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Robot Master Field Guide Cover

Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide is a handbook by Udon Entertainment released in April 2012.[1] It contains official artwork, profiles similar to the Mega Man & Bass CD database (containing quotes, good points, bad points, likes and dislikes), weapons, and weakness of all Robot Masters from Mega Man 1-10, Mega Man & Bass, Wily Tower, and the five Mega Man games for the Nintendo Game Boy.[2] It also Includes profiles for Robot Creators (i.e. Dr. Light), the Mega Man Killers, Bass and helper Robots such as Rush or Eddie.


  • In the book, Aqua Man's entry mistakenly contains an image of Dr. Light, despite being a Wily robot.
  • Following the "Key Humans" section, both X and Zero, labeled as Project X and Project Zero respectively, make appearances as silhouettes. Their respective creators, Light and Wily, are silhouettes, as well.


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