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The Masquerades (マスカレーズ) are a vigilante group of four strong Reploids introduced in Mega Mission 3. .


They joined the Maverick Hunters after a recent Maverick attack in Central Point, but shortly after joining, they revealed they are Hyper Limit Reploids disguised to infiltrated the base, seeking to gain the trust of the Maverick Hunters and destroy them from within., attacking with several Mechaniloids like Maoh the Giant and Victoroids. Zero takes care of the Mechaniloids while X fights against them, but the four became too strong to him as even their weakness, like Electric Spark and Rushing Burner, didn't work. Zero went to help X after defeating the Mechaniloids, but they where still in disadvantage until Return X appeared and defeated the four.


Their first name is the name of their main color in German: Red (rot), blue (blau), green (grün) and brown (braun). The HL on their names means Hyper Limited.