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Scene 1: Soccer News

(The scene opens up with the newsman facing and talking to the player.)

Newsman: It's a beautiful day for two teams are about ready to head onto the field. (Explosions are seen on the soccer field and the newsman shows his confused face.) What?! What's going on?! Ladies and gentleman, a giant explosion has just rocked the stadium! Wait a minute, I think I can see something..... it's a bunch of... robots!??? The people are racing for the exits. It's pandemonium!

(We see Roll, Dr. Light, and Mega Man surprised.)

Dr. Light: What are they up to???

Roll: Those robots look awfully familiar. They should. They're Dr. Wily's.

Mega Man: I've got to go and stop them!

Dr. Light: Are you sure you can take them all on? Alright! I won't stop you from trying, but... you're no match for them with your current abilities....

Mega Man: I've got to leave now!

Dr. Light: So, I'll just make a few modifications to your programming and you'll be able to give them a game they won't soon forget! (Dr. Light brings Mega Man to his lab and makes him become a robot. We hear the stage start from Mega Man 5.)

Scene 2: The Teams

(Mega Man plays soccer with Skull Man, Cut Man, Wood Man, Pharaoh Man, Dust Man, Needle Man, Fire Man, and Elec Man, but he is able to defeat all of the eight teams and proceeds to Dr. Wily's castle.)

Scene 3: Wily Castle

(Mega Man plays soccer with Enker, Proto Man and Dr. Wily, but he is able to defeat all of the three fortress bosses and Mega Man saves the day.)

Unused Scene 1: Proto Man

(Proto Man stands on top of a cliff and sees an image of Mega Man until the image disappears and then teleports out.)

Unused Scene 2: The Day is Saved

(Wily Castle starts to blow up and the screen scrolls up to see the cast and Beat flying.)