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Magma Bazooka
Mega Man using Magma Bazooka.
MM9-MagmaBazooka-Sprite MM9-MagmaBazooka-P-Sprite

The Magma Bazooka (マグマバズーカ Maguma Bazūka?) is Magma Man's special weapon from Mega Man 9. It fires three compressed balls of extremely hot magma in three different directions: one diagonally up, one diagonally down and one straight forward. It can also be charged like Heat Man's Atomic Fire, increasing the size and power of the shots. The Magma Bazooka is Hornet Man's weakness, especially because the Magma Bazooka can kill the three Hornet Chasers he spawns with relative ease before they scatter around.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 9.

MM9-MagmaBazooka-Icon Magma Bazooka
Boss Damage
Concrete Man 1:1
Tornado Man 1:1
Splash Woman 1:1
Plug Man 1:1
Jewel Man 1:1
Hornet Man 2:4
Magma Man 1:1
Galaxy Man 1:1
Spike Pushers --
Mega Mech Shark: 1st Phase 2:4
Mega Mech Shark: 2nd Phase 2:4
Mega Mech Shark: 3rd Phase 2:4
Twin Devil 1:1
Wily Machine No. 9: 1st Phase --
Wily Machine No. 9: 2nd Phase 1:1
Wily Capsule 1:1
Fake Man 1:1
  • For Magma Bazooka, the first number is the damage done when the weapon is fired normally; the second number is damage done when the weapon is charged up.
  • For "Spike Shooters" and Wily Machine No. 9's first phase, both bosses do not have data for them because they must be damaged with their own weapon or obstacle -- the Magma Bazooka cannot inflict damage to them directly.

Attack power

The following damage values were calculated excluding weaknesses and immunities:

  • Uncharged: Deals one point of damage per magma projectile. If all three hit the same target, it causes three points of damage. If two hit the enemy, it deals two points of damage.
  • Charged: Deals three points of damage per magma projectile. If all three hit the same target, it causes nine points of damage. If two hit the same enemy, it deals six points of damage.

When used by Magma Man, it deals 4 damage to Mega Man if he's ignited. If he's been extinguished by the Tornado Blow, it will only deal 2 damage to Mega Man.


Mega Man can fire uncharged shots twice with the Magma Bazooka with one weapon energy unit. It costs 2.5 (you need to fire one regular shot to begin charging) weapon energy units to fire a fully charged shot (unless you hold down the fire button from a menu in which case it only just uses 2 units). Mega Man can fire fourteen fully charged shots or fifty-six uncharged shots with a full energy gauge.


  • The firing angles can be useful in certain situations.
  • When charged, the weapon does incredible amounts of damage if all three shots connect on a single enemy at point-blank range.
  • Uncharged, the weapon can be used as a primary weapon due to its low energy cost.


  • This weapon was originally called Fire Bazooka.
  • This is the weapon that can cause the most raw damage in Mega Man 9.
  • The player doesn't need to fire a shot in order to charge the weapon if the fire button is held from a point where the player cannot shoot, like the pause menu or a screen change.
  • The Magma Bazooka uses the same sound effect for charging as the Atomic Fire, with a lower pitch.

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