List of Mega Man Battle Network 3 Battle Chips

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List of Battle Chips from Mega Man Battle Network 3.

Standard Chips

# Image Name Damage Letter Codes Description Location
001BN3CannonCannon40A, B, C, D, E, *Cannon to attack 1 enemy Defeat Canodumb virus in ACDC areas; A & B come in starting folder; Buy C from net dealer in SciLab Square (MMBN3 White).
002HiCannonHiCannon60H, I, J, K, L, *Cannon to attack 1 enemyDefeat Canodumb2 in Yoka 1 and other areas; Get * in Numberman Machine; Find K in GMD in Undernet 1.
003M-CannonBN3M-Cannon80O, P, Q, R, SCannon to attack 1 enemyDefeat Canodumb3 in Tank Comp or WWW robots for O, P, Q, R.
004AirShot1AirShot120 * Knocks enemy back 1In 1st folder.
005Airshot2AirShot230 * Knocks enemy back 1Get from BugFrag trader in MMB3 White in Yoka Area.
006Airshot3AirShot340 * Knocks enemy back 1Get from NumberMan Machine.
007LavaCan1LavaCan190A, G, S, T, VFires lava fr. areaDefeat Volcano virus in Undernet.
008LavaCan2LavaCan2120B, D, F, M, OFires lava fr. areaDefeat Volcaner virus.
009LavaCan3LavaCan3150E, H, J, R, WFires lava fr. areaDefeat Volcanest virus in Secret Net.
010VolcanoVolcano150A, G, J, Y, ZFire lava from your areaDefeat Vulcan, Vulcaner, Vulcanest virus with Custom Style with S-Rank under 5 seconds without using NaviChips.
011ShotgunShotGun30B,F,J,N,T,*Explodes 1 square behindComes from starting folder.
012V-GunV-Gun30D,G,L,P,V,*Explodes 2 diag. squaresComes from starting folder.
013SidegunSideGun30C,H,M,S,Y,*Explodes up, down on hitComes from starting folder.
014SpreaderSpreader30M,N,O,P,Q,R,*Creates a large explosionGet * coded chip from Numberman Machine.
015BublerBubbler60C,D,E,F,*Explodes 1 square behindDefeat Shrimpy virus in Yoka 1; Buy from net dealer in ACDC 2 for 600z (MMBN3 Blue).
016Bub-VBub-V60C,D,E,FExplodes 2 diag. squaresDefeat Shrimpy2 viruses in Undernet.
017BublSideBublSide60C,D,E,FExplodes up, down on hitDefeat Shrimpy3 viruses in Undernet.
018HeatShotHeatShot40B,H,I,J,P,*Explodes 1 square behindBuy from net dealer in ACDC 2 for 500z (MMBN3 White); Defeat Spikey virus in ZooComp areas.
019Heat-VHeat-V40F,I,J,K,VExplodes 2 diag. squaresDefeat Spikey2 virus in ZooComp 4, Hades, Undernet areas.
020HeatSideHeatSide40C,J,K,L,TExplodes up, down on hitDefeat Spikey3 virus in Hades and Undernet areas.
021MiniBombMiniBomb50B,G,L,O,S,*Throws a bomb 3 squares Get in starting folder; Green mystery data in ACDC 1.
022SnglBombSnglBomb50D,F,H,J,T,*Throws a big bomb 3 squares Defeat Beetle virus in ZooComp or Beach Area.
023DublBombDublBomb50A,C,H,K,Q,*Throws 2 big bombs 3 squares Defeat Deetle virus in Undernet or Beach Area.
024TrplBombTrplBomb50E,I,N,P,WThrows 3 big bombs 3 squaresDefeat Geetle virus in Secret Net 1&2.
025CannBallCannBall160A,D,F,L,P,*Breaks 3rd panel ahead Defeat HardHead virus in Hades Comp.
026IceBallIceBall120F,I,M,Q,S,*Freezes 3rd sqr. ahead ColdHead virus in Hades Comp (use Fish program).
027LavaballLavaBall140B,C,H,N,W,*Shoot lava 3rd sq. aheadDefeat HotHead virus in DoorSens Comp in the SciLab doorway (use OilBody program).
028BlkBombBlkBomb1120F,L,N,P,ZFirebomb hits 3rd sq ahead!
029BlkBomb2BlkBomb2170D,I,K,Q,SFire bomb hits 3rd sq ahead!
030BlkBomb3BlkBomb3220C,G,L,U,YFire bomb hits 3rd sq ahead! Secret 2 chip seller
031SwordSword80E,H,L,S,YCuts enmy in front! Range: 1Get in starting folder.
032WideSwrdWideSwrd80C,E,L,Q,YCuts enmy in front! Range: 3Get in starting folder.
033LongSwrdLongSwrd80E,I,L,R,YCuts enmy in front! Range: 2 Defeat Swordy virus (Scilab area), find in Blue mystery data in ACDC 2.
034FireSwrdFireSwrd130F,N,P,R,UFire: Cuts fwd 3 squaresDefeat Swordy2 viruses in Undernet or Hades Comp.
035AquaSwrdAquaSwrd150A,H,N,P,TWater: Cuts fwd 3 squaresDefeat Swordy3 viruses in Yoka or Undernet.
036ElecSwrdElecSwrd130E,K,N,P,VElec: Cuts fwd 3 squaresBuy from net dealer for 3800z in Blue.
037MMBN3SChip037BambSwrd140B,L,N,P,WWood: Cuts fwd 3 squares Buy from net dealer for 5000z in White.
038CustSwrdCustSwrd????B,F,R,V,ZCust Gauge= Atk StrBuy from net dealer for 5000z in Blue.
039VarSwrdVarSwrd160B,C,D,E,FA magical shifting sword Give a "Shake1 S" to the man near the information desk at Scilab for it or get from NumberMan Machine.
040MMBN3SChip040AirSwrd100C,E,H,J,R,*Wide swrd with air attack! Higsby's normal chip stock
041StepSwrdStepSwrd130L,M,N,O,P2 steps, then uses wide swrd Scilab Square chip seller; BMD behind Beatman's security cube; Higsby's chiptrader
042MMBN3SChip042StepCros130P,Q,R,S,T2 steps, then uses cross atk Higsby's chip trader; BMD behind Quizzer door in Secret 1 (defeat Mr. Quiz, Quiz Master, Quiz Queen, and Quiz King)
043SlasherSlasher240B,D,G,R,SCut while A Button is held! Help Quest reward (the two brothers trying to sell Slasher B chips at a cheaper price than the other)
044ShockWavShockWav60D,H,J,L,RShock through enemies Mettaur virus in ACDC and many other areas.
045MMBN3SChip045SonicWav80G,I,M,S,WShock through enemies Mettaur2 virus in ZooComp and many other areas.
046MMBN3SChip046DynaWave100E,N,Q,T,VShock through enemies Mettaur3 virus in Undernet 4-7 and Secret Net 1&2.
047MMBN3SChip047BigWave190E,J,M,P,YShck wave cracks panels S-Rank Mettaur3 with Custom Style in under 5 seconds w/o using NaviChips.
048MMBN3SChip48GutPunch80B,C,D,E,FPunch pushes 1 squareGreen Green Mystery Data in Yoka 2.
049MMBN3SChip49GutStrgt100O,P,Q,R,SPunch 2 square rangeGreen Green Mystery Data in Beach area; Get from NumberMan Machine.
050MMBN3SChip50GutImpct160G,H,I,J,KPunch pushes 1 square
051MMBN3SChip051DashAtk90C,D,G,J,Z,*Dash through enemies! Fishy virus in SciLab areas.
052MMBN3SChip052Burner130B,F,Q,S,WEnvelops you in flame! Fishy2 virus in Hades Isle.
053MMBN3SChip053Condor180B,I,L,S,ZChrge atk pierces enemies Fishy3 virus in Secret Net.
054MMBN3SChip054Burning150A,F,L,R,SFire atk in cross shape! S-Rank Fishy2 in under 5 seconds using Custom Style without using any Navi Chips.
055MMBN3SChip055ZapRing120A,M,P,Q,S,*Pralyzing electric ring atk!Defeat Bunny virus in ACDC 2&3.
056MMBN3SChip056ZapRing240B,G,N,R,WPralyzing electric ring atk!Defeat TuffBunny virus, comes in 2nd folder from Tora.
057MMBN3SChip057ZapRing360C,E,O,T,ZPralyzing electric ring atk!Defeat MegaBunny virus in WWW Comps.
058MMBN3SChip058IceWave180A,K,M,Q,W,*Creates a 2 sq wide ice wave! Pengi virus
059MMBN3SChip059IceWave2100D,H,L,P,R,*Creates a 2 sq wide ice wave! Penga virus
060MMBN3SChip060IceWave3140C,D,J,R,VCreates a 2 sq wide ice wave! Pengon virus
061MMBN3SChip061Yo-Yo140C,D,E,F,G,*3-square yo-yo attack!Defeat Yort virus in Beach areas.
062MMBN3SChip062Yo-Yo250H,I,J,K,L3-square yo-yo attack! Yurt virus
063MMBN3SChip063Yo-Yo360M,N,O,P,Q3-square yo-yo attack!Defeat Yart virus in Secret Net.
064MMBN3SChip064AirStrm150A,F,H,O,SCreates 3 whrlwindsDefeat Snowblow virus in Beach 2.
065MMBN3SChip065AirStrm260C,G,H,M,WCreates 3 whrlwindsDefeat LoBlow virus in gargoyle statue on Hades Isle.
066MMBN3SChip066AirStrm370A,G,I,N,VCreates 3 whrlwindsDefeat MoBlow virus in Secret 2.
067MMBN3SChip067Arrow1100B,E,M,Q,TBee fly diagonal pathsDefeat Elebee virus.
068MMBN3SChip068Arrow2130F,R,S,U,ZBee fly diagonal pathsDefeat Elewasp virus.
069MMBN3SChip069Arrow3160A,H,J,N,PBee fly diagonal paths Defeat Elehornet virus in School Server Comp in the staff lounge of ACDC School (use Battery Program).
070MMBN3SChip070Ratton180A,C,F,H,JCrawling rat, turns once Defeat Ratty virus in Scilab Area.
071MMBN3SChip071Ratton2100A,C,F,N,OCrawling rat, turns onceDefeat Ratty2 virus, found in mystery data in Undernet.
072MMBN3SChip072Ratton3120A,C,F,R,SCrawling rat, turns onceDefeat Ratty3 virus in Secret Net 1.
073MMBN3SChip073FireRatn230B,F,H,M,YActivates when hit w/ fire! Found in mystery data in NetBattling Computer in DNN station. (Where shows are being aired)
074MMBN3SChip074Wave80E,I,L,S,TCreates a wave that moves 3 sqDefeat Jelly virus.
075MMBN3SChip075RedWave90B,F,J,R,UCreates a 3 sq wave of lavaDefeat HeatJelly virus.
076MMBN3SChip076MudWave100D,G,M,V,ZMud wave advances 3 squaresDefeat ErthJelly virus.
077MMBN3SChip077Tornado20C,L,R,T,UAn 8-hit tornado 2 sq ahead
078MMBN3SChip078Spice180B,D,I,S,Z,*Dangerous powder on all grass Defeat Mushy viruses in ZooComp Area.
079MMBN3SChip079Spice2110C,F,I,K,RDangerous powder on all grassDefeat Mashy virus.
080MMBN3SChip080Spice3140D,F,J,O,QDangerous powder on all grassDefeat Moshy virus.
081MMBN3SChip081Shake190E,G,R,S,UVertical shaking 3 sq aheadDefeat Heavy virus.
082MMBN3SChip082Shake2110B,F,I,L,QVertical shaking 3 sq aheadDefeat Heavier virus.
083MMBN3SChip083Shake3140D,M,R,T,ZVertical shaking 3 sq aheadDefeat Heaviest virus in Secret Net 1.
084MMBN3SChip084NoBeam1200C,F,G,T,ZFires if something behindDefeat N.O. 1 in Hospital TV
085MMBN3SChip085NoBeam2260E,I,S,U,YFires if something behindDefeat N.O. 2 in Secret Area 2
086MMBN3SChip086NoBeam3300H,M,V,W,ZFires if something behindDefeat N.O. 3 in Secret Area 2/3
087MMBN3SChip087Hammer100B,G,L,P,T,*Hammer smashes front! Get in mystery data in ZooComp area.
088MMBN2Chip110Geyser200B,C,L,S,WGeyser 3 squares forward Found in mystery data in Undernet.
089MMBN3SChip089Rope150D,G,J,M,O,*Entwines adjacent enemies!Defeat Viney virus in Hosp Comps.
090MMBN3SChip090Rope270E,G,O,T,UEntwines adjacent enemies!Defeat Viner virus.
091MMBN3SChip091Rope390H,I,T,U,VEntwines adjacent enemies!Defeat Vinert virus.
092MMBN3SChip092Boomer160F,H,J,M,T,*Boomerang encircles field Defeat Boomer viruses in Scilab Area.
093MMBN3SChip093Boomer280E,I,K,N,V,*Boomerang encircles fieldDefeat Gloomer virus.
094MMBN3SChip094Boomer3100L,O,P,U,ZBoomerang encircles fieldDefeat Doomer virus in Secret Net.
095MMBN3SChip095PoisMask -A,F,N,Q,V,*Poison area w/ A Button!Defeat PuffBall virus in Hosp Comp.
096MMBN3SChip096PoisFace -A,N,Q,V,W,*Spread poison w/ A Button!Defeat PoofBall virus in Hosp Comp.
097MMBN3SChip097RockArm1100D,H,J,O,P,*Paralyzes enemy w/ erthquake Defeat Quaker virus in Scilab Area.
098MMBN3SChip098RockArm2150G,M,P,S,V,*Paralyzes enemy w/ erthquake Defeat Shaker virus in Beach Area.
099MMBN3SChip099RockArm3200C,I,L,T,ZParalyzes enemy w/ erthquakeDefeat Breaker virus.
100MMBN3SChip100CrsShld1160A,C,H,L,P,*Guard, and bite into the enemyDefeat Dominerd virus in Undernet.
101MMBN3SChip101CrsShld2210B,C,L,S,TGuard, and bite into the enemyDefeat Dominerd2 virus in WWW Wall Comp next to boat at WWW base.
102MMBN3SChip102CrsShld3260C,E,L,N,RGuard, and bite into the enemyDefeat Dominerd 3 virus in Secret Net 3.
103MMBN3SChip103Magnum1120A,C,H,T,VCursor destroys panel!Defeat Basher virus in WWW Comp 1, Tank Comp, or find in Dr.Wily`s computer.
104MMBN3SChip104Magnum2150B,G,N,O,ZCursor destroys panel!Defeat Smasher virus in Secret Area 2
105MMBN3SChip105Magnum3180D,F,I,S,WCursor destroys panel!Defeat Trasher virus in Tank Comp & Secret Area 3.
106MMBN3SChip106Plasma130B,D,J,R,TLaunches electric attackDefeat Eleball virus in Principal's PC.
107MMBN3SChip107Plasma260A,G,K,M,QLaunches electric attackDefeat Elesphere virus.
108MMBN3SChip108Plasma390F,I,N,P,SLaunches electric attackDefeat Eleglobe virus.
109MMBN3SChip109RndmMetr100E,I,S,V,ZMeteors smash enemies!Defeat Metrid virus in Undernet.
110MMBN3SChip110HoleMetr100C,H,J,N,QMeteors smash into sqDefeat Metrod virus.
111MMBN3SChip111ShotMetr100A,D,F,S,YMeteors shoot out forwardDefeat Metrodo virus.
112MMBN3SChip112Needler130I,J,M,R,SAdvance w/ A, stop to attackDefeat Needler virus.
113MMBN3SChip113Needler240F,H,M,T,VAdvance w/ A, stop to attackDefeat Nailer virus.
114MMBN3SChip114Needler350D,L,O,U,ZAdvance w/ A, stop to attackDefeat Spiker virus in Secret Net.
115MMBN3SChip115Totem1100G,H,M,O,VCreates a totem to blow fireDefeat Totem virus in Hosp Comp.
116MMBN3SChip116Totem2140A,C,E,T,ZCreates a totem to blow fireDefeat Totam virus.
117MMBN3SChip117Totem3180D,I,K,N,QCreates a totem to blow fireDefeat Totum virus.
118MMBN3SChip118Sensor1100C,K,L,O,PSensor to watch sq aheadDefeat KillerEye virus.
119MMBN3SChip119Sensor2130A,G,H,N,SWatch sq ahead or diagonalDefeat DemonEye virus in Undernet 6.
120MMBN3SChip120Sensor3130B,E,J,O,PWatch sq ahead or diagonalDefeat JokerEye virus in Secret Area 1
121MMBN3SChip121MetaGel190B,C,D,K,YGel atk steals a panel!Defeat Slimey virus in Yoka 1&2.
122MMBN3SChip122MetaGel2130E,F,G,P,SGel atk steals a panel! Defeat Slimer virus in Undernet or WWW Comps
123MMBN3SChip123MetaGel3170G,H,S,T,UGel atk steals a panel!Defeat Slimest virus in Undernet 7.
124MMBN3SChip124Pawn90B,E,N,R,YAttack by pressing A Button
125MMBN3SChip125Knight150C,H,M,U,VJumps fwd and attacks
126MMBN3SChip126Rook -D,F,N,Q,U,*Protects you from attacksGreen Mystery Data in Secret Area 2, immediately to the right of the entrance. Use Untrap. Get from 2nd folder from Tora.
127MMBN3SChip127Team110A,C,E,T,Z,*Powers up when ally is hitDefeat Twins virus in DNN Comp.
128MMBN3SChip128Team2 -D,L,P,S,Z,*Ally's HP recovered if hurtDefeat Twins virus in DNN Comp.
129MMBN3SChip129TimeBomb150J,K,L,M,NAn area-wide time bombPurchase from various Net-Dealers in SciLab, Beach, and Yoka Square.
130MMBN2Chip101Mine300A,D,L,R,S,*Places a mine in enmy areaGreen Mystery data at the dead-end rectangle platform in Secret Area 3. Use Untrap. Get from BugFrag trader in Yoka 1 (MMBN3 White).
131MMBN3SChip131Lance130D,E,H,R,ZLances through back lineGreen Mystery Data in Secret Area 2. Use Untrap.
132MMBN3SChip132Snake40D,E,I,R,YSnake from hole in area Get from Higsby after completing his jobs.
133MMBN3SChip133Guard -*Repels enemy's attackGet rank 5-7 against Mettaur, Mettaur 2, or Mettaur 3 virus.
134MMBN3SChip134PanlOut1 -A,B,D,L,S,*Destroys 1 panel in front Get from starting folder.
135MMBN3SChip135PanlOut3 -C,E,N,R,YDestroys 3 panels in front Get from blue mystery data in ACDC 2.
136MMBN3SChip136PanlGrab -A,H,L,S,Y,*Steals 1 enemy square!
137MMBN3SChip137AreaGrab -E,L,R,S,Y,*Steals left edge from enmy
138MMBN3SChip138GrabBack40A,E,I,K,NRetaliate stolen panels!
139MMBN3SChip139GrabRvng80C,G,P,R,YRetaliate stolen panels!
140MMBN3SChip140RockCube -A,C,E,H,R,*Places a rock cube in frontBuy from shop in SciLab Square (MMBN White).
141MMBN3SChip141Prism -H,J,K,Q,WPrism fires randomlyOne in Blue Mystery Data behind WWW door. For others, use the BugFrag Trader in Secret 3 or the ChipTrader Special in the DNN TV station. Use WWW ID to clear door in Yoka Area, blue mystery data contains prism.
142MMBN3SChip142Wind -A,E,H,O,S,*WindBox blows at enmy areaEasiest to get by S-Ranking Windbox in Tamako's PC or in Yoka area.
143MMBN3SChip143Fan -A,G,L,R,T,*Vacuum pulls enemies
144MMBN3SChip144Fanfare -C,E,G,L,Y,*Take no dmg for a whileDefeat Trumpy virus in Beach area.
145MMBN3SChip145Discord -D,F,N,T,Z,*Confuses enemies w/ musicDefeat Tuby virus.
146MMBN3SChip146Timpani -A,N,Q,U,W,*Paralyzes enemies w/ musicDefeat Tromby virus.
147MMBN3SChip147Recov10 -A,C,E,G,L,*Recovers 10HPComes in starting folder.
148MMBN3SChip148Recov30 -B,D,F,H,M,*Recovers 30HPBuy from NetDealer from ACDC 2 in Blue for 800z
149MMBN3SChip149Recov50 -C,E,G,I,N,*Recovers 50HPComes in 2nd folder from Tora, get from green mystery data from Scilab.
150MMBN3SChip150Recov80 -D,F,H,J,O,*Recovers 80HPFind in green mystery data in Beach Area.
151MMBN3SChip151Recov120 -O,Q,S,U,W,*Recovers 120HPTrade WideSword C for chip to woman somewhere in DNN station.
152MMBN3SChip152Recov150 -N,P,R,T,VRecovers 150HP
153MMBN3SChip153Recov200 -M,N,U,V,WRecovers 200HP
154MMBN3SChip154Recov300 -O,R,V,W,ZRecovers 300HPComplete the job "Help with a Will" on the scilab Job BBS
155MMBNChip082Repair -A,C,D,F,S,*Fix your area's panels
156MMBN3SChip156SloGauge -A,C,R,S,Z,*CustGauge slow down in battleGet after doing job for Tora.
157MMBN3SChip157FstGauge -B,E,J,R,YCustGauge speeds down in battle
158MMBN3SChip158Panic -A,C,L,R,ZConfuses enmies if you areGet from using WWW ID on skull door in ACDC 1, and use unlocker on mystery data.
159MMBN2Chip131Geddon1 -D,J,M,O,S,*Cracks all panels!Find in blue mystery data in ZooComp.
160MMBN2Chip132Geddon2 -F,H,N,O,WBreaks all empty squares!Find under vines in HospComp 3.
161MMBN2Chip133Geddon3 -C,M,U,W,YTurns all panels to swamp!
162MMBN3SChip162CopyDmg -A,F,H,L,Y,*Duplicate damage on 2nd enemyGreen mystery data in SciLab or blue mystery data in ACDC 2.
163MMBN3SChip163Invis -B,E,F,R,S,*Invisible for a whilePurchase from ACDC square Netdealer for 600 Zenny each in blue, comes from blue mystery data in Scilab Area.
164MMBN2Chip155Shadow -H,J,N,Q,U,*Only swrd attacks hurt youDeat Shadow virus in Secret Net.
165MMBN3SChip165Mole1 -A,D,H,J,O,*Attacks fr. under ground!Defeat Momogra virus in ZooComp.
166MMBN3SChip166Mole2 -B,D,I,K,R,*Attacks fr. under ground!Defeat Momogro virus.
167MMBN3SChip167Mole3 -C,E,L,M,QAttacks fr. under ground!Defeat Momogre virus in Secret Net.
168MMBN2Chip135AirShoes -H,I,N,U,Y,*Can stand on empty squares
169MMBN3SChip169Barrier -C,E,L,R,S,*Nullifies 10HP of damage!Find in doghouse computer in Lan`s house.
170MMBN3SChip170Barr100 -E,J,M,R,T,*Nullifies 100HP of damage!
171MMBN3SChip171Barr200 -E,F,H,R,UNullifies 200HP of damage!
172MMBN3SChip172Aura -F,I,S,U,YRepels attacks under 100
173MMBN3SChip173NrthWind -A,C,N,S,ZWind removes auras, etc Buy from NetDealer in Undernet Square for 14000z in White.
174MMBN3SChip174Mettaur????TSummons a Mettaur to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find Mettaur 1,2,3 battle hidden behind the WWW door in ACDC 1. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
175MMBN3SChip175Bunny????RSummons a Bunny to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, complete "Please adopt a virus!!" job. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
176MMBN3SChip176Spikey????ESummons a Spikey to fight!
177MMBN3SChip177Swordy????WSummons a Swordy to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find Swordy 1,2,3 battle hidden at the end of the right-side long blue platform in UnderNet 1. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
178MMBN3SChip178Jelly????YSummons a Jelly to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find Jelly, HeatJelly, EarthJelly battle at the end of a dead-end next to the lower entrance from Beach 2 to Beach 1. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
179MMBN3SChip179Mushy????HSummons a Mushy to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find Mushy, Mashy, Moshy battle hidden in the empty square 3x3 platform just outside SciLab square. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
180MMBN3SChip180Momogra????GSummons a Momogra to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find Momogra, Momogre, Momogro battle hidden at the end of ZooComp 4, right where you fought BeastMan. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
181MMBN3SChip181KillrEye????KSummons a KillerEye to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find KillerEye, (???)Eye, JokerEye battle next to the big dark blue blinking board at the top-right in Principal's PC 1. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist.
182MMBN3SChip182Scuttlst????ASummons a Scuttlest to fight!After getting the Virus Breeder in SciLab, find battle hidden in Secret Net. Then talk to the Virus Breeder scientist. A second battle is hidden in Secret Net 3, off of the compressed path.
183MMBN3SChip183Hole -A,B,S,T,Z,*Open hole to dark worldBlue Mystery Data in Secret Net 3.
184MMBN3SChip184HolyPanl -E,J,L,R,U,*Creates a holy pnl in front
185MMBN2Chip173LavaStge -A,E,R,T,Y,*Changes all panls to lava Get after helping Mr. Match install data.
186MMBN3SChip186IceStage -C,G,M,Q,T,*Changes all panls to ice
187MMBN2Chip175GrassStg -E,J,R,W,Z,*Changes all panls to grass Get from NetDealer in ACDC square for 1000z in White.
188MMBN3SChip188SandStge -B,C,Q,U,WChanges all panls to sandBlue Mystery Data behind DesertMan's security cube in Undernet.
189MMBN3SChip189MetlStge -D,G,M,O,SChanges all panls to metal Get from NetDealer in ACDC square for 2800z in Blue.
190MMBN3SChip190Snctuary -A,C,E,L,SChange own panls to holy
191MMBN2Chip181AntiDmg100C,F,H,M,SSets trap & throws stars! Get from NetDealer in Scilab square in Blue.
192MMBN2Chip182AntiSwrd100B,K,R,U,YRetaliate for sword damageTrade for Shadow J in DNN station.
193MMBN2Chip183AntiNavi -A,M,N,V,WTakes the enemy's Navi away
194MMBN2Chip184AntiRecv -B,D,E,O,SPunish recovery of HPs!
195MMBN2Chip185Atk+10 - * +10 for selected atk chip Get from starting folder.
196MMBN3SChip196Fire+30 - * +30 for Fire atk chip
197MMBN3SChip197Aqua+30 - * +30 for Aqua atk chip
198MMBN3SChip198Elec+30 - * +30 for Elec atk chip
199MMBN3SChip199Wood+30 - * +30 for Wood atk chip
200MMBN2Chip192Navi+20 - * +20 for selected Navi chip

Mega Chips

# Image Name Damage Description Location
1MMBN3MChip01Muramasa????Power=amount of HP lost!Lotto Number 50098263
2MMBN2Chip258HeroSwrd180Legendary swrd cuts 3 sq!Lotto Number 03284579
3MMBN2Chip082ZeusHamr250Damages anyone on a panelObtain from an NPC at Hades Isle Lava Room by trading GrabBack K
4MMBN3MChip04StandOut220Heat: Send Fire into holePurchase from Higsby's shop.
5MMBN3MChip05Salamndr300Heat: Send Fire into holeLotto Number 65497812 or use Untrap on green mystery data in Undernet.
6MMBN3MChip06WatrLine180Water: Draw wter from holePurchase from Higsby's shop.
7MMBN3MChip07Fountain240Water: Draw wter from holeLotto Number 88543997
8MMBN3MChip08Lightning160Elec: Dmgs object & areaPurchase from Higsby's shop.
9MMBN3MChip09Bolt210Elec: Dmgs object & areaLotto Number 54390805
10MMBN2Chip254GaiaSwrd100Wood: Take power frm next chipPurchase from Higsby's shop.
11MMBN3MChip11GaiaBlad100Wood: Take power fr. next chipLotto Number 33157825
12MMBN2Chip259Meteors40Drop many meteors on enemyPurchase from NetDealer in Secret Area 2.
13MMBN2Chip142Guardian -Statue punishes when hitUndernet 7, behind curtain. Open curtain by defeating Bass GS
14MMBNChip104Anubis -Anubis poisons enemiesPurchase from Higsby for 80000z
15MMBN2Chip112GodStone150Summons a GodStone from holePurchase from NetDealer in Beach Square.
16MMBN2Chip113OldWood100Summons OldWood from holePurchase from Higsby's shop.
17MMBN2Chip177Jealousy100More dmg if enemy has chipsPMD in DNN Editing Room Console
18MMBN3MChip18Poltrgst -Objects thrown at enemies!Obtain from a Ghost Navi behind the Tree of Life. Requires main storyline to be completed.
19MMBN2Chip166LifeAura -Repel all attacks under 200Scutz
20MMBN2Chip148FullCust -CustGauge instantly refills!Purchase from NetDealer in UnderSquare.
21MMBN2Chip187Atk+30 - +30 for selected atk chipPurchase from NetDealer in Secret Area 2.
22MMBN3MChip22Navi+40 - +40 for selected Navi chipComplete the Quiz King's quiz at the top of Hades Isle
23MMBN3MChip23Roll20Attack an enemy, heal youObtain by talking to Mayl Sakurai during the storyline.
24MMBN3MChip24Roll V230Attack an enemy, heal youObtain in an email from Mayl during the storyline.
25MMBN3MChip25Roll V340Attack an enemy, heal youObtain by talking to Mayl during the storyline.
26MMBN3MChip26GutsMan50Sneaks up to smash panels!GutsMan v1/α/β
27MMBN3MChip27GutsMan V270Sneaks up to smash panels!GutsMan α/β
28MMBN3MChip28GutsMan V390Sneaks up to smash panels!GutsMan β
29MMBN3MChip29GutsMan V4100Sneaks up to smash panels!S-Rank GutsMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
30MMBN3MChip30ProtoMan160Moves in to slice the enemyProtoMan v1/α/β
31MMBN3MChip31ProtoMn V2180Moves in to slice the enemyProtoMan α/β
32MMBN3MChip32ProtoMn V3200Moves in to slice the enemyProtoMan β
33MMBN3MChip33ProtoMn V4220Moves in to slice the enemyS-Rank ProtoMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
34MMBN3MChip34FlashMan50Flash atk paralyzes enemyFlashMan α/β
35MMBN3MChip35FlashMn V270Flash atk paralyzes enemyFlashMan β
36MMBN3MChip36FlashMn V390Flash atk paralyzes enemyFlashMan β
37MMBN3MChip37FlashMn V4120Flash atk paralyzes enemyS-Rank FlashMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
38MMBN3MChip38BeastMan40Claw atk 3 squares ahead!BeastMan α/β
39MMBN3MChip39BeastMn V250Claw atk 3 squares ahead!BeastMan β
40MMBN3MChip40BeastMn V360Claw atk 3 squares ahead!BeastMan β
41MMBN3MChip41BeastMn V470Claw atk 3 squares ahead!S-Rank BeastMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
42MMBN3MChip42BubblMan20Fires several AquaShotsBubbleMan α/β
43MMBN3MChip43BubblMn V220Fires several AquaShotsBubbleMan β
44MMBN3MChip44BubblMn V320Fires several AquaShotsBubbleMan β
45MMBN3MChip45BubblMn V420Fires several AquaShotsS-Rank BubbleMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
46MMBN3MChip46DesrtMan120Launches fists at enemies!DesertMan α/β
47MMBN3MChip47DesrtMn V2140Launches fists at enemies!DesertMan β
48MMBN3MChip48DesrtMn V3160Launches fists at enemies!DesertMan β
49MMBN3MChip49DesrtMn V4180Launches fists at enemies!S-Rank DesertMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
50MMBN3MChip50PlantMan20Vines harm all enemies!PlantMan α/β
51MMBN3MChip51PlantMn V230Vines harm all enemies!PlantMan β
52MMBN3MChip52PlantMn V340Vines harm all enemies!PlantMan β
53MMBN3MChip53PlantMn V450Vines harm all enemies!S-Rank PlantMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
54MMBN3MChip54FlamMan120Flames burn all enemies!FlameMan α/β
55MMBN3MChip55FlamMan V2150Flames burn all enemies!FlameMan β
56MMBN3MChip56FlamMan V3180Flames burn all enemies!FlameMan β
57MMBN3MChip57FlamMan V4210Flames burn all enemies!S-Rank FlameMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
58MMBN3MChip58DrillMan703 drills fly at enemies!DrillMan α/β
59MMBN3MChip59DrillMn V2903 drills fly at enemies!DrillMan β
60MMBN3MChip60DrillMn V31103 drills fly at enemies!DrillMan β
61MMBN3MChip61DrillMn V41303 drills fly at enemies!S-Rank DrillMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
62MMBN3MChip62MetalMan100Iron fist smashes 1 square!MetalMan v1/α/β
63MMBN3MChip63MetalMn V2130Iron fist smashes 1 square!MetalMan α/β
64MMBN3MChip64MetalMn V3160Iron fist smashes 1 square!MetalMan β
65MMBN3MChip65MetalMn V4190Iron fist smashes 1 square!S-Rank MetalMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
66MMBN3MChip66KingMan140Move up 3 square & 4-way hitKingMan v1/α/β
67MMBN3MChip67KingMan V2170Move up 3 square & 4-way hitKingMan α/β
68MMBN3MChip68KingMan V3200Move up 3 square & 4-way hitKingMan β
69MMBN3MChip69KingMan V4240Move up 3 square & 4-way hitS-Rank KingMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
70MMBN3MChip70MistMan90Appears from mist & attacksMistMan v1/α/β
Trade from White version.
71MMBN3MChip71MistMan V2110Appears from mist & attacksMistMan α/β
Trade from White version.
72MMBN3MChip72MistMan V3130Appears from mist & attacksMistMan β
Trade from White version.
73MMBN3MChip73MistMan V4150Appears from mist & attacksS-Rank MistMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
Trade from White version.
74MMBN3MChip74BowlMan100Lines up pins for a strike!BowlMan v1/α/β
Trade from Blue version.
75MMBN3MChip75BowlMan V2120Lines up pins for a strike!BowlMan α/β
Trade from Blue version.
76MMBN3MChip76BowlMan V3140Lines up pins for a strike!BowlMan β
Trade from Blue version.
77MMBN3MChip77BowlMan V4160Lines up pins for a strike!S-Rank BowlMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
Trade from Blue version.
78MMBN3MChip78DarkMan30Creates 3 caves in enmy areaDarkMan α/β
79MMBN3MChip79DarkMan V230Creates 3 caves in enmy areaDarkMan β
80MMBN3MChip80DarkMan V330Creates 3 caves in enmy areaDarkMan β
81MMBN3MChip81DarkMan V430Creates 3 caves in enmy areaS-Rank DarkMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
82MMBN3MChip82JapanMan40Multiple attacks w/ spearJapanMan α/β
83MMBN3MChip83JapanMn V245Multiple attacks w/ spearJapanMan β
84MMBN3MChip84JapanMn V350Multiple attacks w/ spearJapanMan β
85MMBN3MChip85JapanMn V455Multiple attacks w/ spearS-Rank JapanMan β in under 20 seconds using Team Style.
86PunkChipPunk180Spins and smashes enemies!Obtain from event.

Giga Chips

# Image Name Damage Letter Codes Description Location
2MMBN3GChip02BassGS700XBass' secret weaponObtained only in Capcom special events in Japan. Replaces Bass/Bass+.
6MMBN3GChip06GutsManV5120GSneaks up to smash panels!Defeat GutsManΩ
7MMBN3GChip07ProtoMnV5240BMoves in to slice the enemyDefeat ProtoManΩ
8MMBN3GChip08FlashMnV5150FFlash atk paralyzes enemyDefeat FlashManΩ
9MMBN3GChip09BeastMnV580BClaw atk 3 squares ahead!Defeat BeastManΩ
10MMBN3GChip10BubblMnV520BFires several AquaShotsDefeat BubbleManΩ
11MMBN3GChip11DesrtMnV5210DLaunches fists at enemies!Defeat DesertManΩ
12MMBN3GChip12PlantMnV560PVines harm all enemies!Defeat PlantManΩ
13MMBN3GChip13FlamManV5240FFlames burn all enemies!Defeat FlamManΩ
14MMBN3GChip14DrillMnV5150D3 drills fly at enemies!Defeat DrillManΩ
15MMBN3GChip15MetalMnV5250MIron fist smashes 1 square!Defeat MetalManΩ
16MMBN3GChip16KingManV5280KMove up 3 square & 4-way hitDefeat KingManΩ
17MMBN3GChip17MistManV5170MAppears from mist & attacksDefeat MistManΩ
18MMBN3GChip18BowlManV5180BLines up pins for a strike!Defeat BowlManΩ
19MMBN3GChip19DarkManV530DCreates 3 caves in enmy areaDefeat DarkManΩ
20MMBN3GChip20JapanMnV560YMultiple attacks w/ spearDefeat JapanManΩ
White Version Exclusive
1MMBN3GChip01WNaviRcycl -*Recalls last Navi usedBugFrag Trader in Undernet 2.
2MMBN3GChip02WBass90XDark chip Explodes for 3 sqDefeat BassGS in Secret Area 3.
3MMBN3GChip03WSerenade100SDark chip Holy pwr to frontComplete Serenade's time trials.
4MMBN3GChip04WBalance -YBoth HP reduced by half!
5MMBN3GChip05WAlphArmΣ50V3-stage electric attack!Defeat AlphaΩ
Blue Version Exclusive
1MMBN3GChip01BFoldrBak -*Restores all chips & foldersBugFrag Trader in Undernet 2.
2MMBN3GChip02BBass+550XDark chip Smashes panels! Defeat BassGS in Secret Area 3.
3MMBN3GChip03BDarkAura -ADark chip repels <300 atks Complete Serenade's time trials.
4MMBN3GChip04BDeltaRay220ZUse A btn for up to 3 attacks
5MMBN3GChip05BAlphArmΩ500VLaunches a giant rocket!Defeat AlphaΩ

Program Advance notes

# Name Combo Description
1Z-Canon1Cannon A + Cannon B + Cannon C
Cannon B + Cannon C + Cannon D
Cannon C + Cannon D + Cannon E
Unlimited Cannon for 5 sec
2Z-Canon2HiCannon H + HiCannon I + HiCannon J
HiCannon I + HiCannon J + HiCannon K
HiCannon J + HiCannon K + HiCannon L
Unlimited HiCannon for 5 sec
3Z-Canon3M-Cannon O + M-Cannon P + M-Cannon Q
M-Cannon P + M-Cannon Q + M-Cannon R
M-Cannon Q + M-Cannon R + M-Cannon S
Unlimited M-Cannon for 5 sec
4Z-PunchGutPunch B + GutPunch C + GutPunch D
GutPunch C + GutPunch D + GutPunch E
GutPunch D + GutPunch E + GutPunch F
Unlimited GutPunch for 5 sec
5Z-StrghtGutStrgt O + GutStrgt P + GutStrgt Q
GutStrgt P + GutStrgt Q + GutStrgt R
GutStrgt Q + GutStrgt R + GutStrgt S
Unlimited GutStrgt for 5 sec
6Z-ImpactGutImpct G + GutImpct H + GutImpct I
GutImpct H + GutImpct I + GutImpct J
GutImpct I + GutImpct J + GutImpct K
Unlimited GutImpct for 5 sec
7Z-VaribleVarSwrd B + VarSwrd C + VarSwrd D
VarSwrd C + VarSwrd D + VarSwrd E
VarSwrd D + VarSwrd E + VarSwrd F
Unlimited VarSwrd for 5 sec
8Z-Yoyo1Yo-Yo1 C + Yo-Yo1 D + Yo-Yo1 E
Yo-Yo1 D + Yo-Yo1 E + Yo-Yo1 F
Yo-Yo1 E + Yo-Yo1 F + Yo-Yo1 G
Unlimited Yo-Yo for 5 sec
9Z-Yoyo2Yo-Yo2 H + Yo-Yo2 I + Yo-Yo2 J
Yo-Yo2 I + Yo-Yo2 J + Yo-Yo2 K
Yo-Yo2 J + Yo-Yo2 K + Yo-Yo2 L
Unlimited Yo-Yo2 for 5 sec
10Z-Yoyo3Yo-Yo3 M + Yo-Yo3 N + Yo-Yo3 O
Yo-Yo3 N + Yo-Yo3 O + Yo-Yo3 P
Yo-Yo3 O + Yo-Yo3 P + Yo-Yo3 Q
Unlimited Yo-Yo3 for 5 sec
11Z-Step1StepSwrd L + StepSwrd M + StepSwrd N
StepSwrd M + StepSwrd N + StepSwrd O
StepSwrd N + StepSwrd O + StepSwrd P
Unlimited StepSwrd for 5 sec
12Z-Step2StepCros P + StepCros Q + StepCros R
StepCros Q + StepCros R + StepCros S
StepCros R + StepCros S + StepCros T
Unlimited StepCros for 5 sec
13BubSprdBubbler C + Bubbler D + Bubbler E
Bub-V D + Bub-V E + Bub-V F
BublSide E + BublSide F + BublSide G
Bubbler E + Bub-V E + BublSide E
Attks w/ spreading bubbles!
14HeatSprdHeatShot H + HeatShot I + HeatShot J
Heat-V I + Heat-V J + Heat-V K
HeatSide J + HeatSide K + HeatSide L
HeatShot J + Heat-V J + HeatSide J
Attks w/ spreading fireball!
15H-BurstSpreader M + Spreader N + Spreader O
Spreader N + Spreader O + Spreader P
Spreader O + Spreader P + Spreader Q
Creates a giant explosion
16LifeSwrdSword E + WideSwrd E + LongSwrd E
Sword L + WideSwrd L + LongSwrd L
Sword Y + WideSwrd Y + LongSwrd Y
Swings a huge 2x3 sword!
17ElemSwrdFireSwrd N + AquaSwrd N + ElecSwrd N + BambSwrd N
FireSwrd P + AquaSwrd P + ElecSwrd P + BambSwrd P
Wide swrd contains 4 elemnts
18EvilCutStepSwrd P + HeroSwrd P + StepCros PStep up 2 & make 4 attacks!
19HyperRatRatton1 A + Ratton2 A + Ratton3 A
Ratton1 C + Ratton2 C + Ratton3 C
Ratton1 F + Ratton2 F + Ratton3 F
A giant Ratton charges!
20TimeBom+TimeBomb J + TimeBomb K + TimeBomb L
TimeBomb K + TimeBomb L + TimeBomb M
TimeBomb L + TimeBomb M + TimeBomb N
Sets Time Bomb in enmy area
21GelRainMetaGel1 B + MetaGel1 C + MetaGel1 D
MetaGel2 E + MetaGel2 F + MetaGel2 G
MetaGel3 S + MetaGel3 T + MetaGel3 U
Gel steals squares
22EverCrseCrsShld1 C + CrsShld2 C + CrsShld3 C
CrsShld1 L + CrsShld2 L + CrsShld3 L
Shield chases enemies
23MomQuakeRockCube * + RockCube * + GodStone SAwakens Mother Earth!
24PoisPharPoisMask A + PoisFace A + Anubis APharaoh generates poison
25BodyGrdAntiDmg M + AntiNavi M + Muramasa MBodyguard takes out enemies
26500BarrBarrier E + Barr100 E + Barr200 E
Barrier R + Barr100 R + Barr200 R
Barrier absorbs 500HP dmg
27BigHeartHolyPanl R + Recov300 R + Roll R
HolyPanl R + Recov300 R + RollV2 R
HolyPanl R + Recov300 R + RollV3 R
Attacks, then heals HP!
28GtsShootGuard * + DashAtk G + GutsMan G
Guard * + DashAtk G + GutsMan2 G
Guard * + DashAtk G + GutsMan3 G
Guard * + DashAtk G + GutsMan4 G
GutsMan throws MegaMan!
29DeuxHeroCustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMan B
CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn2 B
CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn3 B
CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn4 B
MegaMan & ProtoMan team up!
302xHeroSlasher B + CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMan B
Slasher B + CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn2 B
Slasher B + CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn3 B
Slasher B + CustSwrd B + VarSwrd B + ProtoMn4 B
MegaMan & ProtoMan dual atk
31PrixPowrTeam1 * + Team2 * + KingMan5 K
Team1 * + Team2 * + MistMan5 M
Team1 * + Team2 * + BowlMan5 B
3 Navis attack at once!
32MstrStylSalamndr * + Fountain * + Bolt * + GaiaBlad *MegaMan unleashes his power

Note: When selecting chips for a Program Advance, a * chip can be used instead of one of the letters required. For example, selecting "Hi-Cannon H", "Hi-Cannon I", and "Hi-Cannon *" will still yield a Program Advance.

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