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Meddy Soul


Meddy Soul (メディソウル Medi Souru) is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with Meddy.EXE in Mega Man Battle Network 5, requiring a Recovery Battle Chip (like Recovery 10 *).


  • The 2 missing Custom Slots are replaced with capsules of randomly-chosen colors. These can be fused onto the previous loaded chip while selecting chips on the Custom Screen to grant effects when the chip is executed:
    • White: Causes paralysis
    • Yellow: Causes confusion
    • Black: Causes blind
    • Pink: Restores HP on use
    • Purple: Causes a HP bug (Netbattle only, does nothing otherwise)
  • Charge Shot: Capsule Bomb (throws a bomb three panels ahead. If it lands on an unoccupied panel, the explosion affects the panels above and below it. Deals 30 damage +10 for each additional Buster level).
  • Weakness: There is a delay before the capsule explodes, giving enemies time to evade or destroy it. Also, capsule effects cannot be added to Program Advances.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • Any boss, excepting Nebula Grey - Aiming the Charge shot is difficult enough, but against Grey, if you miss getting the capsule to land directly on the blue flame, it falls into the empty space and does nothing.

Competitive Play

  • Due to the lack of offensive or healing support and a luck-based ability, Meddy Soul is largely unused in multiplayer.

CMediEmo Chaos Unison


Chaos Unison with Meddy Soul.

By sacrificing the DarkRecover Dark Chip, MegaMan performs a Chaos Unison with Meddy Soul, becoming Meddy Chaos. His Charge Shot becomes DarkRecover, instantly replenishing 1000 HP upon use, MegaMan's maximum base HP. The charge has even better effects if used with NaviCust parts that grant HP boosts or Undershirt, allowing him to continually heal himself and cheat death.