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Möbelwagen (メーベルヴァーゲン Mēberuvāgen?) is an armored vehicle with arms piloted by Servbots in the attack to the City Hall of Kattelox Island. It's a small mass-produced version of the Marlwolf, and appear in two colors: Red Möbelwagens only attack the mayor's house and what is in its way, while the yellow ones attack random targets like houses and trees. If one Möbelwagen is destroyed, a Hornisse will bring another to the locale.


  • Height: 3.82 m
  • Width: 4.34 m
  • Max. speed: 90 km/h


  • Möbelwagen means "furniture van" in German.
  • Möbelwagen is called "Maiberu Haagen" and "メーベルバーゲン" (Mēberu Hāgen) in some sources.

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