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McCleaver, known as "Basarika" (バサリカ) in Japan, is a squat EM Virus appearing in the Mega Man Star Force series. It is a relatively small virus, with large blades on his hands and a hockey mask. Other varieties include the McDicer and the McSlicer. A McCleaver randomly moves about the field until it intiates it's attack, trying to slice MegaMan three times.

Battle Cards

Berserk Sword (ベルセルクソード Beruseruku Sōdo) is the Battle Card from McCleaver viruses.

Mega Man Star Force

115SF BC 115
116SF BC 116
117SF BC 117

Mega Man Star Force 2

IDBattle CardDescriptionAttackElementStar Carrier no.
Standard Card 115BC SF2 BsrkSwrd1BsrkSwrd1 Wild 3-slash sword attack.40BC Element Null None 24044
Standard Card 116BC SF2 BsrkSwrd2BsrkSwrd2 Wild 3-slash sword attack.50BC Element Null None 24273
Standard Card 117BC SF2 BsrkSwrd3BsrkSwrd3 Wild 3-slash sword attack.60BC Element Null None 24507