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Magna Quartz
X2 magnaquartz
Savor moon R sprite

Magna Quartz (マグナクオーツ Magunakuōtsu?) is the sub-boss of Crystal Snail's stage in Mega Man X2. It is an eye-like machine encased in crystal accompanied by a small robot thought to be called Savor Moon R that flies around the room, shooting lasers that ricochet several times. Another is sent out by Magna Quartz after enough time passes. It shouldn't be too hard to defeat, since X's shots go right through the crystal, and only the smaller robots are dangerous. Spin Wheel is useful against Magna Quartz as it keeps cutting through the crystal for a while, causing continuous damage. You can also bring the Ride Armor to the miniboss, but it requires very tricky jumping and precise crystal destroying.

Savor moon R

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