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This is a list of known Mega Man Star Force characters that have a Transer and a Personal View.

CharacterDetailsFavorite Battle Cards
Geo Stelar
(星河 スバル)
The player's character. His data depends of the player's preferences. Initial:
Luna Platz
Bud Bison
Zack Temple
Sonia Strumm
Hope Stelar
Mitch Shepar Teacher from Echo Ridge Elementary. He promised to get Mowa Mowa figures to some students, but he can't keep the promise because he needs to work and asks for help. He gives 500 Zenny to Geo buy the figures for him. After buying a Nacys limited Mowa Mowa action figure, Mr. Shepar gives HPMem10 as thanks and is happy that he will make his students happy.
Chase Winde
(おうぞら トビヒコ)
Man that gives RCMag. SF BC 034SF BC 035SF BC 036
SF BC 036SF BC 035SF BC 034
Cindy White
(こいまち おとめ)
Woman that has a crush on Chase Winde. SF BC 127SF BC 127SF BC 127
SF BC 127SF BC 127SF BC 141
Iver Gatte
(うつかり シゲゾウ)
Elder SF BC 149SF BC 150SF BC 149
SF BC 150SF BC 149SF BC 150
Quiero Mocard
(アツメ だい)
Boy that trades PowerBomb1 for Attack+10 SF BC 031SF BC 034SF BC 043
SF BC 055SF BC 070SF BC 082
Joe Hawnt
(おんりょうじ カイキ)
Boy scared of ghosts
Savory Delejo
(クルスガワ カオリ)
Holly Wacher
(とりしま ふうき)
Job Goode
(フトコロ ヒロシ)
Blair Loude
(オオゴエ ねっしょう)
The principal of Echo Ridge Elementary. He wants help to make a new song. Gives IceMeteor1 as thanks.
Ema Nesia
(オットト ウッカリーノ)
Girl that lost the paper with the password of her locker. After finding the Note with it, she remembers it is 130 due to her birthday being on January 30. She gives Eraser as thanks.
Teresa Tudor
(ミチビキ テラス)
Teacher from Echo Ridge Elementary that finds the classroom too cold and is worried that the students might get a cold. Geo uses ThermoMan to fix it and she gives an IceMeteor2 as thanks.
Barry Square
(ウシロムキ カゲロウ)
A new teacher from Echo Ridge Elementary that wants to be popular with his students like Mitch Shepar. After seeing Mitch's Transer, he tells Barry that a good way to do it is to try to see things from a student's perspective. He gives TripSong as thanks.
Triv Query
(トイカケ ハジメ)
Boy that likes to make quizzes. Gives QuizBook to Geo when all his quizzes are answered.
Will Knappe
(シロクジ ネムル)
An energetic boy that is feeling sleepy lately. After Geo discovers the reason, Will gives a PowerSong to him.
Rad Contre
(ハバタキ ウンカイ)
Boy that loves playing with his RC, but wished he had someone to play with. PropellerMan makes Geo join his RC lovers club, which Rad was the only member, and he gives RCScrpbk as a welcome to the club.
Nadia Kleen
(カラフキ くりん)
A girl that is awful at cleaning. ShovelMan gives advice to her and she gives GreenBurst as thanks.
Dee Jay
(シャベクリ スベル)
A boy from the school's broadcasting club. He finds out something is giving interference to the school's broadcast. Geo checks it and solves the problem (EM Viruses), and he gives PlasmaGun2 as thanks.
Prof. Snake
A snake specialist.
Veil Platz
Luna Platz's mother. She wants to cook to Luna, but she isn't very good at it. Geo asks his mother to help and receives a recipe to Veil. She becomes good at it as the sequel shows that Luna's favorite food is her mother's home cooking.
Vaughn Platz
Luna Platz's father. He wants to open a Mowa Mowa exhibit.
Chrys Golds
(金田 金太郎)
Sonia Strumm's former manager. He wants a new star to work for him, and gives 7000 Zenny as thanks.


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