the Special Weapon that has the lowest remaining energy will be refilled."
Mitem1Bitem1Exit Unit
("Exit Parts" in Japan)
50"It allows you to exit the stage. But it won't work unless you have defeated the boss of the stage."
Bitem2S. Guard
(Shock Guard)
10"It absorbs the impact and makes the spikes less lethal. However, the item will be used up once that happens."
Mitem2Bitem3Com System
("Transceiver" in Japan)
100"It allows you to talk with Roll. Just no marathon phone conversations, please..."
Bitem4I. Present
(Item Presenter)
60"It makes a special ball that contains an Energy Capsule, appear in certain places in a stage. However it only takes effect in one stage."
Mitem3Bitem5E. Analyze
(Enemy Analyzer)
50"It enhances the function of your COM SYSTEM. By analyzing the enemy data, it uncovers their weak points."
Mitem4Bitem6S. Recover
(Super Recover)
200"It allows your energy to be recovered by a larger amount than usual."
Bitem7C. Attack
(Counter Attacker)
200"It makes your offensive power increase in a tight situation. You can turn the tables and win!"
Mitem8Bitem11E. Saver
(Energy Saver)
200"It allows you to use Special Weapons by consuming less energy. This item is so very environment-friendly..."
Mitem9Bitem12D. Absorb
(Damage Absorber)
300"Your life energy will be slightly refilled every time you receive damage. All is grist that comes to his net."
Mitem10Bitem13S. Armor
(Super Armor)
300"It reduces the amount of damage inflicted. However, please do not put too much confidence in it..."
Mitem14Bitem14CD Counter100"It enhances the function of your COM SYSTEM. It allows you to know how many CDs remain in a stage."

Mega Man's items Screws Auto's description
Mitem5 A. Charger
(Auto Charger)
50"It allows your Buster to be charged without holding the B Button down."
(Hi-Speed Charge)
150"It allows you to charge your Mega Buster quicker."
Mitem6Eddie150"This is Eddie's delivery service. When you use this item in a stage, Eddie will deliver an item to you."
Mitem11A. Recover
(Auto Recover)
450"It makes your life energy recover slowly. Remember that slow but steady always wins the race."
Mitem13Beat300"When you use this, Beat will deliver a barrier to you. Just be careful not to touch the spikes."
Mitem7R. Search
(Rush Search)
100"Rush will dig out a hidden item for you. Believe me, he is a good Digger!"
Mitem15CD Finder300"It allows you to know where the CDs are buried. Ask Rush to dig them out."

Bass' items Screws Auto's description
S.buster S. Buster
(Stronger Buster)
300"It enhances the offense power of the Bass Buster. It's truly a mighty powerful item!"
H.busterH. Buster
(Hyper Buster)
300"It makes the Bass Buster's bullets fly through terrain or walls. It's truly a hyper convenient item!"
(Hi-Speed Dash)
100"It allows you to dash faster."
Bitem9S. Booster
(Step Booster)
100"It allows you to climb the ladder faster. Hmm... Now that I think about it, I don't think the name "Booster" is exactly correct..."
Bitem10T. Boost
(Treble Boost)
200"Treble transforms into a booster-adapter for you. It allows you to fly, but be aware of its remaining energy."

Mega Man & Bass CD Database

*Click here to see where the 100 CDs are hidden.

There are 100 CDs throughout the stages, each containing data from an important character of the original series (except some like Dr. Cossack, Kalinka, the 4 Dark Men, Doc Robot, Reggae and characters from later games). Some CDs are very easy to find, while others can only be obtained by one character, as it may be too high for Mega Man or too narrow for Bass.

The English CD translations are considered somewhat nonsensical, mainly through mistakes with translation. Notorious examples include Dr. Light's bad point being "Douchie", Bright Man being "Long on ideas" and disliking "Unmoral districts", Star Man being built for "Space Exploitation", and Hyper Storm H's dislike being "Porky".

Mega Man & Bass CD Data


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Cover Art



Mega Man & Bass Japanese Commercials

Rockman & Forte Commercial(00:15)
Rockman & forte commercial (J)(00:14)
Super Famicom   Gameboy Advance


  • This is the first console game (aside from Mega Man 7's hidden two-player mode) where Bass is a playable character.
  • This is the only classic Mega Man game on the Super Nintendo that wasn't released in the U.S.
  • The game uses the art style of Mega Man 8, but with the lower resolution, zoomed-in playfield of Mega Man 7.
    • The game also uses sound effects from Mega Man 7.
  • Proof-of-8.5
    Text from MM&B ROM
    Tsukiyomaru0Added by Tsukiyomaru0
    Mega Man & Bass was never meant to be Mega Man 9. Rather, it was considered to be "Rockman 8.5" by Keiji Inafune and Capcom, Inc. A snippet of unencoded text in the ROM's data reflects this.
  • Originally, Mega Man & Bass was meant to be an "alternate continuation" of the Mega Man classic series that followed the events of Mega Man 8, but Mega Man 9's ending directly referenced the ending of Mega Man & Bass (as well as the endings of the other eight numerical games in the series).
  • This is the only non-numbered console game to be directly referenced in Mega Man 9.
  • Like Mega Man 8, Mega Man & Bass does not have artwork for the Special Weapons.
  • Humorously, in the Mega Man & Bass GBA English instruction manual, in addition to Wily's name being spelt "Wiley," Proto Man, Treble, and Auto were all addressed by their Japanese names (Blues, Gospel, and Rightott, alternatively spelled "Lightott").
  • Binetsu by bereeve is the song used in the Super Famicom Japanese commercial for Mega Man & Bass.[1]
  • Much like it Mega Man 7 and Mega Man 8, not all of the Robot Masters in this game are initially accessible; Cold Man, Ground Man, and Astro Man must be defeated to battle Burner Man, Pirate Man, Tengu Man, Magic Man, and Dynamo Man.


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