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Marine Harbor

Marine Harbor (マリンハーバー Marin Hābā) is a location from Electopia in Mega Man Battle Network 2 that contains the Official Center.

The Official Center houses Electopia's Mother Computer, which handles many of the nation's important systems. A major crisis occurs at Official Center when ShadowMan, hired by Gospel, infiltrates the center to destroy the Mother Computer. After a long ordeal, with ShadowMan outfoxing many of the Official NetBattlers, he is finally brought down by MegaMan with ProtoMan's assistance.

The computers in the Lobby and Test Room connect to the ACDC Area Square, being its host.


  • Marine Harbor (Marine Harb.)
  • Metro Marine Station (Marine St., メトロマリン駅)
  • Lobby (ロビー)
  • Licence Office (Lic. Office, ライセンス じむきょく)
  • Test Room (しけんべや)
  • Dad's Lab (パパの研究室)
    • Monitor (モニターの電脳)
    • Wide Monitor (ワイドモニターの電脳)
  • Mother Computer Room (Mother Comp., マザーコンピュータべや)
    • Mother Comp1 (マザーコンピュータ電脳1)
    • Mother Comp2
    • Mother Comp3
    • Mother Comp4
    • Mother Comp5