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Commander Beef VS Netto-kun! is the fifty-third Japanese episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime, and was adapted into the English dub's fifty-first episode, The NetBattle of the Hearts!


Maysa and Higsby have both fallen for Ms. Mari, but she's in love with Commander Beef! Higsby challenges the Commander and Maysa to a NetBattle to prove he is the true hero. Meanwhile, Yai and her family manage to build a fantastic stadium for the event in one night, and since Ribitta is stuck somewhere in the Himalayas on assignment, Sal is persuaded to be the announcer at the match. Higsby's up first, but he's so nervous, he loses immediately. Then Lan, NetBattling for Maysa, finally gets to take on his idol, Commander Beef. The love battle is on. Who will have the heart of the shy schoolteacher?[1]



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