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Mandomantal (マンドマンタル Mandomantaru) is a gentle manta-like Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 2. A single Mandomantal can be found in the deepest part of the Nino Ruins. This is one of the few peaceful Reaverbots that doesn't attack Mega Man Volnutt, even when it is harmed. But if one attacks it excessively and Mandomantal's health gets low, it will attack Mega Man with balls of electricity as a last ditch effort to save itself. When defeated, Mandomantal falls into the ground and stays immobile until Mega Man leaves the room.

Mandomantal's flat body allows Mega Man to use it as a moving platform, but it can still hurt Mega Man if he is in its path. Riding on Mandomantal allows one to get to the treasure chests on the high pillars in the area, normally unreachable even underwater. It, unfortunately, either disappears or is destroyed once the water is drained, as it apparently cannot survive out of water, much like a real fish.