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Robot Master Special Weapon Trajectory Effect
DL no.00 Proto Man Proto Shield #Shield --
DL no.01 Mega Man Mega Buster (straight) #Charge up
DL no.03 Cut Man Rolling Cutter #Wide, #Boomerang --
DL no.04 Guts Man Super Arm #Arc, #Split #Wall breaker
DL no.05 Ice Man Ice Slasher (straight) #Immobilizer
DL no.06 Bomb Man Hyper Bomb #Arc, #Delay --
DL no.07 Fire Man Fire Storm #Barrier + straight --
DL no.08 Elec Man Thunder Beam #Multi-direction #Wall breaker
DW no.09 Metal Man Metal Blade #Multi-direction --
DW no.10 Air Man Air Shooter #Parabolic --
DW no.11 Bubble Man Bubble Lead #Along floor --
DW no.12 Quick Man Quick Boomerang #Boomerang #Rapid fire
DW no.13 Crash Man Crash Bomber (straight) #Wall breaker
DW no.14 Flash Man Time Stopper #Full screen #Immobilizer
DW no.15 Heat Man Atomic Fire (straight) #Charge up
DW no.16 Wood Man Leaf Shield #Barrier, #Multi-direction --
DW no.17 Needle Man Needle Cannon (straight) #Rapid fire
DW no.18 Magnet Man Magnet Missile #Homing --
DW no.19 Gemini Man Gemini Laser #Rebound --
DW no.20 Hard Man Hard Knuckle #Remote controlled #Wall breaker
DW no.21 Top Man Top Spin #Body contact --
DW no.22 Snake Man Search Snake #Along floor --
DW no.23 Spark Man Spark Shock (straight) #Immobilizer
DW no.24 Shadow Man Shadow Blade #Multi-direction, #Boomerang --
DW no.25 Bright Man Flash Stopper #Full screen #Immobilizer
DW no.26 Toad Man Rain Flush #Full screen #Wall breaker, #Interaction
DW no.27 Drill Man Drill Bomb (straight) #Wall breaker, #Detonate
DW no.28 Pharaoh Man Pharaoh Shot #Multi-direction #Charge up
DW no.29 Ring Man Ring Boomerang #Boomerang #Grab
DW no.30 Dust Man Dust Crusher #Split --
DW no.31 Dive Man Dive Missile #Homing --
DW no.32 Skull Man Skull Barrier #Barrier --
DW no.33 Gravity Man Gravity Hold #Full screen --
DW no.34 Wave Man Water Wave #Along floor --
DW no.35 Stone Man Power Stone #Spiral --
DW no.36 Gyro Man Gyro Attack #Remote controlled --
DW no.37 Star Man Star Crash #Barrier, #Wide --
DW no.38 Charge Man Charge Kick #Body contact #Wall breaker
DW no.39 Napalm Man Napalm Bomb #Along floor --
DW no.40 Crystal Man Crystal Eye #Rebound, #Split --
DW no.41 Blizzard Man Blizzard Attack #Wide --
DW no.42 Centaur Man Centaur Flash #Full screen --
DW no.43 Flame Man Flame Blast #Arc #Wall breaker
DW no.44 Knight Man Knight Crusher #Multi-direction, #Boomerang --
DW no.45 Plant Man Plant Barrier #Barrier --
DW no.46 Tomahawk Man Silver Tomahawk #Parabolic --
DW no.47 Wind Man Wind Storm #Along floor --
DW no.48 Yamato Man Yamato Spear (straight) #Piercer
DW no.49 Freeze Man Freeze Cracker #Multi-direction, #Split #Wall breaker
DW no.50 Junk Man Junk Shield #Barrier, #Split --
DW no.51 Burst Man Danger Wrap #Multi-direction, #Parabolic #Wrap up
DW no.52 Cloud Man Thunder Bolt #Split #Interaction
DW no.53 Spring Man Wild Coil #Along floor, #Front & back #Charge up
DW no.54 Slash Man Slash Claw #Short ranged --
DW no.55 Shade Man Noise Crush #Rebound #Charge up
DW no.56 Turbo Man Scorch Wheel #Along floor #Interaction
DW no.57 Tengu Man Tengu Blade #Rebound, #Body contact --
DW no.57 Tengu Man Tornado Hold #Vertical #Jump upgrade
DW no.58 Astro Man Astro Crush #Full screen #Invulnerability
DW no.58 Astro Man Copy Vision #Turret #Lure
DW no.59 Sword Man Flame Sword #Short ranged #Wall breaker
DW no.60 Clown Man Thunder Claw #Boomerang #Grab, #Interaction
DW no.61 Search Man Homing Sniper #Homing #Charge up
DW no.62 Frost Man Ice Wave #Along floor #Immobilizer
DW no.63 Grenade Man Flash Bomb #Split #Interaction
DW no.64 Aqua Man Water Balloon #Arc --
DW no.65 Concrete Man Concrete Shot #Arc #
DW no.66 Tornado Man Tornado Blow #Full screen #
DW no.67 Splash Woman Laser Trident (straight) #
DW no.68 Plug Man Plug Ball #Along floor #
DW no.69 Jewel Man Jewel Satellite #Barrier#Wide #
DW no.70 Hornet Man Hornet Chaser # #
DW no.71 Magma Man Magma Bazooka # #
DW no.72 Galaxy Man Black Hole Bomb # #
DW no.73 Blade Man Triple Blade # #
DW no.74 Pump Man Water Shield # #
DW no.75 Commando Man Commando Bomb # #
DW no.76 Chill Man Chill Spike # #
DW no.77 Sheep Man Thunder Wool # #
DW no.78 Strike Man Rebound Striker # #
DW no.79 Nitro Man Wheel Cutter # #
DW no.80 Solar Man Solar Blaze # #
DL no.01 Quint Sakugarne #Body contact --
RK no.01 Enker Mirror Buster #Shield #Reflect
RK no.02 Punk Screw Crusher #Arc --
RK no.03 Ballade Ballade Cracker #Multi-direction #Wall breaker
SR no.01 Terra Spark Chaser #Homing --
SR no.02 Mercury Grab Buster (straight) #Grab
SR no.03 Venus Bubble Bomb #Vertical --
SR no.04 Mars Photon Missile #Delay --
SR no.05 Jupiter Electric Shock #Short ranged #Rapid fire
SR no.06 Saturn Black Hole #Full screen --
SR no.07 Uranus Deep Digger #Split #Wall breaker
SR no.08 Pluto Break Dash #Body contact #Wall breaker
SR no.09 Neptune Salt Water #Arc, #Split --
KG no.01 Dynamo Man Lightning Bolt #Full screen #Invulnerability
KG no.02 Cold Man Ice Wall #Along floor #Jump upgrade
KG no.03 Ground Man Spread Drill #Wide #Detonate
KG no.04 Pirate Man Remote Mine #Remote controlled #Detonate
KG no.05 Burner Man Wave Burner #Short ranged #Wall breaker, #Rapid fire
KG no.06 Magic Man Magic Card #Multi-direction, #Boomerang #Grab
Bass Bass Buster #Multi-direction #Rapid fire
Time Man Time Slow #Full screen #Immobilizer
Oil Man Oil Slider #Arc #Ride
Blanka Tropical Hazard #Arc #Jump upgrade
Chun-Li Lightning Kick #Short ranged --
Crimson Viper Optic Laser (straight) #Piercer
Dhalsim Yoga Inferno #Multi-direction, #Short ranged #Rapid Fire
Rolento Mine Sweeper #Arc, #Tail --
Rose Soul Satellite #Barrier + straight --
Ryu Hadoken (straight) #Charge up
Urien Aegis Reflector #Shield #Reflect

Other special weapons

This section is a stub.
This section will include information about the ugly games made in USA and about "Rockman & Forte 2".

Trajectory keywords

Along floor

  • The projectiles follow the floors and go down along vertical steps: Bubble Lead (MM2), Water Wave (MM5), Wind Storm (MM6), Ice Wave (MM8);
  • Search Snake (MM3) can also climb up walls;
  • Napalm Bomb (MM5) travels a short distance, then explodes;
  • Scorch Wheel (MM7) can be held on Mega Man by holding the "shoot" button;
  • Wild Coil (MM7) actually shoots two coils that jump along the floor;
  • Ice Wall (MM&B) must be pushed forward, and it will start moving;


  • The projectile follows an arc, going up at first, then coming down: Screw Crusher (MMw3) Water Balloon (MM8), Mine Sweeper (SFxMM);
  • Hyper Bomb (MM1) is harmless until it explodes;
  • Super Arm (MM1) throws a boulder that splits into four large chunks when it touches anything;
  • Flame Blast (MM6) creates a flame pillar when it touches the floor or a wall;
  • Salt Water (MMw5) splits into smaller drops that travel in a second arc;
  • Tropical Hazard (SFxMM) works like a balloon, that can be pushed around, then kicked straight or in an arc;


  • A circular barrier rotates around Mega Man until it damages an enemy or absorbs a projectile: Skull Barrier (MM4), Plant Barrier (MM6)
  • Fire Storm (MM1): the barrier lasts as long as the Fire Storm projectile is on screen;
  • Leaf Shield (MM2): the barrier lasts as long as Mega Man doesn't move, then it's shot in any direction;
  • Star Crash (MM5): the barrier can be shot forward by pressing "shoot" again;
  • Junk Shield (MM7): the barrier can absorb several hits, and it can also be shot away by presing "shoot" again;
  • Soul Satellite (SFxMM) allows to shoot while the barrier is active;
  • See also: #Shield.

Body contact

  • Mega man deals damage to the enemies upon touching them, instead of getting damaged.
  • Top Spin (MM3): press "shoot" in mid-air.
  • Sakugarne (MMw2): jump on enemies (like Super Mario).
  • Charge Kick (MM5): press down and "shoot" to slide.
  • Break Dash (MMw5): press and hold "shoot", then release to dash forward.
  • Tengu Blade (MM&B): replaces regular slide.


  • The projectile travels to a limited distance, then comes back; this limit is always compensated by an extra feature;
  • Rolling Cutter (MM1) has a #Wide trajectory.
  • Quick Boomerang (MM2) has the added effect of #Rapid fire.
  • Shadow Blade (MM3) has the added feature of #Multi-direction.
  • Knight Crusher (MM6) has the added features of #Multi-direction and #Wide trajectory.
  • Ring Boomerang (MMw4), Thunder Claw (MM8) and Magic Card (MM&B) have the added effect of #Grabbing items.


  • The projectile bounces against walls, and can hit enemies in different locations.
  • Gemini Laser (MM3) bounces at 45° against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Crystal Eye (MM5) splits into three shards that bounce against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Noise Crush (MM7) bounces horizontally back towards Mega Man.
  • Tengu Blade (MM&B) bounces against walls and goes upwards in an arc.


  • Hyper Bomb (MM1): the projectile is harmless, but after a while it explodes.
  • Photon Missile (MMw5): the projectile stays in place for a while, then shoots straightforward.

Front & back

  • Mega Man shoots two projectiles, one forward and the other one backwards: Wild Coil (MM7).

Full screen

  • The attack hits all enemies on screen: Rain Flush (MM4), Gravity Hold (MM5), Centaur Flash (MM6), Black Hole (MMw5), Astro Crush (MM8), Lightning Bolt (MM&B).
  • The attack paralyzes all enemies, but it deals no damage: Time Stopper (MM2), Flash Stopper (MM4).


  • The projectile automatically goes after the nearest enemy: Dive Missile (MM4), Spark Chaser (MMw5), Homing Sniper (MM8).
  • Magnet Missile (MM3) is shot straightforward, and it turns vertically once when aligned to an enemy.


  • By pressing the directional pad, the projectile is shot in a different direction.
  • Thunder Beam (MM1) shoots automatically in 3 directions at once (forward, up and down), without need to press the direction button.
  • Metal Blade (MM2) can be shot in 5 directions: forward, up, down, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Leaf Shield (MM2) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, up, down.
  • Shadow Blade (MM3) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, up, fwd-up), but it has limited range.
  • Pharaoh Shot (MM4) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, fwd-up, fwd-down), but it can also be charged up above Mega Man's head.
  • Ballade Cracker (MMw4) can be shot in 4 directions: forward, up, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Knight Crusher (MM6) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Danger Wrap (MM7) can be shot in 4 directions: forward (parabolic), up, down, fwd-up (parabolic).
  • Freeze Cracker (MM7) can be shot in 3 directions: forward, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Bass Buster (MM&B) can be shot in 4 directions: forward, up, fwd-up, fwd-down.
  • Magic Card (MM&B) can be shot in 2 directions: forward, up.
  • Yoga Inferno (SFxMM) can be shot in 3 directions (forward, up, down) and has #Rapid fire, but it has limited range.


  • The projectile travels in an arc upwards: Air Shooter (MM2), Silver Tomahawk (MM6).

Remote controlled

  • Shoot, then press up and/or down to modify the trajectory of the projectile: Hard Knuckle (MM3), Remote Mine (MM&B).
  • Gyro Attack (MM5): you can press up or down just once to modify the trajectory.


  • It creates a barrier in front of Mega Man that is especially useful against projectiles
  • Mirror Buster (MMw1) reflects projectiles back.
  • Proto Shield (MM7) protects from projectiles only.
  • Aegis Reflector (SFxMM) reflects projectiles back; it stays in place, instead of following Mega Man.

Short ranged


  • The projectiles spiral away from Mega Man: Power Stone (MM5).


  • The projectile splits up upon contact with an enemy or a wall. The trajectory of the split shards are different for each weapon.
  • Super Arm (MM1): when it touches anything, it splits into four large chunks that travel forward.
  • Dust Crusher (MM4): when it hits an enemy, it splits into four shards that travel diagonally in four directions.
  • Crystal Eye (MM5): when it touches a wall, it splits into three shards that bounce against walls, ceiling and floor.
  • Salt Water (MMw5): when it touches the floor, it splits into three drops that travel in an arc.
  • Deep Digger (MMw5): when it touches a wall, it splits into several chunks that travel at different angles.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7): when it hits an enemy, it splits into two shards that travel vertically.
  • Junk Shield (MM7): if you press "shoot" again, the barrier will split in three random directions.
  • Flash Bomb (MM8): when it touches a wall, it creates a very large blast that stays in place for a while.


  • Instead of shooting, Mega Man leaves a tail of bombs when sliding: Mine Sweeper (SFxMM).


  • Mega Man creates a copy of himself that stays in place and shoots continuously: Copy Vision (MM&B)


  • Bubble Bomb (MMw5) travels vertically up, then follows the ceiling.
  • Tornado Hold (MM8) drops a propeller that shoots vertically up.


  • The projectile is wide, and can hit enemies that would pass under normal Mega Buster shots: Blizzard Attack (MM6).
  • Rolling Cutter (MM1) shoots projectiles along a wide ellipse.
  • Star Crash (MM5) is shot pressing "shoot" twice.
  • Spread Drill (MM&B) gets wider by pressing "shoot" two more times.

Effect keywords

Charge up

  • Press and hold "shoot" to charge up, release to shot a stronger projectile: Atomic Fire (MM2), Mega Buster (MM4 onwards), Pharaoh Shot (MM4), Wild Coil (MM7), Hadoken (SFxMM).
  • Noise Crush (MM7) is charged up if Mega Man is hit by its own projectile Rebound back.
  • Homing Sniper (MM8) shoots automatically as long as it's charged up.


  • Press "shoot" a second time to blast the projectile into a large explosion: Drill Bomb (MM4), Remote Mine (MM&B).


  • The projectile grabs items and brings them back to Mega Man: Ring Boomerang (MMw4 only), Thunder Claw (MM8), Magic Card (MM&B).
  • Grab Buster (MMw5) turns into flying energy capsules when it hits an enemy.


  • These weapons allow to interact with the stage environments in peculiar ways.
  • Rain Flush (MMw4 only) stops quicksands.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7) turns on elevators and electromagnets.
  • Scorch Wheel (MM7) burns trees, melts ice, lights up candles.
  • Thunder Bolt (MM7), Scorch Wheel (MM7) and Flash Bomb (MM8) light up dark areas.
  • Thunder Claw (MM8) allows Mega Man to swing from poles.


  • While the full-screen attack is being performed, Mega Man is immune to any damage and he stops any jump or fall in mid-air: Astro Crush (MM8), Lightning Bolt (MM&B).

Jump upgrade

  • These weapon allow to jump higher: Tornado Hold (MM8), Ice Wall (MM&B), Tropical Hazard (SFxMM).


  • Copy Vision (MM&B): enemies will target the copy instead of Mega Man.


  • Enemies get paralyzed instead of getting damaged.
  • Mega Man can switch to another weapon and/or attack: Ice Slasher (MM1), Spark Shock (MMw3 only), Flash Stopper (MM4), Ice Wave (MM8)
  • Mega Man cannot switch to another weapon: Time Stopper (MM2), Spark Shock (MM3).


  • The projectiles are not stopped by enemy shields: Yamato Spear (MM6), Optic Laser (SFxMM).

Rapid Fire

  • Press and hold "shoot" to keep shooting: Quick Boomerang (MM2), Needle Cannon (MM3), Electric Shock (MMw5), Bass Buster (MM&B), Wave Burner (MM&B), Yoga Inferno (SFxMM).


  • The weapon reflects back projectiles: Mirror Buster (MMw1), Aegis Reflector (SFxMM).
  • Water Wave (MM5) just erases the projectiles it touches.


  • Mega Man can get on top of the projectile and ride it along the floor: Ice Wall (MM&B), Oil Slider (MM1P).

Wall breaker

  • These weapons destroy blocks and open up new passages in stages: Super Arm (MM1), Thunder Beam (MM1), Crash Bomber (MM2), Hard Knuckle (MM3), Drill Bomb (MM5), Charge Kick (MMw4 only), Ballade Cracker (MMw4), Break Dash (MMw5)
  • Rain Flush (MMw4 only) and Freeze Cracker (MM7) can destroy flaming barriers.
  • Flame Blast (MM6) and Wave Burner (MM&B) can melt ice walls.
  • Flame Sword (MM8) can burn wooden barriers.
  • Deep Digger (MMw5) affects blocks under Mega Man only.

Wrap up

  • The Danger Wrap (MM7) can encase small enemies in a bubble, that can be pushed against other enemies.

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