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North American DVD box art.
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Mega Man: Upon a Star, known as Rockman: Hoshi ni Negai wo (ロックマン 星に願いを? Rockman: Wish Upon a Star) in Japan, is a 3-episode OVA made by Capcom in 1993, but it was only released in Japan. 9 years later, in 2002 it was imported to North America by ADV Films. The Mega Man characters are from the "game world", and they can appear in the "real world". Dr. Wily manages to exit the game world and tries to conquer the real world, and Mega Man has to stop him, learning about Japan while searching for Wily.



Character English voice actor Japanese voice actor
Mega Man Gregory Smith (Episode 1)
Christopher Gray (Episodes 2 and 3)
Hekiru Shiina
Dr. Wily Scott McNeil Ken'ichi Ogata
Dr. Light Jim Byrnes Hiroshi Naka
Proto Man Kaj-Erik Eriksen Urara Takano
Roll Andrea Libman Satomi Kōrogi
Rush Terry Klassen (Episode 1) Wataru Takagi
Beat Scott McNeil ?
Eddie Paul Dobson Katsumi Suzuki
Yuuta Kobayashi Brandon O'Bray (Episode 1)
Sean Amsing (Episodes 2 & 3)
Rie Iwatsubo
Akane Kobayashi Kelly Sheridan Yuri Shiratori
Mr. Kobayashi Campbell Lane Kenichi Ono
Mrs. Kobayashi Kathleen Barr (Episode 1)
Cathy Weseluck (Episodes 2 & 3)
Sayuri Ikemoto



Japanese DVD box art.
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  • While the American Mega Man animated series is considered to be the first Mega Man cartoon, Mega Man: Upon a Star was technically first. These shows were produced in 1993, a year before the American episodes were aired.
  • These three shows may have been pseudo pilots for what would become the 1994 Mega Man series, as there are similarities between them.[1]
  • The producers of the American series also served as the U.S. production consultants on these episodes, which would certainly add more credibility to the above theory.
  • One of Mega Man's buster shot poses in the third episode has a striking resemblance to the one constantly shown in the Ruby-Spears cartoon.
  • Scott McNeil and Jim Byrnes (who voiced Dr. Wily and Dr. Light on the American series) also provide their voices in this series.
    • While Dr. Light sounds the same, Dr. Wily's voice is different. He does not have a German accent. Scott also voiced Beat, who sounded like Eddie does in the American series.
    • Terry Klassen (who voiced Cut Man in the American series) actually voices Rush in the first episode.
    • Kathleen Barr (who voiced Roll in the American series) does not voice as Roll, because Roll is much younger here. However, Kathleen did supply the voice of Yuuta and Akane's mom in the first episode.

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