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MegaMan NT Warrior is a soundtrack with songs from the MegaMan NT Warrior anime released in Germany in 2004.

Track list

#German titleTranslation
01Willkommen in DenTech CityWelcome to DenTech City
02Warte nicht zu langeDon't wait too long
03Entscheide Dich!Make up your mind!
06World three chaos expressWorld Three Chaos Express
07Kämpfe wenn du kannstFight if you can
08Tag XDay X
09Seite an SeiteSide by Side
10NetzkriegerinNetwork Warrior Woman
11Einklinken MegaManHooking MegaMan
12Letzte WarnungLast Warning
13MegaMan PowerMegaMan Power
14LiebesmailLove mail

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