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Magnetic Shockwave
Mega Man equipped with Magnetic Shockwave.

Magnetic Shockwave (マグネティックショックウェーブ?) is one of Magneto and Onslaught's special moves in the Marvel vs. Capcom series, which creates several shockwaves. Mega Man gains this attack in his ending from Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes after defeating Onslaught. During the ending, he picks up a Special Weapon Item and moves to a "Get Weapon" screen with Mega Man 3's music playing as it shows him using the attack. Magnetic Shockwave can be used by Mega Man as a Hyper Combo only in the PlayStation version of the game after completing Arcade Mode with him and then holding down the Select button while selecting him.


  • Magnetic Shockwave is the only special weapon gained from a final boss. This excludes the unnamed missile gained from Mega Man II's Wily Machine.
  • This is also the first weapon gained from a boss that isn't a machine.

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