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List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes (EXE)

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Dub Title/Translated Title

Original Japanese Title

Original Airdate English Airdate
1 1 "Jack-in! MegaMan!"

"Plug-in! Rockman (Puragu-in! Rokkuman)" (プラグイン!ロックマン)

March 4, 2002 May 17, 2003
Lan Hikaru's standard level NetNavi receives an upgrade, transforming him into the powerful MegaMan.EXE. Meanwhile, TorchMan—a NetNavi working for the World Three net-crime syndicate—has trapped Maylu in a dangerous oven fire.
2 2 "Subway Scramble!"

"Subway Panic! (Chikatetsu Ōbōsō!)" (地下鉄大暴走!)

March 11, 2002 May 24, 2003
Count Zap and ElecMan of WWW send electro-magnetic waves through DenTech City causing electronic devices to go hay-wire. Lan and Maylu chase a robotic dog onto a subway train when it steals Ms. Mari's purse, and ElecMan plots to crash their train.
3 3 "Traffic Signal Chaos!"

"Signal Panic! (Shigunaru Panikku!)" (シグナルパニック!)

March 18, 2002 May 31, 2003
The rich Yai Ayano comes to Lan's school as a new student. Meanwhile, Maddy of WWW uses her NetNavi WackoMan to cause traffic jams all over DenTech City. When Yai finds herself trapped in traffic and in a desperate situation, she jacks in her own NetNavi, Glide, to solve the problem.
4 4 "Count to Three!"

"Count to Three!! (Mittsu Kazoero!!)" (三つ数えろ!!)

March 25, 2002 June 7, 2003
Mr. Higsby is a rare Battle Chip collector who uses his NetNavi NumberMan to steal chips. He traps Yai and her friends in a classroom, threatening to delete Glide if Yai doesn't hand over her rare chips. Lan and MegaMan, who were locked out of the room, work with Roll to crack passwords and rescue their friends.
5 5 "Robotic Fish Gone Wild!"

"Challenge of the Rampaging Fish! (Bōsō Sakana no Chōsen!)" (暴走魚の挑戦!)

April 1, 2002 June 14, 2003
The WWW sends viruses to the robotic fish aquarium, causing the fish to rampage through DenTech City. When the fish attack Maysa and the kids, they make a run for the aquarium to delete the viruses behind this mess.
6 6 "Ice Ice Baby"

"Subzero Brawl! (Reika no Nettō!)" (零下の熱闘!)

April 8, 2002 November 24, 2004
Maddy kidnaps a water works factory employee. She then forces his son, Tory Froid, to use NetNavi IceMan to freeze the water works network so she can prepare to pollute DenTech City's water supply. Fortunately, Lan and his friends become involved and put a stop to this mess.
7 7 "Game Off!"

"Midnight Duel! (Mayonaka no Kettō!)" (真夜中の決闘!)

April 15, 2002 November 25, 2004
Yai's father, the president of AyanoTech, promises to let her and her friends play the new video game the second it releases at midnight. While the kids patiently stay awake to play it, Count Zap plans to steal the game data using ElecMan.
8 8 "Hot Tempers"

"Revenge Fireman! (Ribenji Faiaman!)" (リベンジ ファイアマン!)

April 22, 2002 November 29, 2004
Mr. Match demands a rematch with Lan, so TorchMan sets out to find MegaMan. Instead, he finds Roll, who is currently arguing with MegaMan (as is Maylu with Lan). To prove her worth to MegaMan, Roll takes the invitation instead, and meets up with TorchMan for battle.
9 9 "The Yoga Warrior!"

"Yoga Soldier of Terror! (Kyōfu no Yoga Senshi!)" (恐怖のヨガ戦士!)

April 29, 2002 June 21, 2003
Yahoot of the WWW uses his NetNavi, MagicMan, to hypnotize everyone in DenTech City into thinking they're wild animals. Lan and Maylu are unaffected, so they go after MagicMan. Chaud Blaze and ProtoMan also make their first appearance to help stop Yahoot.
10 10 "N1 Grand Prix!"

"N1 Grand Prix! (N1 (Enuan) Guranpuri!)" (N1(エヌワン)グランプリ!)

May 6, 2002 June 28, 2003
The N1 Grand Prix NetBattle tournament is starting. An error in NumberMan's upgrade causes him to go on a rampage, so Lan and his friends set out to stop him. Tory and IceMan rejoin the cast, and the tournament begins with Dex claiming victory in his first match.
11 11 "Skullmania!"

"Invisible Enemy! (Miezaru Teki!)" (見えざる敵!)

May 13, 2002 July 5, 2003
Lan's first battle in the tournament is against Miyu, a psychic girl who predicts he will lose against her. Since her predictions have been accurate in the past, Lan becomes nervous, especially when he witnesses Miyu's NetNavi, SkullMan, and his amazing agility.
12 12 "Wacky Madness & Blazing Battles! (Part 1)"

"Clash! Pink Spark! (Gekitotsu! Pinku no Hibana!)" (激突! ピンクの火花!)

May 20, 2002 July 12, 2003
Maylu's first match is against WWW's Maddy, and the two develop a strong rivalry prior to the match. Meanwhile, Lan's next opponent is Mr. Match, and their rematch finally commences. Maylu is able to win her match against Maddy, and everyone rushes to watch Lan's.
13 13 "Wacky Madness & Blazing Battles! (Part 2)"

"Red Hot Net Battle! (Shakunetsu no Nettobatoru!)" (灼熱のネットバトル!)

May 27, 2002 July 19, 2003
Mr. Match infects the stadium network with viruses, causing the entire stadium to heat up like a sauna. Likewise, TorchMan is powered up from the solar energy. Yai, Dex, and Tory set off to delete the viruses before Lan collapses from the heat.
14 14 "Street Fight!"

"Street Fight! (Sutorīto Faito!)" (ストリートファイト!)

June 3, 2002 July 26, 2003
Everyone takes a break from the tournament, so Yai takes them out to eat a fancy restaurant. Chaud appears and antagonizes the kids, so Lan challenges him to a NetBattle on the streets. However, their activity attracts viruses, and Lan unintentionally taps into the power of a Program Advance during the fight.
15 15 "The Legendary Program Advance!"

"Intensive Training! Program Advance! (Tokkun! Puroguramu Adobansu!)" (特訓! プログラムアドバンス!)

June 17, 2002 August 2, 2003
Deciding to perfect the Program Advance, Lan begins training before his next match with Yahoot and MagicMan. Miyu also assists him. Lan is able to perform the technique and defeat MagicMan in battle, but soon discovers that Chaud also knows the technique when he uses it to defeat ElecMan.
16 16 "The Solo NetNavis!"

"Miraculous NetNavis! (Kyōi no Nettonabi!)" (驚異のネットナビ!)

June 24, 2002 August 9, 2003
Tory and Maylu have a battle before the tag-team matches begin. However, Lan believes that the NetNavi duo BlasterMan and StoneMan may be up to no good. Sure enough, they're working with WWW and are independent, meaning they don't require NetOps to function.
17 17 "Something's Fishy with Commander Beef"

"Commander Beef's True Identity! (Bīfu Shirei no Shōtai!)" (ビーフ司令の正体!)

July 1, 2002 August 16, 2003
Lan is teamed up with his hero, Commander Beef, in a battle against BlasterMan and StoneMan. The WWW duo is bent on deleting MegaMan, so StoneMan traps him and SharkMan at a lighthouse network to delete them. Lan and Beef dash to the scene to rescue their NetNavis.
18 18 "Evil Empress Roll (Part 1)"

"Secret Operation! World Three! (An'yaku! Wārudosurī!)" (暗躍! ワールドスリー!)

July 8, 2002 May 1, 2004
Lan and Maylu team up against Mr. Match and Maddy, but the WWW has plans to sabotage the match. Posing as Higsby, Yahoot gives Maylu the "Super Great White Angel" chip. However, once inserted, Roll is infected with dark energy and turns against her partner MegaMan!
19 19 "Evil Empress Roll (Part 2)"

"Horror! Devil Chip! (Senritsu! Akuma Chippu!)" (戦慄! 悪魔チップ!)

July 15, 2002 May 3, 2004
Roll is on a rampage, disobeying Maylu and beating MegaMan to a pulp. Higsby reappears before it's too late and informs Maylu that the "Devil" chip will be negated if another chip is inserted. Thus, Roll returns to normal, but she's too damaged to continue in the tournament.
20 20 "There's No "I" in Team (Part 1)"

"Yaito-chan's Close Call! (Yaito-chan no Kiki Ippatsu!)" (やいとちゃん危機一髪!)

July 22, 2002 May 4, 2004
Lan and Chaud are teamed up for their next match against BlasterMan and StoneMan. Before the battle, Chaud is leaving a restaurant and Yai decides to follow him. However, the two become trapped together in an elevator. They have to overcome their differences in order to escape in time.
21 21 "There's No "I" in Team (Part 2)"

"Strongest Tag BR Whirlwind! (Saikyō Taggu BR Senpū!)" (最強タッグBR旋風!)

July 29, 2002 May 4, 2004
The match begins. Chaud insists on working alone, so he takes on BlasterMan and StoneMan single-handedly. BlasterMan is deleted, but StoneMan has a regenerative core that makes him difficult to delete. However, ProtoMan becomes overcome when Chaud realizes he lost the chips needed for the Program Advance in the elevator shaft with Yai.
22 22 "That Sinking Feeling"

"The Final Battle's End (Fainaru Batoru no Hate ni)" (ファイナルバトルのはてに)

August 5, 2002 May 5, 2004
The final N1 match is between Lan and Chaud. During their battle, an unknown force causes the tournament stadium to sink into the ocean, but Lan and Chaud stay behind to finish their match. ProtoMan is declared victor, but a NetNavi suddenly appears and attacks, causing MegaMan's deletion.
23 23 "PharaohMan Reborn"

"King of Destruction Pharaohman! (Hametsu no Ō Faraoman!)" (破滅の王ファラオマン!)

August 12, 2002 May 6, 2004
PharaohMan has been revived, and he begins his plan to take over the world. Meanwhile, Lan struggles with the loss of MegaMan, but there may be hope left. Parts of MegaMan's data is retained in his friends' PETs, and Lan's father returns home to help revive MegaMan.
24 24 "Rebuilding MegaMan"

"Rockman Revival Strategy! (Rokkuman Fukkatsu Sakusen!)" (ロックマン復活作戦!)

August 19, 2002 May 7, 2004
In order to revive MegaMan, his back-up frame must be retrieved from the SciLab network. However, PharaohMan has taken over the network and turned it into a baron desert wasteland. Roll and the other NetNavis jack-in to retrieve the frame, but PharaohMan intervenes.
25 25 "MegaMan Lives!"

"Revive! Rockman! (Yomigaere! Rokkuman!)" (甦れ! ロックマン!)

August 26, 2002 May 8, 2004
PharaohMan sends a satellite on a crash-course toward DenTech City, and no one seems to be able to stop him, not even ProtoMan. However, at the last moment, MegaMan is revived and assists in the defeat of PharaohMan. Not only that, but by using a new ability called Style Change, MegaMan is able to take down the WWW as well. Is this the last they will see of WWW?
26 - "Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship!"

"Kaiki! Yūreisen no Nazo!" (怪奇! 幽霊船の謎!)

September 2, 2002 Not aired in English
For placing second in the N1, Lan wins a trip around the world. He starts in the tropical Jawaiian islands, and his friends follow along for some fun in the sun. However, a ghost ship appears, capturing Maysa and Tory. The kids infiltrate the boat to rescue their friends.
27 - "To Become an Idol!"

"Aidoru ni Narimasu!" (アイドルになります!)

September 9, 2002 Not aired in English
The girls enter a contest to be just like Aki, a virtual pop singer. However, contestants go missing, so the boys dress as Aki to investigate the situation. A virus has infected Aki causing the mayhem, so MegaMan, GutsMan, and Iceman jack-in to rescue their idol.
28 26 "MegaMan Stolen!"

"Rockman Stolen! (Musumareta Rokkuman!)" (盗まれたロックマン!)

September 16, 2002 August 15, 2004
Lan visits Netopia's Heaven City, but as soon as he arrives, his PET is stolen. After chasing the thieves down, he befriends a man named Raoul with NetNavi ThunderMan. Meanwhile, the mayor of Heaven City has plans to bulldoze Raoul's downtown home, but Lan agrees to help fight back. Meanwhile, Mr. Match arrives to Jawaii islands to have a rematch with Lan, but he arrives too late: Lan left Jawaii islands.
29 27 "SnakeMan's Survival Seven"

"The Poison Snake Madam's Trap! (Dokuhebi Madamu no Wana!)" (毒ヘビマダムの罠!)

September 24, 2002 August 22, 2004
While in Brand City, Lan sees a purse he'd like to buy for his mother, but it's too expensive. He learns of an underground NetBattle game where he can win the purse, but it's really a trap set up by Ms. Millionaire to capture NetNavis for her own personal museum. Meanwhile, Mr. Match arrives to Netopia's Heaven City, but he's too late again: Lan left Netopia's Heaven City.
30 28 "Don't Mess with Mama Zap!"

"Elec Mama's Blitzkrieg Strategy! (Erekimama no Dengeki Sakusen!)" (エレキママの電撃作戦!)

September 30, 2002 November 30, 2004
Lan's bus breaks down while driving through Kingland, so he visits a nearby mansion. It's actually the home of Count Zap who has been persuaded by his mother, Mama Zap, to get revenge on Lan for destroying the WWW. Count Zap traps Lan in a NetBattle where he's shocked every time MegaMan takes damage. Meanwhile, Mr. Match mistakes the planes and goes to country where everyone knows about curry.
31 29 "The Great Curry NetBattle"

"A Splendid Curry Battle! (Kareinaru Karē Batoru!)" (華麗なるカレーバトル!)

October 7, 2002 December 1, 2004
Lan's last venture of his vacation is to try all kinds of different curry—his favorite food. WWW members Mr. Match, Maddy, Count Zap, and Yahoot reunite to trap Lan during his all-you-can-eat curry buffet, but Lan's own friends make a surprise turn to help take the WWW down.
32 30 "NetCity!"

"Internet City (Intānetto Shiti)" (インターネットシティ)

October 14, 2002 May 15, 2004
Back home, Lan is introduced to NetCity, an online city for NetNavis to interact in. Meanwhile, a NetNavi named AirMan traps Yai in her bathroom and fills it with hot steam. MegaMan goes to stop the NetNavi who claims to be a member of Grave, a new net-crime syndicate.
33 31 "The Virus Factory"

"Crush the Virus Factory! (Uirusu Kōjō o Buttsu se!)" (ウイルス工場をぶっ潰せ!)

October 21, 2002 May 22, 2004
A strange acid rain and viruses loom over NetCity, destroying it. MegaMan and co. jack-in to fend off the viruses, and they soon discover an underground factory that's the source of the mayhem. But when MegaMan goes to destroy it, he meets ShadowMan, an assassin NetNavi hired to delete him.
34 32 "Electronic Money Panic!"

"Electronic Money Panic! (Denshi Manē Daikonran!)" (電子マネー大混乱!)

October 28, 2002 June 26, 2004
Mysteriously, Higsby has become very wealthy, and Yai's family has gone broke. Mr. Gauss is responsible, a member of Grave who is using MagnetMan to switch people's bank accounts around. Lan and Chaud investigate the situation, but Gauss escapes.
35 33 "Countdown to Catastrophe!"

"0 Seconds Before the Dam Breaks! (Damu Kekkai Zero Byōmae!)" (ダム決壊0秒前!)

November 4, 2002 August 8, 2004
Sal takes the kids on a camping trip into Okudan Valley. There, she meets a childhood friend Dave. But Dave claims to be a Grave member who plans to use QuickMan to destroy the valley's dam. It turns out to be a bluff but CutMan, another Grave member, appears to finish the job.
36 34 "DenTech City's Deep Freeze!"

"Plan to Turn Densan City Antarctic! (Densan Shiti Nankyokuka Keikaku!)" (デンサンシティ南極化計画!)

November 11, 2002 June 5, 2004
A new air-conditioning penguin toy is introduced during a heat wave, but they're really being distributed by Grave. Soon, the penguins begin to blanket DenTech City under a sheet of ice. Lan manages to jack-in to NetCity and finds that FreezeMan is responsible for this mess. FreezeMan is defeated with the help of another new NetNavi named HeatMan.
37 35 "Crimson Flash!"

"Crimson Flash! (Nakai Senkō!)" (紅い閃光!)

November 18, 2002 Aired only in Canada
The events of (Japanese) episodes 33 and 36 are recapped through the point-of-view of the WWW. This episode elaborates on the deletion of TorchMan to the hands of FreezeMan, and the rebirth of TorchMan in the form of HeatMan thanks to the efforts of the enigmatic man named Famous.
38 36 "CutMan Brothers!"

"Strangely Strong! Cutman Brothers! (Hen ni Tsuyoizo! Kattoman Burazāzu!)" (ヘンに強いぞ! カットマンブラザーズ!)

November 25, 2002 Aired only in Canada
The five younger brothers of CutMan declare revenge against MegaMan for deleting their older brother. Luring MegaMan into a fake China Town district, they begin attacking with a barrage of origami warriors. ProtoMan appears and assists in the rescue of MegaMan.
39 37 "Guess Who's Coming to NetBattle!"

"Pretty Pretty Princess! (Puripuri Purinsesu!)" (ぷりぷりプリンセス!)

December 2, 2002 December 2, 2004
Lan meets a boy named Whip, unaware that he's really the princess of Brightland, Princess Pride. ShadowMan targets Pride because her NetNavi, KnightMan, has a valuable virus protection program. Lan and MegaMan aid "Whip" in the battle against ShadowMan.
40 38 "Chess Mess!"

"I'll Battle You! (Batttotarunen!)" (ばとったるねん!)

December 9, 2002 December 7, 2004
Tora and NetNavi KingMan are champions of NetChess, and he hears that Lan is a formidable opponent. He tricks Lan into a NetChess battle with MegaMan up as the prize. Maylu and Roll join in to help defeat Tora at his own game, but ShadowMan also appears.
41 39 "The Incredible Rush!"

"The Good Dog Rush! (Meiken Rasshu!)" (名犬ラッシュ!)

December 16, 2002 December 8, 2004
Everyone is confused when Rush appears in the real world and everyone's NetNavis begin transforming into cats. It seems a powerful cat virus has escaped, and if it isn't stopped, everyone's NetNavis will permanently become cats. The episode builds up to a Godzilla-sized battle between Rush and the cat virus.
42 40 "Working for Grave"

"Changing Jobs to Gospel! (Tenshoku Saki wa Gosuperu!)" (転職先はゴスペル!)

December 23, 2002 July 10, 2004
Maddy is bored with running a curry shop alongside her former WWW teammates, so she springs at the opportunity to join Grave when Mr. Gauss recruits her. Mr. Gauss plans to drown the NetAgents and Lan at a costume party, but Maddy feels his means are too malicious, so she uses WackoMan to stop him.
43 - "Take Me Out to the Ball Game!"

"Boku o Yakyū ni Tsuretette!" (僕を野球に連れてって!)

December 30, 2002 Never aired in English
Kyuta, a new student in Lan's class, is the son of famous baseball player Kyuma Hoshida, but he's depressed about having to move from his old town. To cheer him up, Lan and all of his friends in DenTech City invite him to a game of NetBaseball.
44 41 "KnightMan's Betrayal!"

"Knightman's Betrayal! (Uragiri no Naitoman!)" (裏切りのナイトマン!)

January 6, 2003 July 3, 2004
Princess Pride calls for Lan to visit Brightland when KnightMan turns on her. However, he's really under the hypnotic powers of MoltanicMan, a Darkland NetNavi who plans to destroy Brightland's firewall and invade the country.
45 42 "To the Moon!"

"To the Moon! (Ano Tsuki e Ike!)" (あの月へ行け!)

January 13, 2003 June 12, 2004
While investigating a space station on the moon, Commander Beef is suddenly locked outside with a limited air supply. Lan and his friends learn of their hero's distress, so they send their NetNavis to the moon network to save him. There, MegaMan meets PlanetMan, and a very difficult battle ensues.
46 43 "Mr. Wily's Legacy!"

"Dr. Wily's Legacy! (Wairi-hakase no Isan!)" (ワイリー博士の遺産!)

January 20, 2003 July 17, 2004
The WWW learns of a rare Battle Chip left behind by Mr. Wily that could revive their syndicate. Hidden on a frozen island, they go to retrieve it, but Lan and co. also appear to try and stop them. Mr. Gauss appears also seeking the chip, and a battle ensues between him and his brother, Count Zap.
47 44 "The NetMobile Grand Prix!"

"Net Mobile Grand Prix! (Netto Mōbiru Guranpuri!)" (ネットモービルグランプリ!)

January 27, 2003 June 19, 2004
AyanoTech introduces a new internet racing game for NetNavis, and everyone's invited. The NetAgents, WWW, and even Chaud participate in the race. The CutMan Brothers also reappear in hopes of sabotaging MegaMan's performance.
48 45 "The VirusBeast!"

"The Cybernetic Monster! (Dennō no Mamono!)" (電脳の魔物!)

February 3, 2003 July 24, 2004
Grave's attack begins when they awaken the Grave VirusBeast, a huge monster that begins absorbing the internet. It strikes in NetCity and threatens to delete MegaMan and ProtoMan, but a mysterious NetNavi named Bass appears to chase the monster off at the last moment.
49 46 "Grave"

"Gospel (Gosperu)" (ゴスペル)

February 10, 2003 July 31, 2004
FreezeMan is sent to capture Bass, but HeatMan intervenes to get revenge for the deletion of his former being. Bass instead captures MegaMan and begins reading his memories to learn the truth about his existence; he and the Grave VirusBeast were created from PharaohMan's left-over data. Meanwhile, Protoman has a run-in with the Virus Beast. He ends up getting deleted in an attempt to save a young toddler navi. Also, the true leader of Grave is revealed to be Mr. Wily himself.
50 47 "Bass"

"Forte (Forute)" (フォルテ)

February 17, 2003 August 7, 2004
The Grave VirusBeast continues absorbing the internet. Lan and his friends team up with former WWW members to try and stop Grave. However, Mr. Gauss and MagnetMan intervene, and a strange bug left behind by Bass in MegaMan's system begins to consume him. Meanwhile, Bass attempts to absorb the VirusBeast, but is himself absorbed instead.
51 48 "The End of the End!"

"Moment of Break-Down! (Hōkai no Toki!)" (崩壊の刻(とき)!)

February 24, 2003 August 14, 2004
ElecMan appears to help ward off MagnetMan. As the VirusBeast prepares its final attack on the internet, MegaMan suddenly appears in a new Bug Style to absorb the VirusBeast and the internet himself. However, through Lan's efforts, the bug is alleviated, and MegaMan returns everything absorbed by the VirusBeast back to normal.
52 - "Secret of the Ayanokōji House!"

"Ayanokōjike no Himitsu!" (綾小路家の秘密!)

March 3, 2003 -
When a vacuum robot sucks up everyone's PETs, Yai and her friends are forced to explore the booby-trapped depths of the Ayano mansion in order to retrieve their stolen NetNavis. Yai's comical and clumsy maid Sakurako makes the excavation more difficult for the cast.
53 49 "NetBattle of the Hearts!"

"Commander Beef VS Netto-kun! (Bīfu Shirei Bāsasu Netto-kun!)" (ビーフ司令VS熱斗くん!)

March 10, 2003 Aired only in Canada
The story is told from a flashback by Masa/Commander Beef. Ms. Mari is love-smitten for Commander Beef, so Higsby, Maysa, and Commander Beef compete for the teacher's heart in a NetBattle tournament. Higsby is defeated early, leaving only Maysa and Commander Beef. Lan fills in for Maysa and battles against Commander Beef's SharkMan.
54 50 "Chisao's in Town!"

"Chisao Comes to Town! (Chisao ga Machi ni Yattekita!)" (チサオが町にやってきた!)

March 17, 2003 November 23, 2004
Dex's little brother Chisao is visiting from Netopia, but Dex becomes embarrassed when Chisao shows he's a better NetBattler than his big brother. Saburo, a noodle shop owner, gives Chisao his own NetNavi, NoodleMan, and tricks the boy into using him to battle WWW (who runs the curry shop Saburo competes with).
55 51 "From Here to Revolutionary PETs"

"Blues's Long Day (Burūsu no Nagai Ichinichi)" (ブルースの長い一日)

March 24, 2003 December 9, 2004
In order to get a company to sign with BlazeQuest, Chaud finds himself running errands for the company owner named Maeda. The company is working on a new kind of PET technology. One of Maeda's workers decides to steal the data for profit, and ProtoMan must battle with DrillMan to stop him.
56 52 "Virus Busters!"

"Virus Busters! (Uirusu Basutāzu!)" (ウイルスバスターズ!)

March 31, 2003 August 21, 2004
During a research in Dimensional Core technology, Dr. Hikari becomes trapped in a Jawaiian shopping mall. Lan and his friends break in to rescue him only to find that viruses have appeared in the real world. Fortunately, everyone's NetNavis also substantiate to help rescue Dr. Hikari from the deadliest virus, the LifeVirus.

List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes (Axess)

Orig. Ep# Dub Ep# Dub Title/Translated Title

Original Japanese Title

Original Airdate English Airdate
1 1 "Cross Fusion!"

"Cross Fusion! (Kurosu Fyūjon!)" (クロスフュージョン!)

October 4, 2003 November 22, 2004
Lan, Maylu and Chisao visit the Sci-Labs and witness Dr. Hikari's latest experiment in Dimensional Area technology—CrossFusion, the merger of a NetOp with his/her NetNavi, but the CrossFusion makes a NetOp lose his strength. However, the laboratory is attacked by real-world viruses and the Darkloid NetNavi SavageMan. Lan has no choice but to perform CrossFusion himself and stop SavageMan. After beating SavageMan, Lan suddenly passes out.
2 2 "NetCity No More!"

"Net City Disappearance! (Nettoshiti Shōmetsu!)" (ネットシティ消滅!)

October 11, 2003 March 1, 2005
After Lan finally wakes up, Yuichiro explains the SynchroChip to Lan, the chip that allows CrossFusion. Lan accidentally takes it with him to a museum exhibition on NetCity. A strange UFO appears over NetCity and begins sucking up NetNavis, so MegaMan and Roll jack-in to find SavageMan is responsible. Lan becomes an official NetSaver in this episode.
3 3 "Bubble Trouble!"

"JABAJABA Dangerous Foam! (Jabajaba Yabai Mizu no Awa!)" (じゃばじゃばやばい水の泡!)

October 18, 2003 March 2, 2005
Lan visits the water works factory on a field trip when BubbleMan, a Darkloid NetNavi, attacks. He plans to flood every toilet in DenTech City. Lan uses CrossFusion to thwart him, but because he and MegaMan are bickering, the fusion becomes unstable. Lan and MegaMan stop arguing and work together to defeat BubbleMan.
4 4 "DoubleSoul!"

"Soul Unison! (Sōru Unizon!)" (ソウルユニゾン!)

October 25, 2003 March 3, 2005
When Lan is hired to find out what is causing the city's lights to burn out and destroy themselves, Maylu discovers Lan is a NetSaver. Lan finds himself battling with Darkloid FlashMan only to be interrupted by Maylu, who wishes to help. MegaMan becomes damaged with Roll's clumsy battling style, and Dr. Hikari has to repair him. However, FlashMan strikes again, so Maylu rushes off to defeat FlashMan and amend her mistake. In the end, FlashMan is defeated when MegaMan and Roll fuse their souls together and create RollSoul.
5 5 "Metal Hot Spring! Ow It's Hot!"

"Metal Hot Spring HOT HOT! (Metaru Onsen Acchicchi!)" (メタル温泉アッチッチ!)

November 1, 2003 March 4, 2005
Ms. Mari and Tory take Lan and co. out on a hot springs vacation, but their strict rules make it difficult to relax. Lan also meets Tamako, a gift-shop owner who has a love for NetBattling. She challenges Lan to battle with her NetNavi HeavyMetalMan, but BubbleMan constantly interrupts, seeking revenge on MegaMan.
6 6 "A Dangerous Bowling Game!"

"The Most Dangerous Ball Game! (Mottomo Kiken na Kyūgi!)" (最も危険な球技!)

November 8, 2003 March 7, 2005
Higsby is desperate to impress Ms. Mari, so he takes her out to go virtual bowling. Lan and Maylu tag along. Meanwhile, bowling expert BowlMan becomes infected with a DarkChip and plans to destroy the bowling alley. Lan CrossFuses to fight back.
7 7 "The CyberGarden of Doom!"

"Electric Flower Garden! (Denshi no Hanazono!)" (電子の花園!)

November 15, 2003 March 8, 2005
Darkloid VineMan is attacking all over DenTech City, and he's even trapped Roll in his life-sucking weeds. Mr. Match and HeatMan reappear to help fight, but when HeatMan is damaged, Famous helps in recreating TorchMan. Working with TorchMan, MegaMan creates TorchSoul and burns VineMan to ashes.
8 8 "Friendship in the Mirror"

"Friendship in the Mirror (Kagami no Naka no Yūjoū)" (鏡のなかの友情)

November 22, 2003 March 9, 2005
Lan investigates a science museum being built when the NetSavers receive word of a possible Darkloid attack. However, it was a set-up by SavageMan. Duplicating Lan's frequency, MegaMan is confronted with an artificial Lan, disabling cooperation with his NetOp.
9 9 "Dex Returns!"

"Dekao Returns! (Kaettekita Dekao!)" (帰ってきたデカオ!)

November 29, 2003 March 10, 2005
Dex returns to DenTech City, but he's very different. He's been training with the WWW to defeat Lan in a NetBattle. However, Lan has to worry more about BurnerMan, a Darkloid who is attacking all over the city. Dex is determined to prove his strength to Lan, so he intervenes in the battle with BurnerMan. Dex learns from Maylu Lan is a NetSaver. Dex helps Lan in fight with BurnerMan. MegaMan creates GutsSoul to defeat BurnerMan.
10 10 "Threat of the DarkChips!"

"The Dark Chip Menace! (Dākuchippu no Kyōi!)" (ダークチップの脅威!)

December 6, 2003 March 14, 2005
Lan investigates the spread of DarkChips, chips that consume NetNavis with dark energy. During his investigation, Ms. Mari is held hostage in a freezer, and MegaMan must battle with SpikeMan to rescue her. In the end, it's revealed that Ms. Mari was really Ms. Yuri, SpikeMan's NetOp and distributor of the DarkChips. Will Lan be forced to use a Dark Chip?
11 11 "The Unsafe Safe!"

"Beat the Safecracker! (Kinkoyaburi o Yattsukero!)" (金庫破りをやっつけろ!)

December 13, 2003 March 15, 2005
BurnerMan returns to steal rare metals so more DarkChips can be built. However, every time he strikes, Lan is too late and can't enter the Dimensional Area he creates. Thus, Dr. Hikari teaches him how to enter Dimensional Areas from the outside. Lan perfects the technique and defeats BurnerMan.
12 12 "Code of Conduct"

"The Steel Sniper (Kōtetsu no Sunaipā)" (鋼鉄のスナイパー)

December 20, 2003 April 11, 2005
While visiting an airplane festival, Lan and MegaMan re-encounter ShadowMan, who is now working with the Darkloids. He seeks the Control X navigational program. While facing him, MegaMan also meets SearchMan, a NetSaver from the country of Sharo, but the two have clashing opinions on morality when SearchMan sacrifices innocent NetNavis to stop ShadowMan.
13 13 "CrossFusion for All!"

"Cross Fusion Disappearance! (Kurosufyūjon Shōmetsu!)" (クロスフュージョン消滅!)

December 27, 2003 April 18, 2005
Lan becomes arrogant with his latest investigation against Darkloid DesertMan. Meanwhile Chaud, a fellow NetSaver, investigates Ms. Yuri, but both heroes fall into traps. Lan CrossFuses against DesertMan, but fails. Chaud makes a surprise appearance using CrossFusion himself to save the day.
14 14 "The Purloined Princess!"

"The Stolen Princess! (Musumareta Purinsesu!)" (盗まれたプリンセス!)

January 4, 2004 March 17, 2005
Lan and his friends are taken to Kingland by none other than Yai Ayano, who is now living there. It seems the data for AyanoTech's latest game, Strawberry Princess, has been stolen by viruses. She enlists her friends in tracking down the stolen data.
15 15 "The Incredible Guts!"

"Super Guts! (Chōjin Gattsu!)" (超人ガッツ!)

January 17, 2004 April 25, 2005
Returning from Kingland, Lan and co. make a detour in Jawaii to visit Dex. Meanwhile, Dex finds a card-scanning device that powers up NetNavis, and he works with the WWW to get his revenge on Lan again. However, the device sends GutsMan rampaging with power (and towering size) through NetCity, taking Roll hostage, King Kong style.
16 16 "It's All How You Look at It!"

"Cute! Demon? (Kawaii! Akuma?)" (カワイイ!悪魔?)

January 24, 2004 June 6, 2005
Lan meets Shuko, an unlucky and unconfident girl. When her electricity is cut off, her NetNavi SpoutMan decides to go turn it back on for her. However, when caught by security, he begins to cry, causing a huge flood of tears in the internet and deleting the guardian Navis. MegaMan uses NumberSoul to calm SpoutMan down.
17 17 "SavageMan Returns!"

"The Assaulting Beastman! (Kyōshū Bīsutoman!)" (強襲ビーストマン!)

January 31, 2004 May 2, 2005
While visiting an exhibit in a tower that floats in the sea, Lan meets Tamako and begins sparring with her. But SavageMan intervenes, burning with dark power, to delete MegaMan. Furthermore, Ms. Yuri sends the tower sinking into the ocean, and Lan drops his PET down a crevice in the floor, leaving MegaMan defenseless against SavageMan. MegaMan defeats SavageMan using HeavyMetalSoul. SavageMan comes to the real world, but is finally deleted. What is the secret of the Dark Chips?
18 18 "The Man from Sharo"

"The Man Who Came from Sharo (Shāro Kara Kita Otoko)" (シャーロから来た男)

February 7, 2004 May 9, 2005
Lan meets Raika, the NetSaver from Sharo who operates SearchMan. Lan and Raika have opposing views on the usefulness of CrossFusion, and the two go their separate ways to stop Darkloid VideoMan when he attacks a movie theater. In the end, Raika saves the day without the use of CrossFusion.
19 19 "SearchSoul!"

"Search Soul! (Sāchi Sōru!)" (サーチソウル!)

February 14, 2004 May 19, 2005
Viruses are using cloaking techniques to steal data, and Lan tracks them down to the source of their power: DesertMan. DesertMan gets the upper-hand against MegaMan, and SearchMan is forced to sacrifice MegaMan in order to delete DesertMan. However, SearchMan ignores Raika's orders, and instead, SearchSoul is used to defeat DesertMan.
20 20 "Dark Secret"

"Hand Over the Dark Chip! (Dāku Chippu o Yokose!)" (ダークチップをよこせ!)

February 21, 2004 May 3, 2005
The NetSavers have taken DesertMan hostage, but the Darkloids want him back. SpikeMan kidnaps Keifer and Manuela and threatens to crush them in a car compactor, but Lan and Famous intervene. However, FlashMan then strikes, and deletes DesertMan, but Chaud reappears and defeats him by using a Program Advance within CrossFusion.
21 21 "ShadeMan's Ambition"

"Shademan's Ambition (Shēdoman no Yabō)" (シェードマンの野望)

February 28, 2004 May 30, 2005
After witnessing the dark energy's decay on DesertMan and FlashMan's bodies, ShadeMan begins to distrust the Mysterious Man he's working for. Meanwhile, Lan and Chaud investigate a warehouse where DarkChips are being stored, but they encounter GravityMan (who ShadeMan sent) instead.
22 22 "BubbleMan's Plan"

"Bubbleman's Great Friend Strategy (Baburuman no Tomodachi Daisakusen)" (バブルマンの友達大作戦)

March 6, 2004 September 10, 2005
BubbleMan decides that the only way to defeat MegaMan is to use DoubleSoul. In his plan, he befriends IceMan and SpoutMan in hopes of fusing with their power. However, MegaMan intervenes and spoils BubbleMan's plan.
23 23 "The Super Power of Shiver"

"Super Energy of Terror (Senritsu no Chō Enerugī)" (戦慄の超エネルギー)

March 13, 2004 June 13, 2005
The NetSavers meet Dr. Regal, a researcher who can help stop the Darkloids. While analyzing a Dimensional Area Converter salvaged by Raika, the NetSavers discover that these devices are powered by the souls of deleted NetNavis. Before more analysis can be conducted, Darkloid SparkMan appears and destroys the converter.
24 24 "Magma Battle"

"Red Hot Magma Fight (Shakunetsu Maguma no Tatakai)" (灼熱マグマの戦い)

March 20, 2004 June 18, 2005
Chaud investigates another Darkloid attack involving BubbleMan and BurnerMan, leading him to a hot spring that Lan happens to be visiting. The two work together to stop the Darkloids, leading to a battle beneath the Earth's surface within a lake of magma.
25 25 "VideoMan Returns!"

"VideoMan, Returns! (Bideoman, Ritānzu!)" (ビデオマン、リターンズ!)

March 27, 2004 June 25, 2005
VideoMan begins attacking DenTech City with artificial MegaMen that he passes on through VHS tapes. Lan and Chaud track him down, but are forced to battle a slew of CrossFusion MegaMen. In the end, VideoMan is deleted when Chaud uses electromagnetic waves to destroy VideoMan's cloning abilities.
26 26 "Anetta's Revenge"

"Memory of the Blue Flame (Aoki Hinō no Kioku)" (青き炎の記憶)

April 3, 2004 July 2, 2005
The NetSavers meet a girl named Anetta. Chaud befriends her, but she has a dark secret: she's really working for the Darkloids. Years ago, her NetNavi Silk was presumably deleted by ProtoMan, and she plans to trick Chaud into using a DarkChip. Chaud sees through her plan and reveals the truth behind Silk's deletion. Anetta then reveals that Dr. Regal is the leader of Nebula, so Ms. Yuri swiftly kidnaps her.
27 27 "Nebula's Secret Base"

"Decisive Battle! Nebula Base (Kessen! Nebyura Kichi)" (決戦!ネビュラ基地)

April 10, 2004 July 9, 2005
Anetta is taken to Nebula's base on a transport ship, so Lan and Chaud chase after her. Aboard, they meet LaserMan, but ShadeMan intervenes to defeat him. Anetta is rescued, by Ms. Yuri prepares to detonate the ship with the kids aboard, and ShadeMan proceeds to delete MegaMan and ProtoMan. In order to save the day, Chaud uses a DarkChip and creates Dark Protoman, Just before Shademan was about to delete MegaMan, Protoman gives MegaMan his soul and defeats ShadeMan using Protosoul, but ProtoMan vanishes into the darkness.
28 28 "Wavering Heart"

"Wavering Heart (Yureru Kokoro)" (揺れる心)

April 17, 2004 July 16, 2005
Ms. Yuri is plotting to use holographic cloaking brooches at a modeling show to steal important data, and she sends SparkMan to distract Lan while she does so. However, Chaud appears and stops her plan, but faces ProtoMan, who admits that he is now a Darkloid working with Nebula.
29 29 "Chaud VS ProtoMan"

"Enzan VS Blues (Enzan Bāsasu Burūsu)" (炎山VSブルース)

April 24, 2004 July 23, 2005
Chaud is having trouble dealing with the loss of ProtoMan to darkness, but Lan helps comfort him with his loss. Later, when GravityMan and ProtoMan attack, Chaud is forced to fight against his own NetNavi to protect important NetSaver data while Lan handles GravityMan.
30 30 "SpoutMan's New Hero!"

"Love Love Aquaman (Raburabu Akuaman)" (ラブラブアクアマン)

May 1, 2004 Aired only in Canada
When MegaMan rescues SpoutMan from a Darkloid attack, SpoutMan begins idolizing his new hero and following him everywhere, causing Roll to grow jealous. Meanwhile, BurnerMan attacks, and MegaMan must fight, but SpoutMan and Roll get in the way. In the end, BurnerMan is deleted when MegaMan uses SpoutSoul against the Darkloid.
31 31 "Space Junk!"

"Object J from the Satellite (Eisei Kara no Buttai Jē)" (衛星からの物体J)

May 8, 2004 July 30, 2005
Yai needs her friends' help again. An AyanoTech satellite has been covered in space debris, so Lan and co. board a space station built from junk to solve the problem. In the station's network, MegaMan meets JunkDataMan, the NetNavi responsible for the mess, and a misunderstanding leads to a battle between the two.
32 32 "Commander Beef Returns!"

"Revival! Commander Beef (Fukkatsu! Bīfu Shirei)" (復活!ビーフ司令)

May 15, 2004 September 3, 2005
The NetAgents have returned to DenTech City, and Lan is shocked to learn that everyone already knew their identities were Sal, Miyu, and Maysa. Mr. Gauss also returns to town to make a deal with Ms. Yuri, but mistakening Ms. Mari for her, he holds her hostage. Commander Beef dashes to rescue his love from danger.
33 33 "The BattleChip Gate"

"Cross Fusion #0 (Kurosu Fyūjon Zero Ban)" (クロスフュージョン0号)

May 22, 2004 August 6, 2005
Lan meets Misaki, the first person to test CrossFusion. Misaki uses his NetNavi PrismMan to help in the capture of GravityMan. However, Misaki is overcome with his desire to CrossFuse, and Ms. Yuri uses his desires to lure him toward a trap. Meanwhile, Chaud assists Lan with the Battle Chip Gate to delete GravityMan using the Program Advance.
34 34 "Wanted: PrismMan"

"Search for the Suspect Prisman (Shimeitehai wa Purizuman)" (指名手配はプリズマン)

May 29, 2004 August 13, 2005
Misaki uses the power of a Dark SynchroChip to CrossFuse, but as a side-effect, his human heart is enriched with darkness. Captured by the NetSavers, they begin to heal him, but Ms. Yuri reinstitutes his darkness, causing him to escape. Lan battles with Misaki in CrossFusion, but the battle causes Lan's PET to be badly damaged.
35 35 "Nebula's Great Invasion!"

"Nebula's Great Invasion! (Nebyura Daishinkō!)" (ネビュラ大侵攻!)

June 5, 2004 August 20, 2005
Lan must use his own body in order to help rebuild MegaMan after his PET is damaged beyond repair. Meanwhile, Nebula sends NovaMan, BrightMan, SwordMan, and FridgeMan to attack various locations. In Lan's absence, Raika works with old friend Raoul to stop the invasion. BrightMan is deleted, and the others retreat.
36 36 "The New PET"

"Completion! New Style PET! (Kansei! Shingata Petto!)" (完成!新型PET!)

June 12, 2004 August 27, 2005
Dr. Hikari finishes Lan's new PET, the PET II, which amplifies CrossFusion abilities, but the installation isn't completed. However, Dark ProtoMan infiltrates the Sci-Labs to destroy the PET (with MegaMan inside). Anetta takes the PET and Dark ProtoMan gives chase with Chaud close behind to rescue her. Chaud and Anetta work together to capture Dark ProtoMan, but NovaMan appears to finish the job. The installation in PET II is finally completed. Lan appears and, using the PET II, easily deletes NovaMan.
37 37 "Mysterious Masked Navi"

"Mysterious Masked Navi (Nazo no Fukumen Nabi)" (謎の覆面ナビ)

June 19, 2004 November 28, 2005
Lan becomes arrogant with his new PET II's powers, so Chaud and Raoul pose as afro wig-wearing villains to teach Lan a lesson. However, SwordMan appears to cause problems, and he overcomes ThunderMan in battle. MegaMan uses ThunderSoul to stop SwordMan.
38 - "Flying to Shiisaa Island"

"Hinde Shīsā Airando" (飛んでシーサーアイランド)

June 26, 2004 Not aired in English
Lan and his friends' NetNavis disappear in a tornado of wind, and they track them to Shiisaa Island. There, they meet Lily and her NetNavi WindBlastMan. Ms. Yuri also appears on the island, hoping to steal the data within an ancient relic. When SpikeMan disrupts the relic, a huge storm brews over the island, and using WindSoul MegaMan defeats Spikeman.
39 - "Go to Hell by Train!?"

"Ressha de Gō tu heru!?" (列車でGO to hell!?)

July 3, 2004 Not aired in English
Lan and Chisao are leaving a theme park on a train when SparkMan attacks the train's network. Sal has been tailing the NetNavi and sends WoodMan in to help with MegaMan. In order to delete SparkMan, MegaMan and WoodMan combine their powers to create WoodSoul.
40 38 "Underground Hero"

"Hero of the Earth's Bowels (Chi no Soko no Eiyū)" (地の底の英雄)

July 10, 2004 November 29, 2005
A Dimensional Area has appeared over a factory in Sharo, so Raika calls for Lan to help infiltrate it against his general's orders. Inside, they meet FridgeMan who is trying to steal minerals. Upon his defeat, Lan learns that Raika was mostly trying to rescue his pet dog that was trapped in the factory.
41 39 "Allegro"

"Allegro (Areguro)" (アレグロ)

July 17, 2004 November 30, 2005
While Lan is away in Sharo, Chaud and Maylu work together to investigate the disappearance of NetNavis who participated in the N1 Grand Prix last year. They meet a robot named Allegro and also re-encounter Kid Grave, now being controlled by Bass. After causing so much trouble, Bass gets rid of Allegro by destroying his CPU, and rejects an offer by Dark ProtoMan to join Nebula.
42 - "Maylu's First Date"

"Meiru no Hatsu Dēto" (メイルの初デート)

July 24, 2004 Not aired in English
After having a dream about performing CrossFusion, Maylu wishes to do so and protect Lan for a change. While on a date together at an amusement park, SwordMan attacks and Lan drops his SynchroChip. Maylu picks it up, determined to CrossFuse, but she fails. In the end, Lan saves her again, but their relationship has grown.
43 - "Top and Grandchild"

"Koma to Mago" (コマとマゴ)

July 31, 2004 Not aired in English
An elderly man named Tensuke wishes to better connect with his grandson who cares more about NetBattling, not Tensuke's love for tops. Lan and Maylu decide to help Tensuke perfect his NetBattling skills with NetNavi TopMan.
44 40 "MistMan's Tower"

"Fear of Summer Vacation (Natsu Yasumi no Kyōfu)" (夏休みの恐怖)

August 7, 2004 December 1, 2005
While on summer vacation, Lan and Maylu search around the world for a beetle and find themselves in ancient desert ruins. There, they find a magic lamp that summons MistMan, a NetNavi genie, but Ms. Yuri, SwordMan, and FridgeMan also seek the power of MistMan. In the end, MistMan is freed and helps MegaMan in deleting both SwordMan and FridgeMan.
45 - "Rush Runs Away"

"Rasshu no Iede" (ラッシュの家出)

August 14, 2004 Not aired in English
When Maylu receives a new kitten, Rush feels neglected and runs away on the internet. He befriends a Maloko sheep virus, but BubbleMan is causing electrical interference throughout the city in hopes of reviving ShadeMan. Rush and the Maloko intervene.
46 41 "The Great NetPolice Battle!"

"The Great Net Police Battle! (Netto Keisatsu Daikōbōsen!)" (ネット警察大攻防戦!)

August 21, 2004 December 2, 2005
Using Control X, the NetSavers plan to locate Dr. Regal's hidden space hideout. But to stop their plan, Nebula sends an army of previously-deleted Darkloids after the program. MegaMan, SearchMan, and the NetPolice re-delete the Darkloids while Dark ProtoMan goes straight for the program that Chaud and Anetta are working with. Meanwhile, Bass appears and revives ShadeMan.
47 42 "Get Dr. Regal!"

"A Message from Outer Space (Uchiu Kara no Messēji)" (宇宙からのメッセージ)

August 28, 2004 December 5, 2005
With the help of Yai and his friends, Lan blasts off to space to stop Dr. Regal against the NetSavers' orders. JunkDataMan also reappears to help the kids by giving MegaMan JunkDataSoul to clear the space of junk. When Lan reaches the station, he's instead confronted by Dark ProtoMan, and after the battle, the space station sends on a crash-course to Earth. However, JunkDataMan is able to rescue the children at the last moment.
48 43 "Ms. Yuri's Mission"

"Mariko and Yuriko (Mariko to Yuriko)" (まりことゆりこ)

September 4, 2004 December 6, 2005
When Ms. Mari witnesses the apparent death of Ms. Yuri, she reveals the truth about her twin sister that she was separated from at a young age. However, Ms. Yuri returns to life and is ordered to kill her sister. She takes Misaki hostage and reveals that she's a superhuman descendant of Duo, an intergalactic force that will soon arrive on Earth. Lan and the kids intervene and try to stop Ms. Yuri who uses a Dark SynchroChip to fight, but she is swayed against Nebula. In the end, Dark ProtoMan appears and strikes, presumably killing both Ms. Yuri and Misaki.
49 44 "ProtoMan Returns"

"Farewell Blues (Saraba Burūsu)" (さらば ブルース)

September 11, 2004 December 7, 2005
The NetSavers and Lan's friends have devised a plan to bring ProtoMan back from the darkness with a VaccineChip. Luring him into a trap at a deserted hotel, the plan is put into motion, but the chip fails. Chaud performs CrossFusion with Dark ProtoMan to try and cure him, sending the two into a world of memories where they battle with the darkness. The darkness is eventually alleviated, but Chaud and ProtoMan are both hospitalized after the battle.
50 45 "Dark VS Dark"

"Battle of Dark Against Dark (Dāku Tai Dāku no Kessen)" (ダーク対ダークの決戦)

September 18, 2004 December 8, 2005
Revived, ShadeMan plans to get revenge on Dr. Regal. First, he captures Rush and uses his technology to appear in the real world without the aid of a Dimensional Area. He goes on a rampage through DenTech City to find Dr. Regal, but Lan intervenes. However, once Dr. Regal appears, he unveils a tower of Dimensional Area Converters and covers the entire planet.
51 46 "Dr. Regal's Rampage"

"At the Place Where Light Reaches (Hikari Todoku Basho)" (光とどく場所)

September 25, 2004 December 9, 2005
Dr. Regal uses a Dark SynchroChip to fuse with his NetNavi, LaserMan, and then proceeds to rip ShadeMan to shreds. Then, giant-sized LaserMen begin attacking cities throughout the world. Lan uses DoubleSoul during CrossFusion to fight Regal, but it zaps his power. CrossFusion ProtoMan reappears to help fight, but Regal proceeds to attack the Sci-Labs. However, the pleas of the NetNavis' souls (powering the Dimensional Area Converters) revives Lan and he achieves FullSynchro, completely destroying Dr. Regal. With peace restored, everyone watches a night sky of shooting stars, including Ms. Yuri who claims "As one chapter ends, another one begins."

List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes (Stream)

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 "Duo"

"Dyūo" (デューオ)

October 2, 2004 -
The NetSavers are in investigation with the Sci-Lab over the strange comet that has appeared in Earth's atmosphere. Soon, strange activity begins occurring when giant-sized Mettaur viruses begin terrorizing DenTech City. Lan and Chaud manage to defeat them, but MegaMan finds himself captured by none-other-than Bass. He tells MegaMan that he is after his "Ultimate Program" so he can fight off Duo. As Lan and Chaud rush to his rescue, they encounter an old rival, Dr.Willy, who seems to know what's going on.
2 "Earth Erasure"

"Chikyū Massatsu" (地球抹殺)

October 9, 2004 -
ProtoMan arrives to help ward off Bass, but more giant-sized viruses continue appearing in the real world. Lan and Chaud prepare to send their NetNavis to the comet, but Bass intervenes in hopes of overcoming the power that threatens Earth himself. Bass meets Slur who swiftly defeats him. Slur is a subordinate of Duo, an intergalactic force threatening to erase Earth after Dr. Regal's activity with darkness. However, Lan and Chaud convince him to spare their planet, and Duo challenges them to prove humankind's worth. After the incident, Lan receives a marking on the palm of his hand, the Crest of Duo.
3 "Threat of the Asteroid"

"Asuteroido no Kyōi" (アステロイドの脅威)

October 16, 2004 -
BlazeQuest releases new PET models called Progress PETs. Meanwhile, while shooting a commercial for BlazeQuest, Lan meets Inukai, a zookeeper who is abusive to the animals. When Inukai gets in trouble, his frustration attracts Slur, and he is given Asteroid SavageMan to get revenge. Asteroid NetNavis are able to appear in the real world without Dimensional Areas, causing problems with Lan and Chaud, but Dr. Wily helps in the production of a Dimensional Area Generator, allowing the Sci-Labs to create them on command.
4 "Salad Memorial Day?!"

"Sarada Kinenbi!?" (サラダ記念日!?)

October 23, 2004 -
Mameo, a boy attending Lan's school, hates vegetables. Slur targets him and gives him Asteroid VineMan who can help destroy all of the vegetables in the world. This enrages Lan since vegetables are a prominent ingredient in curry, so Lan and Chaud track Mameo down. However, VineMan turns on Mameo, so Lan and Chaud must rescue him from his own NetNavi.
5 "Fly the Skies Flirty Rascal!"

"Soratobu Nanpa Yarō!" (空飛ぶナンパ野郎!)

October 30, 2004 -
While investigating a NetSaver case, Lan notices helicopter pilot Charlie Airstar at the scene of the crimes. Lan presumes Charlie is the culprit, but Charlie is really tracking the true criminal on his own: director of DNN network, Sunayama (and even has the nerve of pursuing Sunayama to Lan's school). Sunayama uses Asteroid DesertMan to fight back, but MegaMan and ProtoMan team up with Charlie's GyroMan to stop him.
6 "Stone Panic!"

"Sutōn Panikku!" (ストーンパニック!)

November 6, 2004 -
Clumsy Yui receives Asteroid StoneMan who gives her the power to turn anything she touches into stone. Panicking, Yui soon transforms the entire business complex and everyone inside into statues. Lan, who is returning an item Yui lost, encounters the problem and battles with StoneMan through Cross Fusion, as Yui had panicked and slotted the Dimensional Chip in.
7 "Navi Car Race!"

"Nabi Kā Rēsu!" (ナビカーレース!)

November 13, 2004 -
Lan and Chaud represent BlazeQuest in a car race where NetNavis operate racecars in the real world and get into some comical arguments in the progress. Another participant, Rei Saiko, has mysteriously moved up in the tournament thanks to Rei's new NetNavi, Asteroid FlashMan, who has been cheating in the races. MegaMan and ProtoMan catch FlashMan in the act and are forced to battle with him by Cross Fusing, but Rei escapes before he can be arrested.
8 "Calling on Colonel!"

"Kāneru Sanjō!" (カーネル参上!)

November 20, 2004 -
Lan and Chaud are led to Netopia to investigate a strange virus disturbance near a research center. There, strange holographic visions of the past appear, and viruses previously believed to be extinct attack in the real world. MegaMan and ProtoMan are also attacked, but they're rescued by a NetNavi named Colonel. After the incident, Chaud receives the Crest of Duo, and he decides to continue investigation in Netopia while Lan returns home.
9 "Revival! Neo WWW"

"Fukkatsu! Neo Wārudo Surī" (復活! ネオWWW)

November 27, 2004 -
Mr. Gauss's daughter Tesla announces the formation of a new net-crime syndicate called Neo WWW, and their first mission is to rescue the imprisoned Mr. Gauss. Lan and the NetSavers attempt to intervene, but with the aid of Inukai, Rei, and Sunayama who have all joined Tesla, Mr. Gauss is rescued and Tesla becomes the new operator of MagnetMan.
10 "Rhapsody in Pink"

"Rapusodi in Pinku" (ラプソディ イン ピンク)

December 4, 2004 -
When film writer Viddy Narcy becomes enraged over the criticism of his latest work, Slur gives him Asteroid VideoMan. With VideoMan's help, Viddy begins painting the city in pink, including part of Lan's face. Lan teams up with Charlie to track Viddy down, and by forming GyroSoul with GyroMan, VideoMan is defeated. But as Viddy escapes, he encounters Sunayama who offers him a position in Neo WWW. This is the only episode in Stream where MegaMan obtains a new Soul Unison.
11 "Concrete Jungle"

"Konkurīto Janguru" (コンクリートジャングル)

December 11, 2004 -
Inukai begins an attack by transforming automobiles throughout DenTech City into wild animals. Lan and Famous investigate the situation and MegaMan goes to battle with SavageMan but encounters all four Neo WWW NetNavis at once. Colonel reappears and rescues MegaMan in the end.
12 "Jawaii Curry and Tomahawk"

"Jawaī Karē to Tomahōku" (ジャワイカレーとトマホーク)

December 18, 2004 -
While visiting Dex in Jawaii, Lan meets Dingo, a fellow lover of curry. The two become quick rivals and Lan challenges him to a NetBattle with TomahawkMan. Meanwhile, Viddy plans to bury the entire island in a giant wave of curry sauce, so Lan and Dingo infiltrate his giant fish airship to stop him with some help from Dex, who Viddy kidnapped to make the curry sauce.
13 "Jasmine"

"Jasumin" (ジャスミン)

December 25, 2004 -
Lan meets a girl named Jasmine from the country of Choina . To complete her training as a pharmacist, Jasmine seeks a rare flower, and Lan agrees to help her. However, a man named Bengel in a medicine company hopes to steal the medicine that Jasmine is concocting, so he kidnaps Jasmine and threatens to delete her NetNavi Meddy if she doesn't give up her secrets. Lan and MegaMan manage to rescue the two from the perlirious stituation, and show that they still have their Axess Soul Unisons.
14 "Bubble GoGoGo!"

"Baburu GoGoGo!" (バブルGoGoGo!)

January 8, 2005 -
BubbleMan returns, and this time, he seeks a rare treasure hidden in the depths of the internet. He joins up with IceMan and SpoutMan to undergo this mission, but MegaMan and Roll are close behind to keep the young NetNavis out of trouble. MagnetMan also tails the group, hoping to snag the treasure for himself.
15 "Icy Invention... de koff!?"

"Kōri no Hatsumei... de kofu!?" (氷の発明...でコフ!?)

January 15, 2005 -
Chaud teams up with Raoul and ThunderMan to investigate missing NetNavis in Netopia. They track the crime down to Ivan Chilliski who was given Asteroid FridgeMan to undergo such crimes. Chaud and Raoul dupe him into revealing himself by posing as the afro-wig villains from Axess, and Chaud uses CrossFusion to battle with FridgeMan.
16 "Gravity Diet of Terror!"

"Kyōfu no Jūryōku Daietto!" (恐怖の重力ダイエット!)

January 22, 2005 -
Mac and Harry, two criminals Manuela is pursuing, receive Asteroid GravityMan, and to get revenge on Manuela, they use him to shift gravity and make Manuela believe she is putting on weight. As a result, Manuela is overcome with the need to diet and exercise. However, Mac and Harry unintentionally appear in a submarine with the NetSavers during a virus examination, and they lose control of their NetNavi. Raika rejoins the cast at the end.
17 "Dark Chip Again"

"Dāku Chippu Futatabi" (ダークチップ再び)

January 29, 2005 -
DarkChips have begun spreading through DenTech City again, so Lan begins an investigation in a factory to catch the culprits distributing the chips. He encounters Inukai and Rei who overcome him in battle. However, Raika reappears, now using CrossFusion to overcome the Neo WWW members.
18 "Sword and Samurai"

"Ken to Samurai" (剣とサムライ)

February 5, 2005 -
Lan and Raika investigate the disappearance of ancient weapons being stolen from museums, and Raika suspects that his old friend Iriya may be operating Asteroid JapanMan who is responsible for the crimes. However, Iriya may be innocent when he tries to protect Raika from JapanMan. Lan and Raika delete JapanMan and bring Iriya back to his senses. Before returning home to Sharo, Raika receives the Crest of Duo.
19 "The Explosion that Carries Happiness"

"Shiawase o Hakobu Bakuhatsu" (幸せを運ぶ爆発)

February 12, 2005 -
Asteroid MoltanicMan was given to a criminal, but after an incident, a war-torn MoltanicMan drifts through the internet and finds himself in the PET of young fireworks-maker Fyrefox. Fyrefox is delighted to have a NetNavi after the loss of his own, and Fyrefox's friendship gradually sways MoltanicMan away from evil. However, MoltanicMan's original NetOp reappears, unwilling to give up his partner in crime to Fyrefox.
20 "Stormy Vacation"

"Arashi no Bakansu" (嵐のバカンス)

February 19, 2005 -
Lan and Dr. Hikari visit Taneka Island to help with the launch of a satellite. Meanwhile, Tesla is also visiting the island, planning to hijack the satellite. Before her attack, she encounters Charlie who quickly falls for her, and the two develop a flirtatious relationship. However, when Charlie discovers that the girl is really Tesla of Neo WWW, he rushes to the satellite to stop her attack.
21 "Dr. Wily's Daughter"

"Dokutā Wairī no Musume" (ドクターワイリーの娘)

February 26, 2005 -
Misaki finally awakens after the coma Dark ProtoMan put him into at Axess's conclusion, but he's discerned to learn that Ms. Yuri was never found. Meanwhile, Colonel faces Slur but is horribly damaged, so he's taken in to the Sci-Labs to recover. Before he can be questioned, he vanishes again. Back at the hospital, Asteroid BlasterMan attacks, and Misaki uses PrismMan to confront him. When cornered, Misaki is rescued than none-other-than Ms. Yuri who uses CrossFusion to defeat BlasterMan.
22 "Dekao, Curry Transformation"

"Dekao, Karēnaru Henshin" (デカオ,カレーなる転身)

March 5, 2005 -
Dex has returned to DenTech City and, giving up his dreams of being the strongest NetBattler, has now embraced a life as a curry chef. Dingo also moves to DenTech to work for the original WWW's curry shop. Meanwhile, Sunayama and DesertMan work together in their latest scheme, but Yahoot, Dex, and Dingo work together to stop him.
23 "Nihao! Net Hermit"

"Nīhao! Netto Sennin" (ニーハオ! ネット仙人)

March 12, 2005 -
Lan and Dex travel to Choina in hopes of finding a medicine for an ill panda bear in DenTech's zoo. There, they meet Cardamom, the grandfather of Jasmine. Meanwhile, many people in Choina wish to steal Cardamom's medicinal secrets, so Lan and Dex team up with Jasmine to help stop such a villain.
24 "Narcy's Retirement"

"Narushī Dattai" (ナルシー脱退)

March 19, 2005 -
Yai holds a NetNavi design contest, and Viddy is so thrilled to participate that he quits his job with Neo WWW. However, upon winning the contest, Viddy is disqualified because the contest is restricted to children. Enraged, Viddy begins transforming AyanoTech's game characters into rabbits, but Lan and MegaMan intervene to stop Viddy's rampage. Viddy returns to his life at Neo WWW.
25 "Terrible Birthday Present"

"Senritsu no Bāsudē Purezento" (戦慄のバースディプレゼント)

March 26, 2005 -
It's Tesla's birthday, and she desires more than anything her own SynchroChip. Through a series of crimes, the Neo WWW is able to retrieve her one, and she uses it to overcome Lan in battle. In the end, he is rescued by Ms. Yuri, but not before she has a special reunion with her twin sister Ms. Mari.
26 "Icy Asteroid Castle"

"Kōri no Asuteroido Jō" (氷のアステロイド城)

April 2, 2005 -
Sharo and Brightland cooperate in the production of a CrossFusion Research Institute, but Asteroid AirMan is sent to destroy it. Raika and Princess Pride work together to stop him, and they're chased to an abandoned castle amidst an ice storm where more secrets to this attack are unveiled. Raika ultimately defeats AirMan, and Pride receives her own Crest of Duo.
27 "Route-san's Close Call!"

"Rūto-san Kiki Ippatsu!" (ルートさん危機一髪!)

April 9, 2005 -
Lan meets Route, a guide program at an automobiles museum. Meanwhile, criminal Ken has to steal cars in order to rescue his girlfriend from a mob leader, and he is given Asteroid BrightMan to do so. Lan intervenes but is overpowered by BrightMan, so Route sacrifices herself in order to help defeat the Asteroid. However, Route is revived from back-up data, and peace is temporarily restored.
28 "Pink Punch Meiru"

"Pinku Panchi Meiru" (ピンクパンチメイル)

April 16, 2005 -
Lan becomes tired from constantly battling the Neo WWW, so Dex decides he wants to perform CrossFusion and help in the battle. He confronts Famous who uses Rush to create the Rush SynchroChip to help make it possible. Dex and Maylu accompany Lan to a dinosaur theme park where Viddy strikes, but Lan is too tired to battle. Dex attempts CrossFusion and fails, so in order to save the day, Maylu tries it. Surprisingly, she CrossFuses flawlessly and helps Lan defeat Viddy.
29 "The Safecracking Man"

"Kinkoyaburi no Otoko" (金庫破りの男)

April 23, 2005 -
An investigation by Chaud in Netopia against a man named Rat leads to some shocking discoveries. A man named Jackass used the same crime tactics that Rat did, but his attacks were decades in the past, and Colonel was responsible for stopping him. Considering Colonel still exists in the present time, Chaud contemplates the true nature of his character. Chaud and Raoul ultimately capture Rat and defeat his Asteroid DrillMan, but not before his plan was put into motion, causing locks all over the world to suddenly unlock.
30 "Tesla - A Complicated Girl's Mind"

"Tesla· Fukuzatsu na Otomegokoro" (テスラ·複雑な乙女心)

April 30, 2005 -
When a newspaper prints Tesla's age as thirty, she becomes enraged. During a robot battle convention, she hijacks a robot named Thirty and attacks the NetPolice. After a malfunction, the robot goes speeding after Lan and Fyrefox through DenTech City. Lan CrossFuses to battle with Tesla while Fyrefox sends MoltanicMan inside Thirty to prevent it from self-destructing.
31 "Shademan's Counterattack"

"Shēdoman Gyakushū" (シェードマン逆襲)

May 7, 2005 -
Through Chaud's research, he knows more information regarding Colonel and his NetOp Baryl[3]. Meanwhile, a shift in time and space revives ShadeMan moments before LaserMan deleted him in Axess. He fights with Lan and Chaud, and Ms. Yuri helps, revealing that she, too, has a Crest of Duo. ShadeMan reunites with BubbleMan and begins their latest scheme to travel twenty years into the past, before the network was created, and overrun the world with Darkloids. MegaMan attempts to stop him but fails, receiving a painful bite on the neck as he falls.
32 "Space-Time Battle"

"Jikū Sensō" (時空戦争)

May 14, 2005 -
MegaMan dives into the space-time tunnel and follows ShadeMan twenty years into the past. There, he encounters Colonel and teams up with him to save the future. However, the bite left by ShadeMan on MegaMan's neck infuses him with evil energy, transforming his soul into darkness. Lan rushes to connect with MegaMan again, hoping to install a VaccineChip and recover him. He does so just as ShadeMan is deleted, and MegaMan manages to stop his plan, returning the present time back to normal. As MegaMan returns to his time, the dark energy separates from his body and vanishes.
33 "Oath of the Tomahawk"

"Tomahōku no Chikai" (トマホークの誓い)

May 21, 2005 -
Shanka, a girl from Dingo's tribe, requests to return a stolen totem pole back to her village when it's discovered in a museum. However, Viddy and Inukai steal the totem pole along with other rare items, so Lan, Dingo, and Shanka work together to recover the ancient relics. In the end, Dingo receives the Crest of Duo.
34 "Wish Upon a Star..."

"Hoshi ni Negai o..." (星に願いを...)

May 28, 2005 -
Jasmine returns to DenTech City to take care of an injured dolphin named Hoshi (meaning "star"). Hoshi was injured when being used by the Neo WWW to smuggle DarkChips. Lan, Yahoot, Dex, and Jasmine team up to defeat Inukai and SavageMan in their latest schemes. In the end, Jasmine receives the Crest of Duo.
35 "Queen Fight!"

"Kwīn Faito!" (クィーンファイト!)

June 4, 2005 -
At a convention center, a Ms. Tiara contest is held with a chance for girls to win a golden tiara, and many girls from DenTech City enter. A rivalry quickly builds between Maddy and Tesla. Tesla attempts to steal the tiara, so Charlie appears to intervene, and all of the girls aid Lan in Neo WWW's defeat. Ms. Mari ultimately wins the contest, and both Charlie and Tesla receive Crests of Duo.
36 "Another Rockman"

"Mō Hitori no Rokkuman" (もう一人のロックマン)

June 11, 2005 -
MegaMan has startling dreams where he murders his NetNavi friends, and he becomes nervous when he learns his friends were injured the night before. Though MegaMan's system tests normal, MegaMan begins causing mischief, leading to his eventual arrest. After an emotional separation, Lan realizes that he isn't MegaMan, and the NetNavi unveils himself as Dark MegaMan. The real MegaMan has been captured by Darkloids CosmoMan, LarkMan, BlizzardMan, and CloudMan. Ms. Yuri helps Lan rescue his NetNavi, and ShadowMan even reappears to assist. The Darkloids thus escape.
37 "Offering of Deko Fireworks"

"Deko ni Sasageru Hanabi" (デコにささげる花火)

June 18, 2005 -
Dr. Hikari researches the Crests of Duo and discovers that those marked with it have higher synchro-ratings, meaning CrossFusion is more possible with them. Meanwhile, Yai is planning a fireworks party, so she urges Lan to bring Fyrefox and Mr. Match to help with the festivities. However, BlizzardMan and CloudMan attack with orders to delete MegaMan, and they transform the hall into a raging blizzard. Lan, Dex, Mr. Match, Dingo, and Fyrefox all team up to overcome the Darkloids, and Fyrefox is able to delete BlizzardMan in the real world using a firework dispenser. Fyrefox thus receives the Crest of Duo.
38 "Fortune Telling Shooting Star of Love"

"Koi no Ryūsei Uranai" (恋の流星占い)

June 25, 2005 -
Lan introduces Maylu to Jasmine, but she quickly becomes jealous of the relationship the two have developed. Having been marked by Duo, Lan and Jasmine can see Duo's comet, but Maylu cannot. Likewise, Meddy and Roll compete for MegaMan's affection. Meanwhile, a fortune-teller named Romeda wants to make a huge prediction, so her NetNavi Asteroid NovaMan causes a meteor to come crashing down towards Earth. Maylu intervenes and helps Lan defeat NovaMan and stop the meteor. Together, they stand and watch Duo's comet, signifying Maylu too received the Crest of Duo.
39 "Cross Fusion Impossible!"

"Kurosu Fyūjon Funō!" (クロスフュージョン不能!)

July 2, 2005 -
Neo WWW calculate a plan to prevent the creation of Dimensional Areas. SavageMan destroys the Sci-Labs's Dimensional Generator, but the attack deletes SavageMan and hospitalizes Famous. Then, because of a solar eclipse, receiving Dimensional Area signals from across seas is impossible, and Neo WWW begins their attack with Lan unable to CrossFuse. The original WWW teams up with their old leader, Dr. Wily, to devise a plan against the Neo WWW. They prove victorious, and VideoMan is also deleted.
40 "Neo WWW Annihilation"

"Neo Wārudo Surī Kaimetsu" (ネオWWW壊滅)

July 9, 2005 -
Lan and Maylu visit an orbital elevator that reaches into space. Once there, however, they become entangled in Tesla's next plan as she hijacks the elevator. Lan and Maylu use CrossFusion to battle DesertMan and FlashMan, succeeding in the deletion of both. As the final Neo WWW members are arrested, Tesla suddenly vanishes, and her four subordinates' memories are erased. Dark MegaMan has taken Tesla hostage in her own hideout.
41 "Top Secret Orders C.F."

"Gokuhi Shirei Shī Efu" (極秘指令C.F.)

July 16, 2005 -
Dark MegaMan's Darkloids invade NetCity and then retaliate against Lan in the real world, destroying his SynchroChip. To have it repaired, Lan travels to Sharo's CrossFusion Research Institute where Dr. Hikari is stationed. Along the way, the Darkloids attack again, but Lan is rescued by Raika and Charlie, and he is surprised to discover that Charlie has now CrossFused as well.
42 "Below Duo's Comet"

"Dyūo no Hoshi no Shita ni" (デューオの彗星の下に)

July 23, 2005 -
The Darkloids take over a large excavation machine and begin rampaging through Sharo. In order to stop them, the CrossFusion Members join together, including Raika, Charlie, Dingo, Jasmine, Princess Pride, and Fyrefox. While they battle, Lan's SynchroChip is stolen by Dusk, ShadowMan's NetOp. Ms. Yuri and SpikeMan intervene and Lan recovers the chip, but as Dusk escapes, he receives the Crest of Duo. The Darkloids escape, and it's revealed that Dr. Regal is commanding the Darkloids.
43 "Worker Miyabi"

"Shigotonin Miyabi" (仕事人ミヤビ)

July 30, 2005 -
Dusk is an assassin commanded to delete MegaMan, but he hesitates for the Crest of Duo marks him as Lan's ally. Meanwhile, a bank robber similar to Dusk named Kawase uses Asteroid SwordMan in his crimes, so Lan and Dingo intervene. Dr. Wily offers Dusk the opportunity to live his own life outside of hired assassin work by giving him a SynchroChip, and with it, Dusk CrossFuses and rescues the boys.
44 "Summer! The Sea! Training Camp!"

"Natsu da! Umi da! Gasshūku da!" (夏だ! 海だ! 合宿だ!)

August 6, 2005 -
Dr. Hikari and Famous bring the CrossFusion Members together at the beach for special training, but the training session is really just a relaxing vacation in the sun to help calm their nerves. Yai and Anetta also attend, as well as the original WWW members. The gang ends up exploring a haunted house, and Maylu continues to fight Jasmine for Lan's affection.
45 "Stellar Memory"

"Hoshi no Kioku" (星の記憶)

August 13, 2005 -
The CrossFusion Members meet with Chaud to explore ancient ruins discovered in Netopia which bare Duo's symbol. Inside, a holographic image tells of an alien race that travels to planets via Duo's comet and destroys civilizations that are deemed dangerous. Slur becomes enraged that the heroes have discovered the past of her race and commands the destruction of the ruins. The children barely manage to escape in time.
46 "The Desired Crest"

"Nerawareta Monshō" (ねらわれた紋章)

August 20, 2005 -
The CrossFusion Members formulate a plan to infiltrate Neo WWW's hideout and rescue Tesla. Also, the member's Crests of Duo have mysteriously faded away,the first three victims being Chaud, Raika, and Princes Pride. Count Zap also assists Mr. Gauss in the rescue of his niece. To pass security, the members must scan their hands. But once inside, the Darkloids Cloudman and LarkMan attack. Battling up to the top, they reach Dark MegaMan, who reveals that Mr. Gauss tricked the members into the tower in exchange for Tesla. The hand scans gave Dark MegaMan the data that rested within Duo's Crests. As the members escape the tower, Tesla CrossFuses and vanishes.
47 "Why Are You Here?"

"Nande Omae ga Koko ni Iru" (なんでおまえがここにいる)

August 27, 2005 -
Charlie is startled to discover Tesla has been sleeping in his apartment. Meanwhile, Dark MegaMan lures Ms. Yuri into a trap to steal her Crest of Duo. When she refuses to comply, Dr. Regal then appears and steals it himself. Lan, Charlie, and Tesla battle with the remaining Darkloids, deleting CosmoMan and forcing Dark MegaMan to retreat. Dr. Hikari explains that Dr. Regal needs the data within the Crests of Duo to achieve access to the power within Duo's comet. Dr. Regal has planned such a thing for decades as he had already taken Baryl's Crest twenty years ago when Baryl was alive.
48 "Countdown to Disappearance"

"Shōmetsu e no Kauntodaun" (消滅へのカウントダウン)

September 3, 2005 -
The Asteroids begin invading Earth, and the CrossFusion Members fight to ward them off. However, until Slur is defeated, the numbers will only grow, so while the members battle the Asteroid invasion, MegaMan, ProtoMan, SearchMan, and Colonel jack-in to take Slur down themselves. However, their efforts are futile, and Slur easily overcomes them on her own.
49 "Battle of One Without Bonds"

"Kizuna Nakimono no Tatakai" (きずななき者の戦い)

September 10, 2005 -
Thirty years ago, Duo's comet had crashed on Earth, and Dr. Regal plans to travel through space and time to absorb its power. MegaMan, ProtoMan, SearchMan, and Colonel rush through time to thwart Dark MegaMan who was sent to help Dr. Regal gain access to the comet. However, Dark MegaMan plans to absorb the power himself and become the ultimate NetNavi, but Slur refuses to allow him to do so by deleting him. Before fading away, Dark MegaMan self-destructs and prevents Dr. Regal from succeeding. The heroes return home, and the renmants of Dark MegaMan's being rejoin with MegaMan's soul, and MegaMan forgives him.
50 "Colonel Barrel"

"Bareru Taisa" (バレル大佐)

September 17, 2005 -
Duo begins to erase the Earth, and in order to stop him, all thirteen CrossFusion Members must join together. However, Baryl has already passed away. Dr. Wily of the past works with Dr. Wily of the future to send Baryl through time and space using the Spectrum program. Once Baryl arrives in Lan's time, he receives a SynchroChip and uses CrossFusion to help his allies take down another invasion of Asteroids.
51 "Toward a New Future"

"Aratanaru Mirai e" (新たなる未来へ)

September 24, 2005 -
Bass reappears and now infused with the power of Nebula Grey, he deletes Slur. Meanwhile, Dr. Regal gains access to Duo's power and begins his attack on Earth, but Duo kills him before beginning the erasure of Earth. The CrossFusion Members travel to Duo's comet, avoiding demise as the Earth vanishes. They confront Duo, begging him to reverse the erasure, but Duo cannot comprehend their pleas, having more interest in CrossFusion instead, a technology similar to his own race's. Baryl then offers to let Duo absorb him so that Duo may understand CrossFusion better, and in return, Earth can be spared. Duo agrees and Baryl makes his sacrifice, returning Earth to normal. Lan then receives a transmission from a very elderly Baryl to reassure everyone that he is fine and peace is finally restored. Back at a restored and repaired Earth, Lan, Mayl/Maylu, FyreFox, and Chaud throw a fireworks party to celebrate, Charlie and Tesla go on a cruise, Ms. Yuri returns to Ms. Mari's apartment, Dingo returns to his village, Jasmine goes back to her grandfather's home, Raika receives a warm welcome from his pet dog (from Axess), Princess Pride has a photo of Episode 44's vacation framed and put in her office, and Dusk celebrates with World Three at the curry shop.

Program of Light and Dark

There is no official confirmation on the movie's exact placement in Stream's storyline. However, because of Dex and Dingo's appearance in the movie, it most likely occurs shortly after episode 22 in which the boys move to DenTech City, but not after episode 29 when elements from the movie begin appearing in the series, specifically those concerning Baryl and Colonel.

Title Premiere date DVD release date
Program of Light and Dark

(Hikari to Yami no Puroguramu ロックマンエグゼ 光と闇の遺産(プログラム))

March 12, 2005 September 21, 2005

Beams of light are tearing through cities all over the world, deconstructing anything they touch into network data. Dr. Hikari recognizes this as the dreaded "Spectrum" program, and he commands Lan to quickly rush and destroy something called the "Tadashi Hikari" program. As MegaMan rushes to do so, Bass assaults him, but Colonel intervenes. The destruction of the program is interrupted when a large beast named Nebula Grey appears and absorbs it, causing the NetNavis to retreat. Just then, the Spectrum beams tear through an amusement park, deconstructing many of Lan's friends. Dr. Regal reappears, having transformed into a data being after his demise with LaserMan in Axess, and plans to extract the programming written on Dr. Hikari's retinal pattern, completing Spectrum and transforming the planet into network data. Lan, Chaud, and Raika work together to infiltrate a Netopian army base where Dr. Regal goes through with his plan, and Lan encounters a man named Baryl who claims to be Colonel's NetOp. MegaMan jacks-in to the core of the program to stop Regal, and Bass also appears. In a pinch, MegaMan sacrifices his Ultimate Program to Bass, hoping he can defeat Nebula Grey with it. The resulting fusion creates BassCross MegaMan, a being that obliterates Nebula Grey and spoils Regal's plan. The military base begins to crumble, and Bass absorbs Nebula Grey's power for himself. The NetSavers and Dr. Hikari escape, but Baryl remains behind, uttering the reassuring claim that he is "immortal." Everything deconstructed by Spectrum returns to normal, and peace is restored.

List of MegaMan NT Warrior episodes (Beast and Beast+)

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 "Beyondard"

"Biyondādo" (ビヨンダード)

October 1, 2005 -
BubbleMan, who was frozen in cyber space by Colonel, finds himself freed when a strange energy appears before him. Left behind is an infant NetNavi. He carries it to NetCity before collapsing and being found by Roll and the others. Meanwhile, strange disturbances appear in the real world as two gigantic cloaked beasts begin battling. Lan, Chaud, and Raika intervene, and the beasts move their battle to the internet. When MegaMan battles with them, the infant's power combines with his own, and MegaMan defeats the beasts using two new styles modeled after the beasts.
2 "Zoanoroid"

"Zoanoroido" (ゾアノロイド)

October 8, 2005 -
Two NetNavis known as Zoanoroids are at war on the internet, one praising the lion Gregar (Zoano VineMan) and the other worshipping falcon Falzar (Zoano SparkMan). The Zoanoroids claim to descend from a world called "Beyondard." As they battle, MegaMan and ProtoMan intervene. Meanwhile, Roll takes care of the infant NetNavi who MegaMan decides to name "Trill."
3 "Copyroid"

"Kopīroido" (コピーロイド)

October 15, 2005 -
Famous assists Makoto in the production of CopyBots (known as "Copyroids" in Japanese), robots that allow NetNavis to interact in the real world. However, once completed, Zoano Punk appears and forces Makoto to build more CopyBots for his army. Lan and Chaud learn of this and assist Famous in Makoto's rescue, but not before a truck-load of CopyBots are delivered to the Falzar army. Meanwhile Trill "grows" and acquires the ability to speak after a long sleep.
4 "The Foghorn that Calls the Phantom"

"Onibi o Yobu Muteki" (鬼火を呼ぶ霧笛)

October 22, 2005 -
The NetSavers receive word of a phantom battleship, so Lan investigates. The ship is being controlled by Zoano FlameMan who plans to use it to destroy a warehouse on an island where Falzar's CopyBots are being held. MegaMan battles with FlameMan, but Trill, who is insistent on showing MegaMan that he is not afraid of ghosts, gets in the way.
5 "Rampaging Display"

"Bōsō Disupurei" (暴走ディスプレイ)

October 29, 2005 -
Yai has moved back to DenTech City, and as a treat to her friends, she takes them to a holographic animal exhibit that's still under construction. However, the exhibit malfunctions and the children are chased by deformed zoo animals. The NetNavis are jacked in to stop the mess, but a crack in space is revealed, bringing prehistoric beast viruses from the world of Beyondard to threaten the heroes.
6 "Net Navi Remodeling Scheme"

"Nettonabi Kaisō Keigaku" (ネットナビ改造計画)

November 5, 2005 -
Chaud travels to Netopia to explore a military factory where BubbleMan was imprisoned by Colonel. There, he meets a mysterious young girl. Meanwhile, Zoano PharaohMan is capturing NetNavis and transforming them into followers of Gregar, including Zoano SparkMan. MegaMan intervenes and transforms with Trill into the Gregar Style to defeat the Zoanoroids, but as a result, loses control of his body and escapes into NetCity.
7 "Capture Rockman!"

"Rokkuman o Hokakuseyo!" (ロックマンを捕獲せよ!)

November 12, 2005 -
Lan's friends work together to try and subdue Gregar MegaMan who is rampaging through NetCity. Meanwhile, the mysterious girl appears before Lan asking of Trill before vanishing again. Later, a strange light forms over MegaMan, separating him from Trill before Trill also vanishes. A strange NetNavi attempts to return Trill to Beyondard, but he refuses, and ProtoMan appears to rescue the two from Zoano PharaohMan. ProtoMan takes Trill back to MegaMan.
8 "Green-Eyed Transfer Student"

"Midori no Hitomi no Tenkōsei" (みどりの瞳の転校生)

November 19, 2005 -
The mysterious girl becomes a student in Lan's class, her name being Iris. Meanwhile, Zoano NumberMan appears and poses as Higsby's NumberMan in order to join his friends in visiting MegaMan (who is still recovering from last episode's damages). When the real NumberMan arrives, the two begin to battle until the true NumberMan is revealed, and the impostor escapes.
9 "Icy Heart"

"Kōri no Kokoro" (氷の心)

November 26, 2005 -
While playing in NetCity, IceMan encounters a fallen Zoanoroid FreezeMan, injured from a battle against Zoano StoneMan. FreezeMan was attempting to build a communication device for Falzar, and IceMan agrees to help retrieve it. When he returns, he finds FreezeMan in battle with StoneMan and attempts to protect his new friend, but FreezeMan sacrifices his own life to protect IceMan's. Both Zoanoroids fall, and IceMan builds a memorial grave for his deceased friend.
10 "Aiming for Trill"

"Nerawareta Toriru" (狙われたトリル)

December 3, 2005 -
Lan and Maylu visit Dr. Hikari who is performing a deep-sea investigation. Zoano GateMan of Falzar and Zoano QuickMan of Gregar appear, both seeking to capture Trill. QuickMan battles with MegaMan while GateMan traps Dr. Hikari and Maylu underwater, threatening their lives if Trill isn't given up. QuickMan is defeated, but GateMan captures Trill and Lan's friends are not spared. MegaMan and Trill merge once more, and Beast-MegaMan assaults GateMan.
11 "Ocean Bottom SOS"

"Kaitei Esuōesu" (海底SOS)

December 10, 2005 -
Zoano LarkMan is sent to help GateMan, and he turns his attention to Iris who has appeared on the ship with Lan. Meanwhile, Beast-MegaMan continues battling GateMan until the Zoanoroid is eventually deleted. As LarkMan prepares to defeat Lan and Iris, Chaud arrives on the scene and battles with the Zoanoroid using CrossFusion. Thus, everyone is saved, and Dr. Hikari and Maylu are returned from the depths of the ocean.
12 "Trill's Secret"

"Toriru no Himitsu" (トリルの秘密)

December 17, 2005 -
The NetSavers decide to capture the mysterious female NetNavi for information, and Trill is used as bait, but Zoano SnakeMan of Falzar and Zoano GutsMan of Gregar decide to try and capture Trill as well. MegaMan's friends battle with the Zoanoroids to protect Trill while Chaud tracks down Iris for answers. Iris and Trill descend from Beyondard, a world torn by the war between Gregar and Falzar, legendary cyber beasts. The key to restoring Beyondard lies within Trill, the "Synchronizer."
13 "Synchronizer"

"Shinkuronaizā" (シンクロナイザー)

December 24, 2005 -
Zoano SnakeMan and Zoano GutsMan are subdued, but Zoano DarkMan is issued to capture Trill himself. The heroes are overwhelmed by his power, but Iris's NetNavi is able to assist in the protection of Trill, and she carefully houses him within Iris's PET. However, upon appearing in the real world with a CopyBot, DarkMan captures Iris and uses a device that opens a portal to Beyondard in the real world, and Lan, Chaud, Raika, Dingo, and Maylu are transported there with him.
14 "Beyondard 2"

"Biyondādo Tsu" (ビヨンダード2)

January 7, 2006 -
Iris transports Trill away from her PET to somewhere in Beyondard where DarkMan cannot take him. Meanwhile, the children awaken in Beyondard, a world where both human and cyber worlds are one, and NetNavis and viruses can interact with humans directly. Maylu and Chaud reunite, as do Dingo and Raika, but Lan is left alone. He encounters Baryl and Colonel; they are Beyondard alternates of their original bodies and do not know Lan. When Zoano SnakeMan appears searching for Trill, MegaMan substantiates and defeats him.
15 "The Railroad Kingdom"

"Tetsuro no Ōkoku" (鉄路の王国)

January 14, 2006 -
Maylu and Chaud meet a train conductor named Al Ferry, operator of train-themed NetNavi ChargeMan. He lives in a village where the railroad network has prospered. However, Zoano JunkDataMan has been threatening the village by eating the tracks, and he sends viruses to cause more mischief. Chaud and Maylu offer to help, and ProtoMan substantiates to battle with JunkDataMan.
16 "Cooking is Love!"

"Riōri wa Aijō!" (料理は愛情!)

January 21, 2006 -
Lan travels to a fishing village where he meets a boy named Mick and rescues him from viruses. Mick takes Lan home to feast on a meal created by talented chef Pat Fahran. Pat has a dark past when a luxury liner she worked for was sank by Zoano WhaleMan and she was the lone survivor. When Zoano WhaleMan appears to attack the village again, she seeks revenge with her NetNavi SlashMan. Lan also reunites with Trill.
17 "Futen Roshi"

"Fūten Rōshi" (風天老師)

January 28, 2006 -
Raika and Dingo meet an elderly man named Feng Tian who claims to know of Lan's location. However, his delinquent personality only causes trouble for the duo. Meanwhile, Beyondard alternates of Viddy and VideoMan harass the people of Amita, a village they have control over, so Raika and Dingo oppose them. Feng Tian also offers a hand with his own NetNavi, TenguMan. In the end, Raika and Dingo reunite with Lan.
18 "Rocks of Steel"

"Kōtetsu no Iwa" (鋼鉄の岩)

February 4, 2006 -
While searching for Lan, Maylu and Chaud meet Moliarty and Press, NetOps of GroundMan and DustMan respectively. They're given a job by the Beyondard alternate of Ms. Millionaire to excavate through a rocky mountain for a precious item on the other side. Maylu and Chaud offer to help in the difficult excavation. (This is the only episode in the entire franchise where neither Lan nor MegaMan make an appearance.)
19 "The Secret of the Lake, De A~Ru"

"Mizūmi no Himitsu De A~ru" (湖の秘密であ〜る)

February 11, 2006 -
While searching for ingredients for Pat's curry, Dingo and Trill encounter DiveMan and follow him to a nearby lake castle. Inside, they discover that two humans, Captain Blackbeard and Yuika, are cooperating with Zoano DarkMan and have taken Iris prisoner. Dingo and Trill infiltrate the castle in hopes of rescuing Iris, but they must battle with Yuika's NetNavi, CircusMan. In the end, Iris is rescued.
20 "Dimensional Area Laboratory"

"Dimenshonaru Eria Kenkiujō" (ディメンショナルエリア研究所)

February 25, 2006 -
Iris urges her friends to go to the Dimensional Area Laboratory, and they oblige. However, along the way, Zoano JapanMan appears and makes the journey difficult for the children, but their NetNavis substantiate and battle. Iris is damaged during battle, though, and revealed to be nothing more than a CopyBot. Reaching the lab, the children meet a holographic image of Tadashi, the Beyondard alternate of Lan's grandfather. He explains Beyondard's past before the children discover a war-torn Baryl outside of the lab.
21 "Falzer Invasion!"

"Fuaruzā Shiurai!" (ファルザー襲来!)

March 4, 2006 -
An invasion is led by the Falzar army's Zoano CloudMan to destroy the Dimensional Area Laboratory. MegaMan, Roll, and TomahawkMan substantiate to fight back while Chaud and Raika operate the lab's defense system against the army. However, the great beast Falzar appears before the heroes, so MegaMan Beasts Out to retaliate. After the battle, the children are approached by an evil Colonel who threatens them, but Iris wards him off with her own energy.
22 "The Boy Called Death"

"Shinigami to Yobareta Shōnen" (死神と呼ばれた少年)

March 11, 2006 -
On the way to the Wily Laboratory, Lan and his friends are attacked by Zoano CutMan, but a mysterious NetNavi EraseMan appears to delete CutMan himself. EraseMan is operated by the enigmatic boy named Dark Scythe who seems to have a connection to the Beyondard alternate of Maysa. Meanwhile, the younger brothers of CutMan formulate a plan to get revenge on Scythe by holding Maysa hostage.
23 "Colonel's Rampage"

"Kāneru Bōsō" (カーネル暴走)

March 18, 2006 -
Colonel has become a Zoanoroid and begins a rampage on the cities, and the children encounter him on their journey to the Wily Laboratory. Colonel attempts to capture Trill, but the children fight back. Meanwhile, Zoanoroids begin to invade DenTech City, and Dr. Hikari reassembles the CrossFusion Members to retaliate.
24 "Wily's Laboratory"

"Wairi Kenkiujō" (ワイリー研究所)

March 25, 2006 -
As Gregar and Falzar appear and begin battling, Blackbeard and Yuika (who are working for Beyondard Wily) succeed in capturing Trill. Falzar falls to Gregar, and Wily uses Trill as the synchronizer to combine both beasts into one. Creating the Super Cyber Beast Grezar and using it as his vessel, Wily begins to destroy both worlds.
25 "Exceeding Light"

"Hikari o Koete" (光を超えて)

April 1, 2006 -
The CrossFusion Members continue to deal with the Zoanoroid threat in DenTech City. Meanwhile, many Beyondard residents attempt to fight back against Wily but all fall short. In the end, in order to defeat Wily, Trill and MegaMan combine their powers and Lan performs Cross Fusion, merging into a new "Juuka Style." With this ultimate power, Lan is able to destroy Wily and close the portals between both worlds. With peace restored, Lan and his friends return home, but not before saying goodbye to new friends Trill and Iris.

Rockman EXE Beast+

EP# Title Original airdate English airdate
1 "The Name is Zero"

"Sono Na wa Zero" (その名はゼロ)

April 8, 2006 -
Lan struggles with the memories of Beyondard, but everyone becomes well-adjusted to returning home. Peace isn't maintained for long, however, when strange cyber weeds appear all over a factory in Sharo, and Raika is forced to deal with substantiated viruses. The same thing soon occurs in DenTech City, and upon the defeat of the viruses, Lan faces a strange humanoid being with long blond hair.
2 "Zero Virus"

"Zero Uirusu" (ゼロウイルス)

April 15, 2006 -
As the NetSavers discuss the strange events, a man calling himself "Professor" announces his plans for world chaos before launching another attack with beastisized viruses. As Chaud uses CrossFusion to battle them, MegaMan jacks-in and encounters the humanoid being before known as Zero. MegaMan uses Beast Out to chase Zero away.
3 "Zero Invasion"

"Zero Shinyū" (ゼロ侵入)

April 22, 2006 -
Lan and Chaud approach a power plant where more cyber plants and viruses have appeared, and they battle to delete them. However, Zero invades the Sci-Labs and escapes with a handful of valuable data. Lan learns from Yahoot that Professor was once a member of the WWW. Lan, Maylu, and Dex travel together to where Yahoot believes the Professor is hiding, but instead, they find a sushi factory.
4 "Sushi Factory Trap"

"Osushi Kōjō no Wana" (お寿司工場の罠)

April 29, 2006 -
While investigating the sushi factory, Lan and co. encounter many sushi chef robots, but the Professor uses them to try and ward off the intruders. However, they make their way to the depths of the sushi factory to discover that the Professor was indeed hiding down there and is planning to revive the Super Cyber Beast.
5 "Zero's True Character"

"Zero no Shōtai" (ゼロの正体)

May 6, 2006 -
Professor sends a pack of viruses after Lan. Meanwhile, Chaud also appears in the factory to aid Lan, but Zero intervenes. Chaud battles with CrossFusion and fails, but Chaud's bond with his NetNavi sparks a change of heart in Zero. Refusing to be a pawn of Professor anymore, Zero departs to live his own life.
6 "Super Cyber Beast Again!"

"Chō Dennōjū Futatabi!" (超電脳獣 再び!)

May 13, 2006 -
The Super Cyber Beast is revived prematurely, and in its incomplete form, it begins to rampage through NetCity. Professor escapes, so Lan and Chaud send MegaMan and ProtoMan into the internet to battle with the beast. Using Beast Out, MegaMan is able to destroy the new threat, temporarily ending Professor's reign of terror.
7 "The Demon Deko De A~Ru"

"Dēmon Dekonano De A~ru" (デーモン·デコなのであ〜る)

May 20, 2006 -
When a series of foul-mouthed dolls distributed by AyanoTech goes missing, Yai asks Lan to investigate. Blackbeard and Yuika of Beyondard have wandered into DenTech City and are planning a criminal attack with the dolls. Enlisting BubbleMan in their plan, they find an abandoned CopyBot factory.
8 "Big Things are Good Things PUKU!"

"Ōkīkoto wa Īkoto Dapuku!" (大きいことはいいことだプク!)

May 27, 2006 -
Blackbeard and Yuika cooperate with BubbleMan to steal materials for building giant-sized CopyBots. Both DiveMan and CircusMan jack-in to the giant CopyBot at once, creating a giant-sized combination of both NetNavis. Lan uses CrossFusion to thwart them.
9 "Wishing Upon an Empty Can"

"Akikan no Negai o" (空き缶に願いを)

June 3, 2006 -
Blackbeard and Yuika press Mr. Wily of DenTech City for cooperation, but Dusk arrives to chase them away. They learn that Mr. Wily is knowledgeable of CrossFusion and desire SynchroChips, and they devise a plan to steal some. However, they unintentionally steal Reverse SynchroChips, and upon using them, vanish into the cyber world.
10 "Cross Fusion De A~Ru!"

"Kurosu Fyūjon De A~ru!" (クロスフュージョンであ〜る!)

June 10, 2006 -
Blackbeard and Yuika appear in the cyber world, CrossFused, and cause mischief while searching for Lan and MegaMan. However, if not stopped, their bodies would break down. Dusk enlists the help of Lan to stop them and reverse the effects of the SynchroChips.
11 "The Electel Estate Situation"

"Erekiteruke no Jijō" (エレキテル家の事情)

June 17, 2006 -
Count Zap's wife, Ann, is feuding with her husband and desires the secrets of the Zap family estate, so she steals his PET, knowing that ElecMan is knowledgeable about the estate. Dex and Dingo challenge Ann to retrieve the PET, but she battles well with ElecMan, so Lan is called to help in the situation.
12 "Electric-Shock Exploration Party!"

"Dengeki Tankentai!" (電撃探検隊!)

June 24, 2006 -
Count Zap and Ann fly to Kingland to investigate the family mansion for the treasure. Lan, Dex, Dingo, and Mr. Gauss tag along out of curiosity. The electric system of the mansion causes booby-traps, so everyone sends in their NetNavis to shut off the traps while they search for the treasure.
13 "The Hole-Digging Rascals Have Come!"

"Anahoriyarō ga Yattekita!" (穴堀り野郎がやってきた!)

July 1, 2006 -
Moliarty and Press somehow become separated from Beyondard and appear in DenTech City, and they begin excavating holes throughout the city, unaware of the damage they're inflicting. Lan is sent to investigate the disturbance and believes them to be enemies, so MegaMan battles with GroundMan. However, Maylu, Chaud, and their respective Navis rush to the scene to clear their names.
14 "Rampaging Mettool"

"Bōsō Mettōru" (暴走メットール)

July 8, 2006 -
A giant-sized Mettaur virus that was once a student of Moliarty and Press' has also appeared in DenTech City, and the infection of the Zero Virus has caused him to go berserk. Lan and Chaud CrossFuse to subdue him, but in the end, only a song sang by Moliarty and Press can calm the beast down.
15 "Mini Mini Typhoon"

"Mini Mini Taifūn" (ミニミニタイフーン)

July 15, 2006 -
When weather man Vic is fired for constantly making inaccurate forecasts, he stumbles upon BubbleMan who is now selling custom-built miniature-sized CopyBots. Vic decides to use one so that his NetNavi ElementMan can manipulate the weather, and he experiments at a public swimming pool that Lan is attending with his friends.
16 "The Keeper of Law"

"Hō no Bannin" (法の番人)

July 22, 2006 -
Throughout DenTech City, many criminals are being convicted before the NetSavers can investigate the scene of the crime. This is Prosecutor Ito who through a series of mishaps takes out his anger on the residents of DenTech City by convicting them unjustly. MegaMan and ProtoMan appear and battle with Ito's NetNavi, JudgeMan.
17 "Virus with a Heart"

"Kokoroaru Uirusu" (心あるウイルス)

July 29, 2006 -
While NetNavis flee an incident in NetCity, GutsMan urges a cloaked figure to escape with him. The figure is actually Zero, and though he vanishes, the encounter with GutsMan touches his heart. Later, Zero attacks an energy center, and GutsMan is shocked to learn that his new friend is the culprit.
18 "Zero's Spirit"

"Zero no Tamashī" (ゼロの魂)

August 5, 2006 -
To get revenge on Zero for betraying him, Professor has built a Zero clone named Zero One to overwhelm the traitor. MegaMan helps Zero battle against his clone, but in the end, Zero sacrifices himself to destroy Zero One and help put Professor behind bars.
19 "I Want Limited Goods PUKU"

"Genteihin Hoshī Puku" (限定品ほしいプク)

August 12, 2006 -
Maylu is excited about purchasing a trendy new handbag, and she drags Lan along for the ride. Meanwhile, one of BubbleMan's miniature CopyBots is unintentionally stolen, and he chases across DenTech City to retrieve one. When he mistakens the CopyBot for being inside Maylu's handbag, he steals it, forcing an enraged Maylu to chase after him.
20 "Iceman the Strongest"

"Saikyō Aisuman" (最強アイスマン)

August 19, 2006 -
Everyone becomes engrossed in a new Battle Station video game, but because Tory is busy with his violin/ice-skating lessons, he feels left out. However, Lan and Dex notice that IceMan is moving up in the ranks, and they suspect Tory is participating outside. However, they soon discover that this IceMan is a phantom duplicate.
21 "Magician from the Darkness"

"Yamikara no Majishan" (闇からのマジシャン)

August 26, 2006 -
A series of crimes are linked back to HatMan, the NetNavi of magician Mr. Hat. However, he has an alibi. Lan and Chaud meet Mr. Hat's son, Shuichi, who wants to be a great magician too. One day, however, HatMan hypnotizes Shuichi, and together, they cause problems. When MegaMan and ProtoMan confront him, the real HatMan appears, revealing that the HatMan controlling Shuichi was a phantom.
22 "Substantiating Phantoms"

"Jittaikasuru Yūrei" (実体化する幽霊)

September 2, 2006 -
Raika and SearchMan assist in a virus protection program by acting as intruders to test the guard NetNavis, but the opponents that appear before SearchMan are MegaMan and ProtoMan. Raika suspects it's a prank, but MegaMan and ProtoMan then substantiate in the real world, and Raika is forced to use CrossFusion to battle them. In the end, the two are revealed to be phantoms.
23 "Jammingman"

"Jaminguman" (ジャミングマン)

September 9, 2006 -
Phantom NetNavis soon begin substantiating everywhere, and since no one can distinguish them from their original counterparts, NetNavis begin to distrust one another. Raika returns to DenTech City to tell of his encounter with Phantom MegaMan and ProtoMan, but something worse has happened. An unknown NetNavi has cut off access to the internet throughout the entire world.
24 "Cache"

"Kyasshu" (キャッシュ)

September 16, 2006 -
NetNavis continue through uneasy times as they hide in NetCity, untrusting of one another. Lan, Chaud, and Raika send their NetNavis to the depths of the internet to battle with JammingMan, a NetNavi causing the disconnection from the internet. Upon his defeat, the three meet a strange NetNavi named Cache who begins to cackle while the world is blinded with a white light.
25 "Searching for Tomorrow"

"Ashita o Sagashite" (明日をさがして)

September 23, 2006 -
Lan begins a normal day of school and hanging with his friends, but something seems unusual. Soon, he realizes that no one in the world knows what a PET is. The world begins to fall apart, and his friends and family slowly transform into JammingMen. Recovering his PET, he brings himself back to reality where Cache has taken over the world and is transforming everything into cache data.
26 "Netto + Rockman"

"Netto Purasu Rokkuman" (熱斗+ロックマン)

September 30, 2006 -
As Lan stands within the Sci-Labs, Cache appears and transforms him into cache data. Soon, MegaMan, ProtoMan, and SearchMan are also transformed, and everyone drifts through space as data. However, Lan and MegaMan remain bound by their friendship, and with the help of Trill who makes a surprise appearance, they overcome Cache's trap and return before him. Using CrossFusion, they battle with Cache, but he sends JammingMan duplicates of Lan's friends after him. But with everyone's pleas, Lan and MegaMan are able to build enough strength to overcome the JammingMen and delete Cache. The nightmare is over, and peace is finally restored.

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