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Maverick Mechaniloid in The Day of Σ OVA.

"Mechaniloid" (メカニロイド Mekaniroido?) is a term used in the Mega Man X series and onwards to refer to robots of subhuman intelligence that follows their programming, as opposed to Reploids, who have an artificial intelligence comparable to human intelligence and are capable of free thought.[1] Most have a more mechanical shape than a humanoid shape, but this isn't always the case as robots like Mettaur C-15[2] and Wolfloid (in Mega Man X6) are considered Reploids, while humanoid robots like Snow Rider and Guardian are Mechaniloids,[3] the term being apparently valid only for their AI, not their appearance. This makes it difficult to discern them, a few robots, like Velguarder and Maoh the Giant, being called both a Mechaniloid and a Reploid in different official sources.

Mechaniloids also have the ability to go Maverick, Maverick Mechaniloids being the most common stage enemies faced in the Mega Man X series and then every main series (Mega Man Zero and ZX) since. They come in a wide variety of forms, including, but not limited, to Batton Bone (a bat), Bee Blader (a giant bee), and Ball De Voux (a ball with legs). Like most enemies, many drop items when defeated. Large Mechaniloids commonly serve as sub-bosses in stages, and some also appear as bosses, such as Raider Killer, D-Rex, and D-1000. Starting with Mega Man X2, most games in the Mega Man X, Zero and ZX series have a Mechaniloid as the Opening Stage boss.

Mining Mechaniloid A

A red Degraver in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

In rare occasions, friendly Mechaniloids appear and they are shown being used by the protagonists, like X telling to "dispatch rescue Mechaniloids" in the beginning of Mega Man X8 and the Deployment Center in Mega Man X: Command Mission. It's unknown if all Deployment Center robots are Mechaniloids as, except for one vague instance,[4] they are only called as "units" or by their names. If they truly are, this shows that Mechaniloids like Big Monkey (which is said to be a Mechaniloid in its Mega Man X7 appearance as Aperoid[3]), Dober Man, and Degraver (called "Mining Mechaniloids" in Gimialla Mine) can have a decent AI and are able to talk.

Like the robots from 20XX, Mechaniloids seem to be created to do just about any type of function, from construction to excavation. It is believed that the "standard procedure" is for a small army of assistant Mechaniloids, all specialized in a certain field, are typically sent with a single specialized Reploid for whatever job is needed at the time. With the more advanced technology in the Mega Man ZX era, depending of the circumstances, Mechaniloids are shown to be able to "become themselves", evolve, devolve, and reproduce like living beings, as shown with Giganto Bole, Hyper Bole, and Poyoko.

List of Mechaniloids

A list of robots that are said to be Mechaniloids in official game sources.

Mega Man X series

Mega Man Zero series

Mega Man ZX series

Other Media


Maverick Mechaniloids in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

Archie Comics

Several Mechaniloids appear in the Worlds Unite crossover as Sigma-1's minions, alongside such villains as the Deadly Six. Several of them operated in defense of a fortress from which Sigma departed in order to reach the world of Sonic the Hedgehog. Upon taking control of Doctor Eggman's base on the Lost Hex, Sigma ordered that his robot assembly line be repurposed to construct Mechaniloids. After losing his minions M'egga Man and Sonic Man of the Roboticized Masters, Sigma remained confident, as he had already produced an army of Mechaniloids in preparation for the coming conflict.

Other appearances

Mechaniloids appeared in the Rockman X manga series, Irregular Hunter Rockman X, and Rockman X Mega Mission 3.


  • It's speculated by fans that Reaverbots are enhanced Mechaniloids, but that was not confirmed by Capcom.


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    • Alia: "Mechaniloid? There is no data signal."
    • X: "Is this the Nightmare? Who created this? What for?"

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