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Forte is the fiftieth Japanese episode of MegaMan NT Warrior and was adapted into the English dub's fortieth episode as Bass.


It couldn't be worse: Mr. Wily is alive, Grave is under his control, FreezeMan is lost and the Grave VirusBeast has deleted ProtoMan! Learning of Mr. Gauss's role in ProtoMan's fate, Lan and his friends head for the Gauss mansion, not knowing it is now Mr. Wily's headquarters! There MegaMan finds all the missing NetNavis and more: the Grave VirusBeast's cage! Then, while MegaMan and his friends wage a desperate battle against MagnetMan, Bass confronts the Grave VirusBeast, which was set loose by Mr. Wily to completely devour the entire Cyberworld![1]



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