List of Mega Man Battle Network 2 Battle Chips

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List of Battle Chips from Mega Man Battle Network 2.

Battle Chips

# Image Name Type Damage Letter Codes Memory Description Location
001MMBN2Chip001CannonBC Element Null40 A, B, C, D, E, * 16 MBCannon for attacking 1 enemyCanodumb
002Card002HiCannonBC Element Null60 C, D, E, F, G, * 24 MBCannon for attacking 1 enemyCanodumb2
003M-CannonM-CannonBC Element Null80 E, F, G, H, I, * 32 MBCannon for attacking 1 enemyCanodumb3
004ShotgunShotgunBC Element Null30 B, F, H, J, N, * 4 MBExplodes 1 square behindNone
005V-GunV-GunBC Element Null30 A, F, G, L, P, * 4 MBExplodes 2 diagonal squaresNone
006CrossGunCrossGunBC Element Null30 H, J, M, Q, S, * 8 MBExplodes 4 diagonal squaresNone
007SpreaderSpreaderBC Element Null30 M, N, O, P, Q, * 20 MBCreates a large explosionNone
008BublerBubblerBC Element Aqua40 B, G, H, P, R, * 12 MBExplodes 1 square behindShrimpy
009Bub-VBub-VBC Element Aqua40 C, D, J, N, S, * 16 MBExplodes 2 diagonal squaresShrimpy2
010BubCrossBubCrossBC Element Aqua40 K, O, P, T, V, * 20 MBExplodes 4 diagonal squaresShrimpy3
011BubblerBubSprdBC Element Aqua40 E, F, I, L, M, * 32 MBCreates a large explosionPuffy
012HeatShotHeatShotBC Element Heat50 B, G, H, P, R, * 14 MBExplodes 1 square behindSpikey
013Heat-VHeat-VBC Element Heat50 C, D, J, N, S, * 18 MBExplodes 2 diagonal squaresSpikey2
014HeatCrosHeatCrosBC Element Heat50 K, O, P, T, V, * 22 MBExplodes 4 diagonal squaresSpikey3
015HeatSprdHeatSprdBC Element Heat50 E, F, I, L, M, * 36 MBCreates a large explosionBuffy
016MiniBombMiniBombBC Element Null50 B, E, G, L, O, * 8 MBThrows a bomb 3 squaresBeetank
017MMBN2Chip017LilBombBC Element Null50 F, J, O, Q, T, * 12 MBBomb that explodes verticallyBeetank
018MMBN2Chip018CrosBombBC Element Null60 D, J, O, Q, T, * 16 MBBomb that explodes in a crossBeetank2
019MMBN2Chip019BigBombBC Element Null70 O, Q, T, V, Y, * 32 MBBomb with a 9-square explosionBeetank3
020MMBN2Chip020TreeBom1BC Element Wood100 B, G, H, P, R, * 10 MBTree seed! Water for a PowerUp!Killplant
021MMBN2Chip021TreeBom2BC Element Wood120 C, D, J, N, S, * 15 MBTree seed! Water for a PowerUp!Killweed
022MMBN2Chip022TreeBom3BC Element Wood150 K, O, P, T, V, * 20 MBTree seed! Water for a PowerUp!Killfleur
023MMBN2Chip023SwordBC Element Null80 A, K, L, S, Y, * 12 MBCut enemy in front! Range is 1None
024MMBN2Chip024WideSwrdBC Element Null80 A, C, L, Q, Y, * 16 MBCut enemy in front! Range is 3None
025MMBN2Chip025LongSwrdBC Element Null80 A, I, L, O, Y, * 22 MBCut enemy in front! Range is 2Swordy
026MMBN2Chip026FireSwrdBC Element Heat100 F, H, N, R, U, * 24 MBFlame sword cuts 3 verticalSwordy2
027MMBN2Chip027AquaSwrdBC Element Aqua100 A, H, N, R, W, * 26 MBWater sword cuts 3 verticalSwordy3
028ElecSwordBNElecSwrdBC Element Elec100 E, H, N, R, V, * 28 MBElectric sword cuts 3 verticalNone
029MMBN2Chip029FireBldeBC Element Heat90 F, H, P, R, Z, * 32 MBFlame sword cuts 2 horiz.None
030MMBN2Chip030AquaBldeBC Element Aqua90 A, F, J, R, Z, * 32 MBWater sword cuts 2 horiz.None
031MMBN2Chip031ElecBldeBC Element Elec90 E, F, M, N, R, * 32 MBElectric sword cuts 2 horiz.None
032MMBN2Chip032StepSwrdBC Element Null150 D, H, M, Q, U, * 54 MBTwo steps, then use a wide swordNone
033MMBN2Chip033Kunai1BC Element Null40 E, I, L, P, S, * 48 MBKunais up and down 1 squareSnapper
034MMBN2Chip034Kunai2BC Element Null40 D, F, J, Q, R, * 64 MBKunais up and down 2 squaresSnapper2
035MMBN2Chip035Kunai3BC Element Null40 C, G, H, K, N, * 78 MBKunais up and down 3 squaresSnapper3
036MMBN2Chip036CustSwrdBC Element Null???? B, G, K, Q, T, * 68 MBCust Gauge = Attack StrengthNone
037MuramasaBNMuramasaBC Element Null???? N, O, T, U, W, * 88 MBSword that uses HPs to attackShadowMnV3
038MMBN2Chip038VarSwrdBC Element Null160 B, L, N, T, Z, * 40 MBA magical, shifting swordMole2
039MMBN2Chip039SlasherBC Element Null180 A, D, H, L, Q, * 24 MBCuts while A Button is held!None
040MMBN2Chip040ShockwavBC Element Null40 H, J, L, R, U, * 10 MBShock goes through enemiesMettaur
041MMBN2Chip041SonicwavBC Element Null60 E, I, M, S, W, * 30 MBShock goes through enemiesMettaur2
042MMBN2Chip042DynawaveBC Element Null90 G, N, Q, T, V, * 50 MBShock goes through enemiesMettaur3
043Quake1Quake1BC Element Null90 A, M, P, Q, W, * 16 MBAttack cracks the floorFlappy
044Quake2Quake2BC Element Null110 B, G, N, Q, W, * 32 MBAttack cracks the floorFlappy2
045Quake3Quake3BC Element Null130 C, E, O, Q, W, * 64 MBAttack cracks the floorFlappy3
046MMBNChip032GutPunchBC Element Null70 B, D, H, K, N, * 8 MBPunch that pushes 1 squareGutsManV3
047IcePunchColdPnchBC Element Aqua70 B, D, L, P, S, * 8 MBIce punch pushes 1 squareNone
048DashDashAtkBC Element Null90 B, D, G, J, L, * 12 MBDash right through enemies!Fishy
049MMBN2Chip049WreckerBC Element Null80 O, Q, S, U, W, * 16 MBCan break 3rd square aheadNone
050MMBN2Chip050CannBallBC Element Null150 O, P, Q, R, S, * 22 MBCan break 3rd square aheadHardHead
051MMBN2Chip051DoubNdlBC Element Null50 A, C, F, I, J, * 18 MB2 volleys of needlesShellgeek
052MMBN2Chip052TripNdlBC Element Null50 C, I, M, T, V, * 24 MB3 volleys of needlesShellnerd
053MMBN2Chip053QuadNdlBC Element Null50 C, H, I, P, U, * 30 MB4 volleys of needlesShellman
054MMBN2Chip054TridentBC Element Null60 E, I, K, O, T, * 30 MB3 volleys of spearsNone
055MMBN2Chip055Ratton1BC Element Null70 H, I, J, K, L, * 26 MBA crawling rat that turns onceRatty
056MMBN2Chip056Ratton2BC Element Null80 J, K, L, M, N, * 32 MBA crawling rat that turns onceRatty2
057MMBN2Chip057Ratton3BC Element Null90 L, M, N, O, P, * 38 MBA crawling rat that turns onceRatty3
058MMBN2Chip058FireRatBC Element Null200 B, F, G, H, R, * 30 MBAmazing when lit with fireNone
059MMBN2Chip059TornadoBC Element Null20 E, J, L, M, Q, * 22 MB8-hit tornado 2 aheadNone
060MMBN2Chip060TwisterBC Element Wood20 N, O, T, U, Y, * 22 MB8-hit tornado 2 aheadNone
061MMBN2Chip061BlowerBC Element Heat20 P, R, T, W, Z, * 22 MB8-hit tornado 2 aheadNone
062MMBN2Chip062BurnerBC Element Heat150 A, B, F, L, S, * 28 MBEnvelopes you with flames!Fishy2
063MMBN2Chip063ZapRing1BC Element Elec20 A, M, P, Q, W, * 12 MBParalyzing electric rings!Bunny
064MMBN2Chip064ZapRing2BC Element Elec30 B, G, N, R, S, * 16 MBParalyzing electric rings!TuffBunny
065MMBN2Chip065ZapRing3BC Element Elec40 C, E, O, T, Z, * 20 MBParalyzing electric rings!MegaBunny
066MMBN2Chip066Satelit1BC Element Elec60 G, O, Q, U, W, * 20 MBA floating & spinning satelliteSparky
067MMBN2Chip067Satelit2BC Element Elec80 H, J, K, P, R, * 24 MBA floating & spinning satelliteSparkler
068MMBN2Chip068Satelit3BC Element Elec100 L, S, T, Y, Z, * 28 MBA floating & spinning satelliteSparknoid
069MMBN2Chip069Spice1BC Element Wood100 A, C, G, Q, T, * 14 MBUnhealthy powder on all grassMushy
070MMBN2Chip070Spice2BC Element Wood120 B, E, H, J, N, * 28 MBUnhealthy powder on all grassMashy
071MMBN2Chip071Spice3BC Element Wood140 D, K, M, P, Q, * 42 MBUnhealthy powder on all grassMoshy
072MMBN2Chip072MagBomb1BC Element Elec80 F, G, J, M, N, * 10 MBStops the enemy in its tracksMagneaker
073MMBN2Chip073MagBomb2BC Element Elec100 B, D, I, R, T, * 14 MBStops the enemy in its tracksMagmacker
074MMBN2Chip074MagBomb3BC Element Elec120 H, K, O, Q, S, * 18 MBStops the enemy in its tracksMagnoid
075MMBN2Chip075Yo-Yo1BC Element Null40 C, E, R, T, V, * 36 MBA 3-square yo-yo attack!Yort
076MMBN2Chip076Yo-Yo2BC Element Null50 A, G, J, K, N, * 40 MBA 3-square yo-yo attack!Yurt
077MMBN2Chip077Yo-Yo3BC Element Null60 D, I, M, S, Y, * 44 MBA 3-square yo-yo attack!Yart
078MMBN2Chip078CrsShld1BC Element Null130 A, O, P, S, Z, * 18 MBGuard then bite into the enemyDominerd
079MMBN2Chip079CrsShld2BC Element Null170 A, O, P, T, V, * 24 MBGuard then bite into the enemyDominerd2
080MMBN2Chip080CrsShld3BC Element Null210 A, O, P, U, W, * 32 MBGuard then bite into the enemyDominerd3
081HammerHammerBC Element Null100 R, T, U, V, Z, * 24 MBHammer for smashing things!None
082MMBN2Chip082ZeusHamrBC Element Null200 J, K, O, V, Z, * 70 MBDamage all if panelNone
083MMBN2Chip083LanceBC Element Wood90 O, P, T, V, Y, * 20 MBA lance through back lineNone
084MMBN2Chip084BrnzFistBC Element Null100 B, N, O, R, S, * 18 MBFist of death!None
085MMBN2Chip085SilvFistBC Element Null140 E, I, L, S, V, * 30 MBFist of death!None
086MMBN2Chip086GoldFistBC Element Null180 D, G, L, O, Z, * 60 MBFist of death!None
087MMBN2Chip087PoisMaskBC Element Null- D, S, U, W, Z, * 24 MBPoison 1 panel with A Button!Puffball
088MMBN2Chip088PoisFaceBC Element Null- P, Q, U, W, Y, * 30 MBSpread poison w/ A Button!Poofball
089MMBN2Chip089WhirlplBC Element Null- A, C, E, G, I, * 20 MBWhirlpool kills weak enemies!Null
090MMBN2Chip090BlckholeBC Element Null- B, D, F, H, J, * 30 MBBlack hole kills weak enemies!Void
091MMBN2Chip091Meteor9BC Element Heat60 C, E, L, S, V, * 12 MBMagic wand shoots 9 meteorsMettFire
092MMBN2Chip092Meteor12BC Element Heat80 A, C, F, J, W, * 24 MBMagic wand shoots 12 meteorsFullFire
093MMBN2Chip093Meteor15BC Element Heat100 D, G, H, R, Z, * 48 MBMagic wand shoots 15 meteorsDeathFire
094MMBN2Chip094Meteor18BC Element Heat150 B, G, I, K, O, * 60 MBMagic wand shoots 18 meteorsMole2
095MMBN2Chip095TimeBom1BC Element Null70 C, G, K, M, Z, * 32 MBAn area-wide time bomb!Handy
096MMBN2Chip096TimeBom2BC Element Null120 F, G, K, O, Z, * 48 MBAn area-wide time bomb!Handy2
097MMBN2Chip097TimeBom3BC Element Null200 E, G, K, P, Z, * 64 MBAn area-wide time bomb!Handy3
098MMBN2Chip098LilCloudBC Element Aqua70 C, G, I, K, N, * 16 MBRain cloud goes back and forthCloudy
099MMBN2Chip099MedCloudBC Element Aqua90 D, H, J, L, O, * 24 MBRain cloud goes back and forthCloudy2
100MMBN2Chip100BigCloudBC Element Aqua110 Q, R, T, V, W, * 32 MBRain cloud goes back and forthCloudy3
101MMBN2Chip101MineBC Element Null300 L, N, R, S, V, * 12 MBPlace mine in enemy areaNone
102MMBN2Chip102FrntSnsrBC Element Null100 H, M, Q, R, T, * 14 MBAutomatic dynamite deviceNone
103MMBN2Chip103DblSnsrBC Element Null100 E, J, P, W, Y, * 24 MBDiagonal dynamite deviceNone
104MMBN2Chip104Remobit1BC Element Elec80 E, G, J, K, N, * 8 MBGenerates remobit in enemy areaTwisty
105MMBN2Chip105Remobit2BC Element Elec80 B, F, I, R, U, * 16 MBGenerates remobit in enemy areaTwisty2
106MMBN2Chip106Remobit3BC Element Elec80 A, L, M, T, Y, * 32 MBGenerates remobit in enemy areaTwisty3
107MMBN2Chip107AquaBallBC Element Aqua10 A, B, Q, T, W, * 20 MBPops when it hits somethingOcton
108MMBN2Chip108ElecBallBC Element Elec10 E, H, J, K, V, * 20 MBPops when it hits somethingOctor
109MMBN2Chip109HeatBallBC Element Heat10 C, F, R, S, U, * 20 MBPops when it hits somethingOctovian
110MMBN2Chip110GeyserBC Element Aqua200 A, B, D, L, S, * 40 MBGeyser if there is no panelNone
111MMBN2Chip111LavaDragBC Element Heat200 F, G, O, R, Y, * 60 MBSummons a nasty lava dragon!Lavagon
112MMBN2Chip112GodStoneBC Element Null150 E, I, L, Q, U, * 60 MBSummons a God Stone!None
113MMBN2Chip113OldWoodBC Element Wood100 C, M, S, T, W, * 60 MBSummons Old Wood!None
114MMBN2Chip114GuardBC Element Null- * 2 MBRepel the enemy's attackMettaur/Mettaur2
115MMBN2Chip115PanlOut1BC Element Null- A, B, D, L, S, * 4 MBDestroy 1 panel in frontNone
116MMBN2Chip116PanlOut3BC Element Null- C, E, N, R, Y, * 8 MBDestroy 3 panels in frontNone
117MMBN2Chip117LineOutBC Element Heat40 F, H, J, Q, Y, * 24 MBDestroy 1 line of panels!Flamey
118MMBN2Chip118CatcherBC Element Null- F, I, J, N, T, * 12 MBSends UFO to steal a chipRedUFO
119MMBN2Chip119MindbndrBC Element Null- D, I, M, N, T, * 38 MBEnemy loses controlNone
120MMBN2Chip120Recov10BC Element Null- A, C, E, G, L, * 2 MBRecovers 10HPNone
121MMBN2Chip121Recov30BC Element Null- B, D, F, H, M, * 4 MBRecovers 30HPSpooky
122MMBN2Chip122Recov50BC Element Null- C, E, G, I, N, * 8 MBRecovers 50HPSpooky/Spooky2
123MMBN2Chip123Recov80BC Element Null- D, F, H, J, O, * 16 MBRecovers 80HPSpooky2/Spooky3
124MMBN2Chip124Recov120BC Element Null- O, Q, S, U, W, * 32 MBRecovers 120HPSpooky3
125MMBN2Chip125Recov150BC Element Null- N, P, R, T, V, * 48 MBRecovers 150HPNone
126MMBN2Chip126Recov200BC Element Null- M, N, U, V, W, * 64 MBRecovers 200HPNone
127MMBN2Chip127Recov300BC Element Null- O, R, V, W, Z, * 80 MBRecovers 300HPNone
128MMBN2Chip128PanlGrabBC Element Null- B, H, K, L, P, * 4 MBSteals 1 enemy square!None
129MMBN2Chip129AreaGrabBC Element Null- E, L, R, S, Z, * 8 MBSteals left edge from enemyNone
130MMBN2Chip130GrabRvngBC Element Null- A, L, P, S, W, * 24 MBPunishes for stolen panels!None
131MMBN2Chip131Geddon1BC Element Null- C, K, L, Q, S, * 16 MBCracks all panels!None
132MMBN2Chip132Geddon2BC Element Null- J, M, R, T, Z, * 32 MBBreaks all empty squares!None
133MMBN2Chip133Geddon3BC Element Null- E, J, N, P, Y, * 48 MBTurns all panels to swamp!None
134MMBNChip080EscapeBC Element Null- F, H, J, L, N, * 64 MBEscapes from some enemiesNone
135MMBN2Chip135AirShoesBC Element Null- A, J, O, V, Z, * 12 MBStand on empty squareMole2
136MMBNChip082RepairBC Element Null- A, C, E, L, P, * 8 MBFixes your side's panelsNone
137MMBN2Chip137Candle1BC Element Null- C, F, I, M, V, * 50 MBPlaces a healing candleCanDevil
138MMBN2Chip138Candle2BC Element Null- A, G, J, L, T, * 60 MBPlaces a healing candleCanDevil2
139MMBN2Chip139Candle3BC Element Null- B, E, H, N, W, * 70 MBPlaces a healing candleCanDevil3
140MMBNChip106RockCubeBC Element Null- B, D, G, M, V, * 16 MBPlaces a stone cube in frontNone
141MMBN2Chip141PrismBC Element Null- B, C, L, N, Q, * 24 MBShoots all over after it hitsNone
142MMBN2Chip142GuardianBC Element Null- O, P, U, V, Z, * 54 MBStatue punishes when hitNone
143MMBN2Chip143WindBC Element Null- G, J, O, Q, T, * 10 MBWindBox blows at enemy areaWindBox
144MMBN2Chip144FanBC Element Null- A, G, L, N, Y, * 10 MBVacuumFan sucks from enemy areaVacuumFan
145MMBNChip104AnubisBC Element Null- H, K, M, U, W, * 90 MBAnubis poisons enemy areaPharoManV3
146MMBNChip111SloGaugeBC Element Null- * 10 MBCust Gauge slows down for battleNone
147MMBNChip112FstGaugeBC Element Null- * 10 MBCust Gauge speeds up for battleNone
148MMBN2Chip148FullCustBC Element Null- * 10 MBCust Gauge is always full!None
149MMBN2Chip149Invis1BC Element Null- A, F, L, R, U, * 12 MBInvisible for a whileSpooky
150MMBN2Chip150Invis2BC Element Null- B, H, M, Q, V, * 24 MBInvisible for a whileSpooky2
151MMBN2Chip151Invis3BC Element Null- C, G, K, P, W, * 48 MBInvisible for a whileSpooky3
152MMBNChip116DropDownBC Element Null- A, C, F, Q, S, * 64 MBInvisible until you attack!Popper3
153MMBN2Chip153PopUpBC Element Null- D, I, J, T, W, * 84 MBInvisible except for attack!Mole
154MMBN2Chip154StoneBodBC Element Null- C, E, S, T, W, * 64 MBStone body takes only 1HP damageKnightMnV3
155MMBN2Chip155Shadow1BC Element Null- B, G, H, L, R, * 32 MBOnly sword attacks hurt youShadow
156MMBN2Chip156Shadow2BC Element Null- D, E, J, M, T, * 48 MBOnly sword attacks hurt youRedDevil
157MMBN2Chip157Shadow3BC Element Null- C, F, K, N, V, * 64 MBOnly sword attacks hurt youBlueDemon
158MMBN2Chip158UnderShtBC Element Null- H, J, N, R, W, * 18 MBLethal hit reduced to just 1HP!None
159MMBNChip119BarrierBC Element Null- B, E, L, S, T, * 8 MBNullify damage one time!None
160MMBN2Chip160BblWrapBC Element Aqua- I, J, Q, R, W, * 36 MBWater barrier reformsNone
161MMBNChip123LeafShldBC Element Wood- A, D, R, S, W, * 26 MBNext attack heals youPopper2
162MMBN2Chip162AquaAuraBC Element Aqua- A, W, I, M, Q, * 30 MBRepels attacks under 10MegalianA
163MMBN2Chip163FireAuraBC Element Heat- B, F, J, N, R, * 36 MBRepels attacks under 40MegalianH
164MMBN2Chip164WoodAuraBC Element Wood- C, G, J, O, S, * 42 MBRepels attacks under 80MegalianW
165MMBN2Chip165ElecAuraBC Element Elec- D, H, L, P, T, * 48 MBRepels non wd attacks under 100MegalianE
166MMBN2Chip166LifeAur1BC Element Null- B, G, I, O, Q, * 60 MBRepels all attacks under 100Scutz/Scuttle/Scuttler/Scuttzer
167MMBN2Chip167LifeAur2BC Element Null- D, F, J, N, R, * 70 MBRepels all attacks under 150Scuttlest
168MMBNChip127LifeAur3BC Element Null- E, H, K, M, T, * 80 MBRepels all attacks under 200BassDelux
169MMBN2Chip169MagLineBC Element Null- A, E, I, M, Q, * 24 MBChanges your line to magnetNone
170MMBN2Chip170LavaLineBC Element Null- E, F, J, M, R, * 24 MBChanges your line to lavaNone
171MMBN2Chip171IceLineBC Element Null- B, E, J, N, Q, * 24 MBChanges your line to iceNone
172MMBN2Chip172GrassLneBC Element Null- B, F, I, N, R, * 24 MBChanges your line to grassNone
173MMBN2Chip173LavaStgeBC Element Null- D, H, M, U, V, * 64 MBChanges all panels to lavaNone
174MMBN2Chip174IceStageBC Element Null- A, C, E, I, S, * 64 MBChanges all panels to iceNone
175MMBN2Chip175GrassStgBC Element Null- B, D, H, P, R, * 64 MBChanges all panels to grassNone
176MMBN2Chip176HolyPanlBC Element Null- C, E, H, L, R, * 64 MBMakes all panels holyBrushMan
177MMBN2Chip177JealosyBC Element Null- E, J, O, R, U, * 22 MBMore chips means more damageNone
178MMBN2Chip178AntiFireBC Element Heat200 F, K, L, P, T, * 32 MBPunishes enemy for using fireNone
179MMBN2Chip179AntiElecBC Element Elec200 E, H, N, U, Y, * 32 MBPunishes enemy for using elecNone
180MMBN2Chip180AntiWatrBC Element Aqua200 A, D, Q, W, Z, * 32 MBPunishes enemy for using aquaNone
181MMBN2Chip181AntiDmgBC Element Null100 C, J, M, R, S, * 32 MBFake pain and throw shurikens!None
182MMBN2Chip182AntiSwrdBC Element Null100 D, H, I, M, T, * 32 MBPunishes use of swordsNone
183MMBN2Chip183AntiNaviBC Element Null- K, L, O, T, X, * 32 MBTake the enemy's Navi awayNone
184MMBN2Chip184AntiRecvBC Element Null- B, D, M, P, W 32 MBPunish the recovery of HPs!None
185MMBN2Chip185Atk+10BC Element Null- * 4 MB+10 to selected AtkChip!None
186MMBN2Chip186Atk+20BC Element Null- * 20 MB+20 to selected AtkChip!None
187MMBN2Chip187Atk+30BC Element Null- * 38 MB+30 to selected AtkChip!None
188MMBN2Chip188Fire+40BC Element Null- * 12 MBAdds 40 to Fire AttackChipNone
189MMBN2Chip189Aqua+40BC Element Null- * 12 MBAdds 40 to Aqua AttackChipNone
190MMBN2Chip190Wood+40BC Element Null- * 12 MBAdds 40 to Wood AttackChipNone
191MMBN2Chip191Elec+40BC Element Null- * 12 MB Adds 40 to Elec AttackChipNone
192MMBN2Chip192Navi+20BC Element Null- * 24 MB+20 to selected NaviChip!None
193MMBN2Chip193Navi+40BC Element Null- * 42 MB+40 to selected NaviChip!None
194MMBN2Chip194RollBC Element Null60 R, * 8 MBAttacks 1 enemy then heals youNone
195MMBN2Chip195RollV2BC Element Null80 R, * 24 MBAttacks 1 enemy then heals youNone
196MMBN2Chip196RollV3BC Element Null100 R, * 48 MBAttacks 1 enemy then heals youNone
197MMBN2Chip197GutsManBC Element Null50 G, * 32 MBCreeps and smashes panels!GutsMan/GutsManV3
198MMBN2Chip198GutsManV2BC Element Null70 G, * 48 MBCreeps and smashes panels!GutsManV2/GutsManV3
199MMBN2Chip199GutsManV3BC Element Null90 G, * 64 MBCreeps and smashes panels!GutsManV3
200MMBN2Chip200ProtoManBC Element Null120 B, * 52 MBSwings sword at enemy faceProtoManV2/ProtoManV3
201MMBN2Chip201ProtoMnV2BC Element Null160 B, * 64 MBSwings sword at enemy faceProtoManV3
202MMBN2Chip202ProtoMnV3BC Element Null200 B, * 76 MBSwings sword at enemy faceProtoManV3
203MMBN2Chip203AirManBC Element Null40 A, * 16 MBShoots air twisters in a lineAirManV2/AirManV3
204MMBN2Chip204AirManV2BC Element Null70 A, * 34 MBShoots air twisters in a lineAirManV3
205MMBN2Chip205AirManV3BC Element Null100 A, * 72 MBShoots air twisters in a lineAirManV3
206MMBN2Chip206QuickManBC Element Null50 Q, * 32 MBBoomerang attacks whole rowQuickManV2/QuickManV3
207MMBN2Chip207QuickMnV2BC Element Null70 Q, * 56 MBBoomerang attacks whole rowQuickManV3
208MMBN2Chip208QuickMnV3BC Element Null100 Q, * 80 MBBoomerang attacks whole rowQuickManV3
209MMBN2Chip209CutManBC Element Null150 C, * 20 MBScissor attacks one squareCutManV2/CutManV3
210MMBN2Chip210CutManV2BC Element Null200 C, * 50 MBScissor attacks one squareCutManV3
211MMBN2Chip211CutManV3BC Element Null300 C, * 80 MBScissor attacks one squareCutManV3
212MMBN2Chip212ShadoManBC Element Null60 S, * 64 MBSplits and shoots 3 shurikens!ShadowMnV2/ShadowMnV3
213MMBN2Chip213ShadoMnV2BC Element Null70 S, * 80 MBSplits and shoots 3 shurikens!ShadowMnV3
214MMBN2Chip214ShadoMnV3BC Element Null80 S, * 96 MBSplits and shoots 3 shurikens!ShadowMnV3
215MMBN2Chip215KnightMnBC Element Null160 K, * 64 MBSmashes enemies in circle!KnightMnV2/KnightMnV3
216MMBN2Chip216KnghtMnV2BC Element Null210 K, * 80 MBSmashes enemies in circle!KnightMnV3
217MMBN2Chip217KnghtMnV3BC Element Null260 K, * 96 MBSmashes enemies in circle!KnightMnV3
218MMBN2Chip218MagnetMnBC Element Elec130 M, * 48 MBBipolar tackle on 1 enemyMagnetMnV2/MagnetMnV3
219MMBN2Chip219MagntMnV2BC Element Elec140 M, * 64 MBBipolar tackle on 1 enemyMagnetMnV3
220MMBN2Chip220MagntMnV3BC Element Elec150 M, * 80 MBBipolar tackle on 1 enemyMagnetMnV3
221MMBN2Chip221FreezeMnBC Element Aqua50 F, * 64 MBRains icicles on enemiesFreezeMnV2/FreezeMnV3
222MMBN2Chip222FrzManV2BC Element Aqua60 F, * 80 MBRains icicles on enemiesFreezeMnV3
223MMBN2Chip223FrzManV3BC Element Aqua70 F, * 96 MBRains icicles on enemiesFreezeMnV3
224MMBN2Chip224HeatManBC Element Heat100 H, * 64 MBFlame attack! Range is 3HeatManV2/HeatManV3
225MMBN2Chip225HeatManV2BC Element Heat130 H, * 80 MBFlame attack! Range is 3HeatManV3
226MMBN2Chip226HeatManV3BC Element Heat160 H, * 96 MBFlame attack! Range is 3HeatManV3
227MMBN2Chip227ToadManBC Element Elec100 T, * 28 MBShocking melody paralyzes!ToadManV2/ToadManV3
228MMBN2Chip228ToadManV2BC Element Elec140 T, * 48 MBShocking melody paralyzes!ToadManV3
229MMBN2Chip229ToadManV3BC Element Elec180 T, * 68 MBShocking melody paralyzes!ToadManV3
230MMBN2Chip230ThunManBC Element Elec80 T, * 30 MBThunder attacks 3rd lineThunManV2/ThunManV3
231MMBN2Chip231ThunManV2BC Element Elec130 T, * 60 MBThunder attacks 3rd lineThunManV3
232MMBN2Chip232ThunManV3BC Element Elec180 T, * 90 MBThunder attacks 3rd lineThunManV3
233MMBN2Chip233SnakeManBC Element Wood30 S, * 25 MBMain attack and snakes!SnakeManV2/SnakeManV3
234MMBN2Chip234SnakeMnV2BC Element Wood40 S, * 50 MBMain attack and snakes!SnakeManV3
235MMBN2Chip235SnakeMnV3BC Element Wood50 S, * 75 MBMain attack and snakes!SnakeManV3
236MMBN2Chip236GateManBC Element Null40 G, * 24 MB3 soldiers charge forward!GateManV2/GateManV3
237MMBN2Chip237GateManV2BC Element Null40 G, * 40 MB4 soldiers charge forward!GateManV3
238MMBN2Chip238GateManV3BC Element Null40 G, * 56 MB5 soldiers charge forward!GateManV3
239MMBN2Chip239PharoManBC Element Null240 P, * 32 MBLaser-shooting coffin etc.PharoManV2/PharoManV3
240MMBN2Chip240PharoMnV2BC Element Null270 P, * 48 MBLaser-shooting coffin etc.PharoManV3
241MMBN2Chip241PharoMnV3BC Element Null300 P, * 64 MBLaser-shooting coffin etc.PharoManV3
242MMBN2Chip242NapalmMnBC Element Heat220 N, * 48 MBBombs that even break panels!NapalmMnV2/NapalmMnV3
243MMBN2Chip243NaplmMnV2BC Element Heat240 N, * 64 MBBombs that even break panels!NapalmMnV3
244MMBN2Chip244NaplmMnV3BC Element Heat260 N, * 80 MBBombs that even break panels!NapalmMnV3
245MMBN2Chip245PlanetMnBC Element Wood70 P, * 64 MBPlanet smashes 1 enemy!PlanetMnV2/PlanetMnV3
246MMBN2Chip246PlnetMnV2BC Element Wood80 P, * 80 MBPlanet smashes 1 enemy!PlanetMnV3
247MMBN2Chip247PlnetMnV3BC Element Wood90 P, * 96 MBPlanet smashes 1 enemy!PlanetMnV3
248MMBN2Chip248BassBC Element Null50 F, * 96 MBAir-burst attack on all lines!Bass (WWW Area 1 field)/BassDelux
249MMBN2Chip249BassV2BC Element Null60 F, * 96 MBAir-burst attack on all lines!BassDelux
250MMBN2Chip250BassV3BC Element Null70 X, * 96 MBAir-burst attack on all lines!BassDelux
251MMBN2Chip251BgRedWavBC Element Heat220 F, H, P, R, S, * 64 MBHeat chip Creates a lava wave!*
252MMBN2Chip252FreezBomBC Element Aqua180 A, I, J, Q, U, * 56 MBAqua chip Tosses ice bomb!*
253MMBN2Chip253SparkerBC Element Elec100 C, E, G, K, V, * 48 MBElec chip A Button to spark!*
254MMBN2Chip254GaiaSwrdBC Element Wood200 D, L, N, W, Y, * 72 MBWood chip Steals atk from chip!*
255MMBN2Chip255BlkBombBC Element Heat200 B, F, G, P, R, * 64 MBExploding firebomb attack!*
256FighterSwordFtrSwordBC Element Null100 A, I, L, S, Y, * 50 MBNormal sword. 3 spaces fwd*
257KnightSwordKngtSwrdBC Element Null150 F, J, K, M, Q, * 64 MBNormal sword. 3 spaces fwd*
258MMBN2Chip258HeroSwrdBC Element Null200 E, N, O, T, Z, * 90 MBNormal sword. 3 spaces fwd*
259MMBN2Chip259MeteorsBC Element Heat40 B, H, O, R, V, * 68 MBShooting stars shot at enemy!*
260MMBN2Chip260PoltrgstBC Element Null- E, P, R, U, W, * 50 MBItems are thrown at the enemy!*
261MMBN2Chip261GateSPBC Element Null300 G, * 50 MBCannon of another dimension!Obtained only in Capcom events in Japan. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, this is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)
262MMBN2Chip262FireGsplBC Element Heat600 X, * 96 MBGospel's breath of fire!Obtained only in Capcom events in Japan. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, this is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)
263MMBN2Chip263AquaGsplBC Element Aqua600 X, * 96 MBGospel's breath of water!Obtained only in Capcom events in Japan. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, this is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)
264MMBN2Chip264ElecGsplBC Element Elec600 X, * 96 MBGospel's electric breath!Obtained only in Capcom events in Japan. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, this is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)
265MMBN2Chip265WoodGsplBC Element Wood600 X, * 96 MBBreath of wood that slices!Obtained only in Capcom events in Japan. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, this is put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)
266MMBN2Chip266SnctuaryBC Element Null- A, C, E, L, S, * 99 MBTurns your panels holy!Defeat Gospel in Hard Mode.
  • - Obtained randomly in multiplayer battles by defeating opponents with S rank. The opponent must have above 3 stars. (In the Wii U Virtual Console release, these are put in the Pack upon accessing the Network screen.)

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