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Magnet Soul

Magnet Soul (マグネットソウル) is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with MagnetMan.EXE, requiring an Elec Battle Chip (like Thunder). This is the first Double Soul obtained in Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team ProtoMan.


  • MegaMan is unaffected by the effects of Magnet Panels.
  • Pressing B + ← will freeze all enemies in MegaMan's row for a few seconds, preventing them from moving.
  • Charge Shot: Magnet Bolt: MegaMan uses an Elec-element magnet attack, allowing him to drag enemies in the same row as him to the front of the area, and connecting for 40 paralyzing Elec damage +10 for each additional Buster level. This will do double damage on Aqua-element enemies or any enemy on a Sea or Ice panel, and 4x damage if both apply.
  • Weakness: Magnet Bolt cannot reach enemies in back of a field, and is unreliable if an enemy continually moves. It can pull an enemy right up to MegaMan just as it lets off an attack. Also, Wood-element viruses will do double damage to MegaMan.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • BlizzardMan.EXE, because of his elemental weakness. Sea and Ice Seed chips make it even more effective on him.

Competitive Play

  • Magnet Soul is not used very often, and tends to be used simply as a means to paralyze and move the opponent.

CMagnetEmo Chaos Unison


Chaos Unison with Magnet Soul.

By sacrificing the DarkThunder Dark Chip, MegaMan performs a Chaos Unison with Magnet Soul, becoming Magnet Chaos (マグネットカオス). His Charge Shot becomes DarkThunder, launching a huge, purple sphere of thunder chasing after the enemy that does 200 damage on contact, and also stuns the enemy for several seconds. While it has its benefits, it's still capable of being mistimed like any Chaos Unison's Charge Shot. The strength from this attack alone can finish most bosses in a few hits, especially Aqua-element.