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Loch Mess, known as Donburā Lake (ドンブラー湖 Donburā Mizūmi?) in Japan, is a lake in Electopia. It is believed that an UMA known as Messie (ドッシー Dosshī?, Dossie in Japan) lives in the lake.

When Solo takes Geo Stelar's friends away from Netopia, he throws Zack Temple in Loch Mess, and he appears on TV. When Geo and Luna see him, they travel to Mess Village to take him back. Zack discovers that the Messie he saw was a submarine Matter Wave used by Gerry Romero, and Gerry locks him inside the submarine. Hyde sees Gerry and gives him an ancient Star Carrier with Plesio, allowing him to EM Wave Change into Plesio Surf.

Mess Village

Mess Village, known as Donburā Village in Japan, is a small village that uses Matter Waves to float above Loch Mess. Kidd Gruff.

Messie's Cove

Messie's Cove is an area with sheeps. Kung Foo Kid.

Observation Deck

Observation Deck is the highest area from Mess Village, which is used to observe the lake to locate Messie.

Merchant Hertz

Loch Mess ER

Lock Mess ER is the ER of Loch Mess, divided in two areas. Mega Man enters the loch to rescue Zack and fights against Plesio Surf.

In the Alternate Dimension, this is the area of Cancer Bubble IF.

Green Mystery Wave:

  • Sub-Card D.Enrgy
  • Sub-Card Unlocker
  • Battle Card RdrMisil1
  • Battle Card Recover80
  • Ability HP+100/135


  • MonoSword
  • Piran
  • RiverCancro
  • PlsioSrfSP (Loch Mess2 ER, after defeating PlsioSrfEX)

Sunken Ship ES

Sunken Ship ES is the ES of a sunken ship in Loch Mess1 ER. Zack Temple Viking. Lan Hikari.

Blue Mystery Wave:

  • 1800 Zennys
  • Sub-Card LrgEnrgy


  • Piraner
  • MonoSwordin
  • Fluff

Crown ES

Crown ES is the ES of a crown in Loch Mess1 ER. Contains a Merchant Hertz that sells a ChrgIce/170 for 5000 Zennys. Its battlefield is covered with ice panels.

Blue Mystery Wave:

  • 2100 Zennys


  • MonoSword
  • Piran
  • Fluff

Octy ES

Octy ES is the ES of an octopus-like remote controlled camera used to find Messie in Lock Mess2 ER. Its battlefield is covered with ice panels.

Blue Mystery Wave:

  • Sub-Card LrgEnrgy

Purple Mystery Wave:

  • HPMem20


  • MonoSword
  • Piran
  • Fluff

Other media

In the anime Shooting Star Rockman Tribe, one of the OOPArts is in Loch Mess.


  • Loch Mess is apparently based on Loch Ness, a well-known freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands. Likewise, Messie (Dossie) appears to be based on the legendary Loch Ness Monster, often referred to as Nessie (ネッシー Nesshī?), that is said to live in its depths.

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