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Please note that this is an article about a FAN-MADE MEDIA, and is neither licensed nor endorsed by Capcom, and is not canon.
Mega Man: Rock Force
Title screen of the Game

Mega Man: Rock Force, is a fangame by GoldwaterDLS. It features 8 original Robot Masters, original music, and new characters. The game have received mixed to positive reviews.  

In a recent update, the game has received new difficulty modes as well as other fixes as per critiques on the game provided on its forum.


The game most likely takes place after Mega Man 10, due to Nitro Man's presence. This game also takes place after Mega Man Unlimited.

Rock Force:

It was the year 20XX and Earth had finally achieved an extended period of peace. Wily had since vanished with Bass and Treble, permitting the world to once again focus on other matters: science, progress, and the ever growing relationship between humans and robots. However, Mega Man, now wary of true everlasting peace, recruited eight willing robot masters and began training them; if evil should dare arise, his team, the Rock Force, would be there to stop it.

The Members of the Rock Force are: Cut Man, Nitro Man, Tornado Man, Dive Man, Elec Man, Knight Man, Bomb Man and Fire Man.

To aid Mega Man's coaching, Dr. Light created an assistant for Mega Man, Justice Man. This robot, despite being its own entity, matched Mega Man physically in every way and was programmed with a similar sense of justice. Mega Man grew to call Justice Man brother and the two became inseparable over the course of the Rock Force's development.

The Troubles

One day, while the Rock Force was busy training, a mysterious energy surge occurred at a nearby hydroelectric facility, corrupting many of the robots working there. These robots immediately began antagonizing the human workers, prompting Mega Man and Justice Man to intervene. Mega Man, feeling his team was not yet ready for the task, instructed his team to stay behind while he and Justice Man handled the situation.

When Mega Man and Justice Man arrived, they discovered that the human workers had evacuated the plant safely. Believing all the hostile robots to be neutralized, Justice Man was about to sound the all clear, until a rogue Robot Master, Shock Man, attacked him from behind. With Justice Man damaged and incapacitated, Mega Man had to subdue the robot alone. Thankfully, he was successful, but Justice Man had been damaged in an unusual manner.

While the robots at the plant were being repaired and reconditioned to continue work, Dr. Light worked tirelessly on restoring Justice Man. Unfortunately, while Justice Man's bodily functions were not irreparably damaged, his mental matrix had been permanently altered. Dr. Light could not yet surmise how this would affect him, but advised Mega Man to keep an eye open.

Robot revolution/Rock Force dissaperance

Six months later, another incident occurred, even more curious than the last. This time, eight robot masters were rallying against their creators, chasing humans away from their territories and refusing to work. Mega Man, feeling his team had finally completed its training, sent the Rock Force out to capture these rebels and unravel their mysterious behavior. However, once Justice Man and the rest of the team had been sent away, communications were lost. When none from his team updated his progress, Mega Man knew he had to investigate the matter for himself and rescue his friends, which he assumed were being held against their will. Thus began Mega Man's quest to defeat eight of the world's most mysterious robot masters.

Fusion Masters

After quelling the eight Robot Masters and rescuing all the members of Rock Force. Mega Man finds the partner of Justice Man (the member of the Rock Force depends on which Robot you rescued last), but discovers that Justice Man himself is still missing. Mega Man and the partner then return to Light Labs and informs him of Justice Man's continual AWOL status, with Light also informing Mega Man of some bad news: The Robot Masters that Mega Man had defeated are recombining: In other words, each of the Robot Masters are merging with another to form four Robot Master combos.

Death Man resurfaces

Upon defeating the four combined Robot Masters, they then combined together to form Death Man. Mega Man then proceeded down the Crypt of Crypt Man to fight Death Man.

Shocking Revelations

Upon defeating Death Man, Mega Man found Justice Man: However, Justice Man reveals that he was in fact behind the latest revolt as he wanted to fight for freedom for the robots ever since Justice Man had been electrocuted by Shock Man, where he realized and wished to fulfill the Robot Masters' desire for freedom instead of enslavement. Justice Man then retreated to his castle.

One Last Battle:Mega Man vs Justice Man

After Mega Man fought through the castle's defenses, he then encountered Justice Man in its inner sanctum, and after defeating the other Robot Masters, he fought against Justice Man, who mentioned that he fought for freedom while questioning Mega Man's resolve. After initially being beaten, Justice Man then levitated and started firing beam energies from below the castle and from within him.

Rock Force disbanded

Upon being defeated, Justice Man, being irreparably damaged, self-destructs, although not before lamenting that there is no justice in the world. Mega Man then keels over in anguish over his having to kill Justice Man. He then left for Light Labs and reflected on his fight against the Robot Masters as well as Justice Man. Roll was harsh regarding Justice Man's death and took her until nightfall to recover. Mega Man, meanwhile, looked out despondently at the city regarding the death of Justice Man, and questioned Dr. Light why he had to fight Justice Man and "silence" the voice they wanted heard. Light then informs him that humanity would not have been ready for robots possessing free will, and that the government would have labelled them as defective and destroyed them anyways.




Robot Masters

Crypt Man
Weapon Crypt Cloak Weakness Photon Flare

Crypt Man was created to repel graverobbers from the ancient tomb of a wealthy family. Visitors have noted that he seems to dislike the depressing atmosphere of his workplace and longs for a more uplifting purpose in life. His eloquence and nobility are well known, which is why he serves as main spokesman for the rebels. Despite this, he prefers to work in the shadows and hates when light sabotages his stealthiness. Since his recent refusal to work, the ancient tomb has become infested with many dangerous, thieving robots; though, many boobytraps are still active.

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Pulse Man
Weapon Pulse Stopper Weakness Virus Outbreak

An experimental robot, Pulse Man serves as a proof of concept rather than a truly practical robot, an idea he resents. He and several other machines were designed to work with a new hydrogen fuel system that was based on the cardiovascular system. Though this system earned the respect of the scientific community, plans to experiment further fell through, leaving Pulse Man and the self-sustaining machines alone at an abandoned factory. Though the unusual fluid used to power the machines is currently sterile, it is easily contaminated by foreign bodies.

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Virus Man
Weapon Virus Outbreak Weakness Charade Clone

Virus Man is a disease containment robot and specializes in both human and robotic illnesses. Since Wily has used robotic viruses multiple times in his attempts at world domination, Virus Man was built with a formidable immunity so he could work without worry of being infected himself; however, people have noticed that constant exposure to suffering and disease have weight on him, despite his seemingly sprightly demeanor. His system contains many strands of virulent data, including a bizarre robotic illness that reverses the movements of those it infects. Virus Man was built to focus on one patient at a time, therefore he has trouble focusing on multiple targets.

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Fuse Man
Weapon Phantom Fuse Weakness Shock Gauntlet

Fuse Man guards a demolitions depot somewhere in the deserts of Arizona. Occasionally, he is used to help with actual demolition works with his powerful Phantom Fuse. Though he was programmed as a bit of a macho man, many can sense a bit of an overcompensation with his neverending manly quotes and mentions of robot women. It's as though constantly working around explosive material has put him on edge, though he would never admit to it. The bomb fuse on his head is purely for aesthetic appeal, but the electronic fuses in his body can be easily disrupted by high voltage attacks.

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Photon Man
Weapon Photon Flare Weakness Phantom Fuse

Photon Man is essentially a walking solar battery, tasked with providing emergency power to facilities that require it. If not out on duty, Photon Man can be found overseeing the functions of his solar power plant, a personal project he constructed in his passion for clean energy. While handling solar power is his expertise, he has expressed interest in studying other forms of renewable, clean energy, though is somewhat displeased that he was built for only one energy type. Still, he is very particular about his solar panels, as extreme concussive force can easily shatter them.

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Shock Man
Weapon Shock Gauntlet Weakness Circuit Breaker

Shock Man was the lead robot at Monsteropolis' main hydroelectric plant and served to temporarily bridge circuits that needed repair. He is capable of conducting and producing shocks of extremely high voltage, which made him incredibly dangerous in his rogue state. After his manufacturers repaired his defects, he was sent back to work; though, many humans that worked alongside him became uneasy when he returned. Ever since, he has longed to pursue other lines of work, or simply be scrapped, since he now lacks human friends and no longer enjoys his job.

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Circuit Man
Weapon Circuit Breaker Weakness Pulse Stopper

Circuit Man is one of the earliest Robot Masters created outside of Light Labs and has worked for many years in a circuit manufacturing plant. His workplace creates many circuits intended for a series of larger machines, but recently these machines have begun going out of style. Circuit Man now fears that he may be scrapped soon once the demand for his specialty circuits completely diminishes. Despite his power to manufacture, lift, and destroy circuits, his older design is somewhat crude and exposing, making even minor electromagnetism a threat to his well being.

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Charade Man
Weapon Charade Clone Weakness Crypt Cloak

Charade Man is an acting robot that can perfectly imitate the movements and mannerisms of those he studies. He is used to fill in for human actors that have fallen ill or are on temporary leave. He regrets that his creators only made him capable of mimicking other performers, rather than permitting him to add his own flare to the characters. He can only mimick the performances of people or robots he has studied thoroughly through visual cues.

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Pre-Fortress Bosses

  • Plague Man (fusion of Pulse Man and Virus Man)
  • Flare Man (fusion of Photon Man and Charade Man)
  • Power Man (fusion of Circuit Man and Shock Man)
  • Terror Man (fusion of Fuse Man and Crypt Man)
  • Death Man (fusion of all the above)

Fortress Bosses

  • Fish Man
  • Polar Man




  • Beat is present as an unlockable available after getting the "B" "E" "A" "T" parts following the defeat of any 4 robot masters without taking damage.
  • Splash Woman made a cameo within Justice Man's inner sanctum as multiple statues.
  • Charade Man mimics the movements of Gemini Man, Toad Man, Shadow Man and Quick Man when he appears as a miniboss within his own stage.
  • Crypt Man's laugh at the beginning of his boss fight is an edit of Ganon's laugh from Zelda II: The Adventure Of Link. This has been confirmed in the forums of Mega Man Rock Force's website.
  • If Crypt Man's stage is beaten without losing any life, Crypt Man will throw a L-tank for the player before the battle.
  • Megaman cannot obtain any weapon from Terror Man, Plague Man, Power Man, Flare Man, Death Man, Fish Man, or Polar Man.
  • The original Terror Man stage music was originally used from a cancelled fan-made game called "Mega Man Time Tangent", but it was replaced by an original spooky theme song.
  • This fan-game was notoriously controversial for its ending, due to it being extremely dark for a Mega Man ending as well as the implication that Justice Man had not done anything wrong despite the violent revolts that were occurring during the main game. The Let's Player Roahm Mythril, when covering the ending, rants about how it not only was unnecessarily dark, but also points out how several of the points made in the ending went against canon in the Mega Man franchise.[1]

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