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Some figures from the Mega Armor series.

Mega Armor (メガアーマー Mega Āmā) is a series of Mega Man figures released by Bandai in Japan in which the armor of the figure can be removed and customized in a frame.


Rockman 8

Figures from Mega Man 8 released by Bandai in 1997, in Rockman's 10th anniversary.

  • Rockman 8 Iron Buster
  • Rockman Iron Buster (Blue Plated Version)
  • Blues Iron Buster
  • Blues Iron Buster (Plated)
  • Forte Iron Buster
  • Rush Iron Buster (misspelled Rash on the box)
  • Duo
  • Tengu Man
  • Sword Man

Rockman X series


X partially assembled.

Figures from the Mega Man X series. Most of them are the same base model Mega Man X with different colors, weapons, or armors, except for a few like Zero, Vile MK-II and Bit. Originally, separate characters and weapon colors were released in separate plastic bags, as well as Mega Frames for displaying unused parts. Later on these armors were packed in boxes containing a base body as well. The EX Armor parts were released in a separate plastic bag originally as well, containing the upgrade parts for both X and Zero.

Three additional models, the Fourth Armor, Falcon Armor and Gaea Armor, were released in response to the release of Rockman X5. These models did not feature the back-hole used for accesories featured on all prior models, but included distinctly-colored hands instead of the standard white hands.


  • Rockman X
  • Rockman X (Plated)
  • Rockman X (Transparent) - Lucky Draw prize.
  • Rockman X (Clear Armor)
  • Rockman X (Transparent Orange)
  • Rockman X (Transparent Purple) - Limited release, Triad Thunder colors.
  • Rockman X Iron Buster - Comes with eight iron (plastic in some releases) balls, and his buster can launch them. The Iron Buster feature also exists in some of the Mega Man 8 kits, as above.
  • Rockman X Magnet Mine
  • Rockman X Sonic Slicer
  • Mega Frame - Two standard body frames with pose-able arms but static legs, intended for displaying armors.

Zero (Black Version) disassembled.

Zero figures:

  • Irregular Hunter Zero - Originally released with blue eyes and a smirking face. Later reissues use a blue-eyed version of the non-smirking X face.
  • Irregular Hunter Zero (Black) - Two versions were released. The original was black with blue hair in a boxset, and a later separate release with brown hair, as well as different stickers and base body color.
  • Irregular Hunter Zero (Plated)
  • Irregular Hunter Zero (Clear Armor)

Rockman X3:

RX Armor Model

RX Armor

Rockman X Mega Mission 3:

  • Rockman RX Armor - Return X.
  • Rockman RX Armor (Plated)
  • EX Armor X
  • EX Armor X (Plated)
  • Rockman X All X
  • Rockman X All X (Plated)
  • EX Armor Zero - Says "Rockman X3" in the box, but the armor is from Rockman X Mega Mission 3.
  • EX Armor Zero (Plated)

Rockman X4-X6:

  • X4 Ultimate Armor
  • X4 Ultimate Armor (Plated)
  • 4th Armor
  • 4th Armor (Silver Plated version)
  • X5 Falcon Armor
  • X5 Falcon Armor (Silver Plated)
  • X5 Gaea Armor
  • X5 Gaea Armor (Silver Plated)
  • Shadow Armor - No separate release, parts were included in eight re-released figures from the line, the full model was available by collecting all eight figures: Rockman X with head, Rockman X All X with body, EX Armor Zero with shoulders and belt, X4 Ultimate Armor with arms, Irregular Hunter Zero with busters, EX Armor X with right leg, RX Armor with left leg, and X3 Max Armor with feet.

Rockman DASH 2

Four figures of Mega Man Volnutt with his appearance from Mega Man Legends 2 and one weapon.


Rockman 8

Rockman X2-X3

Rockman X4-X6 and Mega Mission

Rockman DASH 2

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