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List of characters from the Mega Man Star Force series.

Main characters and characters with EM Wave Changes

Humans EM Beings EM Wave Change
Geo Stelar (Subaru Hoshikawa in Japan) Omega-Xis (Warrock in Japan) MegaMan (Rockman in Japan)
Sonia Strumm (Sonia Sky in anime, Misora Hibiki in Japan) Lyra (Harp in Japan) Harp Note (Lyra Note in anime)
Luna Platz (Luna Shirogane in Japan) Ophiuca (Ophiuchus in Japan) Queen Ophiuca (Ophiuchus Queen in Japan)
Vogue (Mode in Japan) -
Bud Bison (Gonta Ushijima in Japan) Taurus (Ox in Japan) Taurus Fire (Ox Fire in Japan)
Zack Temple (Kizamaro Saishoin in Japan) Pedia -
Solo Laplace Rogue (Burai in Japan)
A.C. Eos (Shidō Akatsuki in Japan) Acid Acid Ace
Tom Dubius (Utagai in Japan) Cygnus Cygnus Wing
Damian Wolfe (Jūrō Ogami in Japan) Wolf Wolf Woods (Wolf Forest in Japan)
Claud Pincer (Chiyokichi Hasami in Japan) Cancer Cancer Bubble
Patrick Sprigs and Rey Sprigs (Tsukasa Futaba and Hikaru Futaba in Japan) Gemini Gemini Spark
Jean Couronne Velmond Giorgione XIV Crown Crown Thunder
Mitch Shepar (Michimori Ikuta in Japan) Libra Libra Scales (Libra Balance in Japan)
Hyde Phantom Dark Phantom (Phantom Black in Japan)
Rich Dotcom (Monjirō Gori in Japan) Yeti Yeti Blizzard
Gerry Romero (Kyū Demagawa in Japan) Plesio (Brachio in Japan) Plesio Surf (Brachio Wave in Japan)
Shaman (Osa Agame in Japan) Condor Terra Condor (Condor Geograph in Japan)
Queen Tia (Queentia in Japan) Virgo Queen Virgo
Jack Corvus Jack Corvus
Kidd Gruff (Kenta Yagi in Japan) Goat-Foo (Goat in Japan) Kung Foo Kid (Goat Kung-Fu in Japan)

Characters without EM Wave Changes

Hope Stelar (Akane Hoshikawa in Japan) Kelvin Stelar (Daigo Hoshikawa in Japan) Aaron Boreal (Mamoru Amachi in Japan)
Dr. Goodall Dr. Vega (Dr. Orihime in Japan) Altair / Hollow (Empty in Japan)
Bob Copper (Heiji Goyoda in Japan) Legendary Master Shin Ken Suther
Mr. King Heartless Joker / Dread Joker (Grave Joker in Japan)
Cepheus Moon Destroyer (Moon Disaster in Japan) Sirius
Apollo Flame (Apollon Flame in Japan) General Auriga (Auriga General in Japan) Clark
Magnes / Spade Magnes
(Magnets / Spade Magnets in Japan)
Ice / Diamond Ice (Dia Iceburn in Japan) Strong / Club Strong
Leo Kingdom Pegasus Magic Dragon Sky
Andromeda Le Mu Crimson Dragon

For minor characters in the series, see List of Transer users, List of Star Carrier users, and List of Hunter-VG users.

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