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A list of characters that only appeared in the MegaMan NT Warrior anime.


Romeda Ando


Romeda Ando is a fortune teller that appeared in episode 38 of Rockman.EXE Stream. She was the momentary operator of Asteroid StarMan.EXE in episode 38.



Daryl (ダリル) is the corrupt mayor of Netopia's Heaven City. He appeared in episode 26 of MegaMan NT Warrior.

Kyuta Hoshida


Kyuta Hoshida is the operator of LeagueMan.EXE. He appeared in episode 43 of Rockman EXE.

Gorou Misaki


Gorou Misaki (岬悟郎 Misaki Gorou) is a NetSavior and a detective of the NetPolice who is the first person to attempt Cross Fusion. He is the operator of PrismMan.EXE.

He was voiced by Dai Matsumoto.

NT Warrior Misaki



Iriya (イリヤ) was the momentary operator of Asteroid YamatoMan.EXE. He appeared in episode 18 of Rockman.EXE Stream.

He was voiced by Takehito Koyasu.



Kawase is the momentary operator of Asteroid SwordMan.EXE. He appeared in episode 43 of Rockman.EXE Stream.


Main article: Keifer
Keifer is the commissioner from the NetPolice.



Ken was the momentary operator of Asteroid BrightMan.EXE. He appeared in episode 27 of Rockman.EXE Stream.

Mac and Harry


Mac and Harry were the momentary operators of Asteroid GravityMan.EXE. They appeared in episode 16 of Rockman.EXE Stream.

Makoto Aoki


Makoto Aoki (蒼木真琴 Aoki Makoto) only appears in Rockman EXE Beast and is revealed to be Mr. Famous' ex-girlfriend. Makoto Aoki is also the creator of the Copyroid, a dummy which a NetNavi can use to substantiate in the real world. Initially, she did not have enough energy to power the Copyroid correctly. The concept of her creation attracted the attention of the Zoanoroids, and Zoano Punk supplied to her an energy conversion program. After the Copyroid was completed, Zoano Punk promptly took control of it and forced her to complete more for him to support the Falzar army. When enough Copyroids were made, Zoano Punk decided that she was of no use any longer. However, she was saved by Mr. Famous just before Zoano Punk tried to dispatch her. Zoano Punk was deleted with promptly after by R-MegaMan and R-ProtoMan. From that point on, the Copyroid technology was utilized by both the Gregar and the Falzar armies.

In order to stop the Zoanoroids, Makoto Aoki developed the Hyper-Magnetron to utilize the Copyroid's weakness. The defect lies in the energy core, where unprocessed energy is located. The unprocessed energy is used to prevent the energy conversion program from becoming unstable. The Magnetron's purpose is to provide electromagnetic pulses to the core, which will cause the Copyroid to self-destruct. It was first used and tested against a substantiated Zoano GutsMan, who was using a Copyroid. It was used again against Zoano DarkMan, who escaped through the Fossa Ambience before the Copyroid was destroyed.

Makoto still harbors feelings for Famous, and has stated that she wants him back in her life.


Mameo - Sketch

Mameo's sketch.

Mameo (まめ男) is a boy who studies in the same school as Lan and hates vegetables. Slur gives him Asteroid PlantMan whom he uses to get rid of the vegetables in the lunch and to learn the next day's meal. This earns him the title of the Lunch Predictor. But after a firewall is put up around the school lunch system, he fakes illness to avoid eating. Mameo asks PlantMan to get rid of the 30 vegetable salad for lunch, leading PlantMan to attack farms and foreign vegetable imports. But after warnings of total food shortages, he asks him to stop. But PlantMan tricks him into materializing him with a Dimensional Chip. He is kidnapped by PlantMan when Lan and Chaud arrives and brought to a vegetable lab. Mameo is trapped by the large vegetables but eats his way out. Lan and Chaud rescue him. In the end he loves vegetables and eats loads of them.

He was voiced by Motoko Kumai.


Main article: Manuela
Manuela is the superintendent from the NetPolice.



Rat was the momentary operator of Asteroid DrillMan.EXE. He appeared in episode 29 of Rockman.EXE Stream.

Saburou Kotohiro

Main article: Saburou and NoodleMan

Saburou Kotohiro is the owner of the restaurant "The Slick Noodle" and NoodleMan's operator.

Yai's maids

Yai Ayanokoji has several maids working for her, appearing in several episodes taking care of her home and piloting vehicles. The only maid whose name is known is Kiryuuin Sakurako.

Yui Hazuki


Yui Hazuki (葉月ユイ Hazuki Yui) was the momentary operator of Asteroid StoneMan.EXE. She appeared in episode 6 of Rockman.EXE Stream.

She was voiced by Nanae Katō.


Elder NetNavis

TopMan and other elder NetNavis appear in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 43. They are operated by elders in the Akihara Silver Center:

  • IgoMan (イゴマン) - An Igo themed Navi. His attack is Shiro Kuro Beam ("White Black Beam"), releasing beams from his white and black eyes. He is voiced by Daisuke Kirii.
  • ShogiMan (ショウギマン Shougiman) - A Shogi themed Navi. Special attack is a beam released from the arm. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono.
  • GateballMan (ゲートボールマン) - A Gateball themed Navi. Special attack is Spark Beam, releasing energy spheres from his arms. Voiced by Makoto Yasumura.
  • ShiatsuMan (シアツマン) - A Shiatsu themed Navi. Special attack is Tsubo Beam ("Acupressure Beam"), releasing beams from his thumbs. Voiced by Hirofumi Nojima.
  • ShuutomeMan (lit. "Mother-in-law Man") - A NetNavi resembling a granny with a tea cup. Special attack is Hengen Beam ("Breath Beam"), releasing a red beam from the mouth.



GreenMan is GutsMan's first opponent in the N1 Grand Prix, and was defeated in 30 seconds. This NetNavi was unnamed in the Japanese version.


LeagueMan (リーグマン) is the NetNavi of Kyuta Hoshida.


Main article: Saburou and NoodleMan

NoodleMan, known as SanukiMan in the Japan, is Saburou's NetNavi and the mascot of the Slick Noodle.

PickMan and DrillMach

PickMan (ツルハシマン Tsuruhashiman, Turuhashader in Rockman.EXE Axess episode 41) and DrillMach (ドリルマッハ DoriruMahha, mistakenly called "DrillMan" in one of the episodes in the dub) would be the opponents of StoneMan and BlasterMan in the N1 Gran Prix, but while they were training for the battle, StoneMan and BlasterMan attacked them, making them unable to fight and lose by default.

PickMan and DrillMach reappear in episode 41 of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. They are two of the NetNavis captured by Allegro.

Their operators also had a brief appearance in episode 27 of MegaMan NT Warrior.


PrismMan (プリズマン Purizuman) is the NetNavi of Gorou Misaki.

He was voiced by Daisuke Ono.


Main article: RocketMan.EXE

RocketMan, known as BreakMan (ブレイクマン Bureikuman) in Japan, is a NetNavi that attacks with missiles from his body and arms and participated in the N1 Grand Prix.


Voice actor: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama

ShiningMan (シャイニングマン Shaininguman) is ProtoMan's partner in the N1 Grand Prix, but ProtoMan defeated him and his opponents in one hit. In MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 41 he is shown to work in a lighthouse and is one of the NetNavis captured by Allegro to participate on his Delete Battle.

He appears to be based on the 70's Japanese superhero Rainbowman.


Main article: Silk.EXE

Silk (シルク) was Anetta's NetNavi in the anime, and only appeared in flashbacks as she was deleted.

Sledgehammer Brothers

The Sledgehammer Brothers are two NetNavis that fought against MegaMan in the first episode of MegaMan NT Warrior Axess. They attack with hammers and Rock Cubes.


Main article: Slur
Slur (スラー Surā) is a NetNavi that works for Duo.


Voice actor: Kenta Miyake

WhaleMan (ホエールマン Hoēruman) is one of the contestants in the N1 Grand Prix. He was SharkMan's opponent, and Maysa hanged the battle against him to give Lan time to train the Program Advance, defeating him in the last seconds of the time limit. When some contestants where chosen to return, WhaleMan was one of them and teamed up with RocketMan against ProtoMan and ShiningMan, but ProtoMan defeated them shortly. WhaleMan appears again in the end of the second season, where Gospel absorbs him, but returns to normal with the other Navis after Gospel's deletion. In Axess, he was one of the NetNavis captured by Allegro.

In Rockman.EXE Beast, WhaleMan has a counterpart in Beyondard that is a Zoanoroid that works for Gregar.



Voice actor: Junko Minagawa

Allegro (アレグロ Areguro) is a robot built by Bass.EXE that appears in MegaMan NT Warrior Axess episode 41. He captures NetNavis that win a game at an arcade and forces them to fight each other to the death for his amusement in a game he calls Delete Battle. Mayl Sakurai and Roll.EXE win the game to lure him out and Roll is captured shortly after. They manage to track down Allegro and corner him. He then bursts out crying and Bass, in Kid Grave's body, comes and explains Allegro's origin. He was a robot created by Bass to test Dimensional Areas, but stated that he was disgusted by Allegro's childish mentally and crushed his CPU, killing him.


Aki is an anime exclusive character from MegaMan NT Warrior. She is a popular digital pop idol that holds a contest in Jawaii to see who can copy her the best. She is infected by a virus which caused her to lash out at everybody, but is rescued by MegaMan and his friends. GutsMan and IceMan like her, but she can't be touched by NetNavis. Later GutsMan and IceMan rescue her from viruses when Gospel unleashes an army of them in DenTech City. In the final episode of MegaMan NT Warrior, she leads MegaMan and co. to the real world when Lan and his friends are trapped in a Dimensional Area covered mall. In one of the episodes of the second season, Aki kisses IceMan and GutsMan, implying that, while regular Navis cannot touch her, she can touch them.

Aki is caring and kind to other Navis, but can't touch them due to her being tethered to Netcity billboards. She can do the reverse, as seen when she kisses IceMan and GutsMan, despite them being on the other side of the screen.



Also known as "The Hero of Sharo," Morozov is a dog with the ability to smell and locate rare metals. Because rare metals are the basis of modern technology in the anime, the discovery of rare metal mines by Morozov brought Sharo out of famine and poverty, helping it become a world power. As a child, Laika often played in the rare metal mines with Morozov, and still considers the dog to be a beloved friend. As the hero of Sharo, Morozov continues to discover new rare metal deposits.


Morozov first appears in episode 40 of Axess, Heroes of the Bowels of the Earth, where he is stranded in the rare metal mines which have been overtaken by ColdMan. Laika circumvents his orders and disobeys his commanding officer, General Malenkov, to save Morozov. Morozov later appears in the beginning of Beast+, riding behind Laika on the same snowmobile while wearing tiny doggy goggles.