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Battle Chip Library

List of Battle Chips from Mega Man Battle Network and Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. The damage and letter codes of some Chips are different between the two games.

Standard Chips

# Image Name Damage Description
001 MMBNChip001 Cannon40A nice, big cannon!
002 Card002 HiCannon80A nice, big cannon!
003 M-Cannon M-Cannon120A nice, big cannon!
004 Shotgun Shotgun30Hits enemy and keeps going 1pnl
005 Crossgun CrossGun304-panel diagonal blast
006 Spreader Spreader30Gun with a 1-panel blast
007 Bubbler Bubbler50Bubbles w/ a 1-panel blast
008 Heater Heater70Fire with a 1-panel blast
009 MiniBomb MiniBomb50Throw a bomb! Depth=3
010 LilBomb LilBomb50 (MMBN)
80 (OSS)
Throw a bomb! Depth=3
011 CrossBomb CrosBomb70 (MMBN)
80 (OSS)
Cross bomb Depth=3
012 BigBomb BigBomb90Bomb with a big boom Depth=3
013 SwordBN Sword80Cut down enemies Range=1
014 WideSwordBN WideSwrd80Cut down column! Range=1
015 LongSwordBN LongSwrd80 (MMBN)
100 (OSS)
Cut down enemies! Range=2
016 FighterSword FtrSwrd100Warrior's sword Range=3
017 KnightSword KngtSwrd150Knight's sword Range=3
018 HeroSword HeroSwrd200Legendary sword Range=3
019 FireSwordBN FireSwrd100 (MMBN)
120 (OSS)
Cuts down column Range=1
020 AquaSwordBN AquaSwrd150Cuts down column Range=1
021 ElecSwordBN ElecSwrd120 (MMBN)
130 (OSS)
Cuts down column Range=1
022 MuramasaBN Muramasa-Do damage = to your HP loss
023 ShockWaveBN ShokWave60Piercing ground wave
024 SonicWave SoniWave80Piercing ground wave
025 DynaWave DynaWave100Piercing ground wave
026 FireTower FireTowr100Fire that can move up & down
027 Card027 AquaTowr120Water that can move up & down
028 WoodTower WoodTowr140Log that can move up & down
029 Quake1 Quake190Cracks a panel Depth=3
030 Quake2 Quake2120Cracks a panel Depth=3
031 Quake3 Quake3150Cracks a panel Depth=3
032 MMBNChip032 GutsPnch60 (MMBN)
160 (OSS)
Knocks stuff over Range=1
033 IcePunch IcePunch80 (MMBN)
150 (OSS)
Knocks stuff over Range=1
034 Dash Dash50Knock over all in your path!
035 Howitzer Howitzer150 (MMBN)
200 (OSS)
Breaks panels Depth=3
036 TriArrow TriArrow40Fires a 3-arrow burst
037 TriSpear TriSpear50Fires a 3-spear burst
038 TriLance TriLance60Fires a 3-lance burst
039 Ratton1 Ratton180 (MMBN)
90 (OSS)
Missile that can turn once
040 Ratton2 Ratton2100 (MMBN)
110 (OSS)
Missile that can turn once
041 Ratton3 Ratton3120 (MMBN)
130 (OSS)
Missile that can turn once
042 Wave Wave803-row wave! [Aqua]
043 RedWave RedWave1003-row lava wave! [Fire]
044 BigWave BigWave1603-row giant wave! [Aqua]
045 Gaia1 Gaia1100Rolling 3-column explosion!
046 Gaia2 Gaia2130Rolling 3-column explosion!
047 Gaia3 Gaia3160Rolling 3-column explosion!
048 Thunder1 Thunder190A rolling lightning attack
049 Thunder2 Thunder2120A rolling lightning attack
050 Thunder3 Thunder3150A rolling lightning attack
051 RingZap1 RingZap1100Lightning circles you once
052 RingZap2 RingZap2100Lightning circles you twice
053 RingZap3 RingZap3100Lightning circles you thrice
054 Typhoon Typhoon30Creates a twister w/ 3 hits
055 Huricane Huricane30Creates a twister w/ 5 hits
056 Cyclone Cyclone30Creates a twister w/ 8 hits
057 Snakegg1 Snakegg1130Squirming snake attack!
058 Snakegg2 Snakegg2140Shocking snake attack!
059 Snakegg3 Snakegg3150Scorching snake attack!
060 Drain1 Drain150Charge to drain HP from enemy
061 Drain2 Drain270Charge to drain HP from enemy
062 Drain3 Drain390Charge to drain HP from enemy
063 BodyBurn BodyBurn100 (MMBN)
180 (OSS)
Engulf all around you in flames!
064 XPanel1 X-Panel1-Erase 1 panel Range=1
065 XPanel3 X-Panel3-Erase column Range=1
066 Hammer Hammer100 (MMBN)
220 (OSS)
Breaks cubes Range=1
067 MetGuard MetGuard-Hold A Btn for 3 sec defense!
068 IronShld IronShld-Hold btn. to create shield!
069 Recover Recov10-Recover 10HP
070 Recover30 Recov30-Recover 30HP
071 Recover50 Recov50-Recover 50HP
072 Recover80 Recov80-Recover 80HP
073 Recover120 Recov120-Recover 120HP
074 Recover150 Recov150-Recover 150HP
075 Recover200 Recov200-Recover 200HP
076 Recover300 Recov300-Recover 300HP
077 Steal Steal-Steal left column of enemy area
078 MMBNChip078 Geddon1-All panels become cracked!
079 MMBNChip079 Geddon2-Erases all empty panels
080 MMBNChip080 Escape-Escape from most enemies
081 MMBNChip081 Interupt-Destroy enemy chip data
082 MMBNChip082 Repair-Repair panels in your area
083 MMBNChip083 TimeBom180Sets time bomb in enemy area
084 MMBNChip084 TimeBom2120Sets time bomb in enemy area
085 MMBNChip085 TimeBom3160Sets time bomb in enemy area
086 MMBNChip086 Cloud30 (MMBN)
60 (OSS)
Rains up & down on 1 column
087 MMBNChip087 Cloudier50 (MMBN)
80 (OSS)
Rains up & down on 1 column
088 MMBNChip088 Cloudest100Rains up & down on 1 column
089 MMBNChip089 Mine1160Hides a mine in enemy area
090 MMBNChip090 Mine2180Hides a mine in enemy area
091 MMBNChip091 Mine3200Hides a mine in enemy area
092 MMBNChip092 Dynamyt1100Looks right for enemy
093 MMBNChip093 Dynamyt2120Looks diagonally for enemy
094 MMBNChip094 Dynamyt3150Looks up & down for enemy
095 MMBNChip095 Remobit180Remote control smasher!
096 MMBNChip096 Remobit2100Remote control smasher!
097 MMBNChip097 Remobit3120Remote control smasher!
098 MMBNChip098 Lockon110Creates a lock on satellite!
099 MMBNChip099 Lockon215Creates a lock on satellite!
100 MMBNChip100 Lockon320Creates a lock on satellite!
101 MMBNChip101 Candle1-Set candle & recover some HP
102 MMBNChip102 Candle2-Set candle & recover some HP
103 MMBNChip103 Candle3-Set candle & recover some HP
104 MMBNChip104 Anubis-Set Anubis statue to reduce HP
105 MMBNChip105 IceCube-Creates an ice cube Range=1
106 MMBNChip106 RockCube-Creates 3 rock cubes randomly
107 MMBNChip107 BstrGard-1-turn of MetGuard w/ B Btn.
108 MMBNChip108 BstrBomb-1-turn of MiniBomb w/ B Btn.
109 MMBNChip109 BstrSwrd-1-turn use of Sword with B Btn
110 MMBNChip110 BstrPnch-1-turn of GutsPnch with B Btn
111 MMBNChip111 SloGauge-Slows down custom gauge
112 MMBNChip112 FstGauge-Speeds up custom gauge
113 MMBNChip113 Invis1-Temporary immunity
114 MMBNChip114 Invis2-Temporary immunity
115 MMBNChip115 Invis3-Temporary immunity
116 MMBNChip116 Dropdown-Invisible until you attack!
117 MMBNChip117 Popup-Invisible when not attacking!
118 MMBNChip118 IronBody-30 seconds stoneshape Defense UP
119 MMBNChip119 Barrier-Nullify 1 enemy attack
120 MMBNChip120 BblWrap1-Aqua wall Comes back if damaged
121 MMBNChip121 BblWrap2-Aqua wall Comes back if damaged
122 MMBNChip122 BblWrap3-Aqua wall Comes back if damaged
123 MMBNChip123 LeafShld-Turns dmg from 1 hit into HP
124 MMBNChip124 AquaAura-Null<10dmg Weak vs. [Elec]
125 MMBNChip125 FireAura-Null<40dmg Weak vs. [Aqua]
126 MMBNChip126 WoodAura-Null<80dmg Weak vs. [Fire]
127 MMBNChip127 LifeAura-Negate all attacks w/ damage<100
128 MMBNChip128 Roll60Hit enemy and heal some HP
129 MMBNChip129 Roll280 (MMBN)
100 (OSS)
Hit enemy and heal some HP
130 MMBNChip130 Roll3100 (MMBN)
140 (OSS)
Hit enemy and heal some HP
131 MMBNChip131 GutsMan40Shock foe and crack enemy area
132 MMBNChip132 GutsMan270Shock foe and crack enemy area
133 MMBNChip133 GutsMan3100Shock foe and crack enemy area
134 MMBNChip134 ProtoMan140Hit column w/ nearest enemy
135 MMBNChip135 ProtoMn2160Hit column w/ nearest enemy
136 MMBNChip136 ProtoMn3180Hit column w/ nearest enemy
137 MMBNChip137 FireMan100 (MMBN)
110 (OSS)
1 row fire arm
138 MMBNChip138 FireMan2120 (MMBN)
140 (OSS)
1 row fire arm
139 MMBNChip139 FireMan3150 (MMBN)
180 (OSS)
1 row fire arm
140 MMBNChip140 NumbrMan-DieRollx10 damage to enemy area
141 MMBNChip141 NumbrMn2-DieRollx20 damage to enemy area
142 MMBNChip142 NumbrMn3-DieRollx30 damage to enemy area
143 MMBNChip143 StoneMan100Drops 3x3 stones on enemy area
144 MMBNChip144 StoneMn2100Drops 4x3 stones on enemy area
145 MMBNChip145 StoneMn3100Drops 5x3 stones on enemy area
146 MMBNChip146 IceMan60 (MMBN)
80 (OSS)
Blizzard attack on enemy area
147 MMBNChip147 IceMan280 (MMBN)
100 (OSS)
Blizzard attack on enemy area
148 MMBNChip148 IceMan3100 (MMBN)
120 (OSS)
Blizzard attack on enemy area
149 MMBNChip149 ColorMan90 (MMBN)
120 (OSS)
Towers of [Aqua] & [Fire]!
150 MMBNChip150 ColorMn2110 (MMBN)
140 (OSS)
Towers of [Aqua] & [Fire]!
151 MMBNChip151 ColorMn3130 (MMBN)
160 (OSS)
Towers of [Aqua] & [Fire]!
152 MMBNChip152 ElecMan90Lightning hits enemy panel!
153 MMBNChip153 ElecMan2120Lightning hits enemy panel!
154 MMBNChip154 ElecMan3150Lightning hits enemy panel!
155 MMBNChip155 BombMan120Enemy area CrossBomb Depth=3
156 MMBNChip156 BombMan2140Enemy area CrossBomb Depth=3
157 MMBNChip157 BombMan3160Enemy area CrossBomb Depth=3
158 MMBNChip158 MagicMan100Magic fire = instant delete!?
159 MMBNChip159 MagicMn2120Magic fire = instant delete!?
160 MMBNChip160 MagicMn3140Magic fire = instant delete!?
161 MMBNChip161 WoodMan60 (MMBN)
70 (OSS)
Skewer entire enemy area
162 MMBNChip162 WoodMan280 (MMBN)
100 (OSS)
Skewer entire enemy area
163 MMBNChip163 WoodMan3100 (MMBN)
130 (OSS)
Skewer entire enemy area
164 MMBNChip164 SkullMan150Big skull attack on one enemy
165 MMBNChip165 SkullMn2180Big skull attack on one enemy
166 MMBNChip166 SkullMn3210Big skull attack on one enemy
167 MMBNChip167 SharkMan90 (MMBN)
110 (OSS)
3-row shark fin attack
168 MMBNChip168 SharkMn2110 (MMBN)
130 (OSS)
3-row shark fin attack
169 MMBNChip169 SharkMn3130 (MMBN)
150 (OSS)
3-row shark fin attack
170 MMBNChip170 PharoMan100 (MMBN)
120 (OSS)
3-row coffin laser!
171 MMBNChip171 PharoMn2120 (MMBN)
140 (OSS)
3-row coffin laser!
172 MMBNChip172 PharoMn3140 (MMBN)
160 (OSS)
3-row coffin laser!
173 MMBNChip173 ShadoMan80 (MMBN)
60 (OSS)
Split into 3 for star attack
174 MMBNChip174 ShadoMn290 (MMBN)
70 (OSS)
Split into 3 for star attack
175 MMBNChip175 ShadoMn3100 (MMBN)
80 (OSS)
Split into 3 for star attack
176 MMBNChip176 Bass200Explodes on entire area!

Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star

The game Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star has five new Battle Chips, following after ShadowMan's Chips. Japanese names are used as the game was released only in Japan. Bass' ID number changed to 180 in the game.

# Image Name Damage Description
176 Clockman chip exeoss ClockMan120
177 Clockman2 chip exeoss ClockManV2140
178 Clockman3 chip exeoss ClockManV3160
179 SFRockman chip exeoss SSRockman100
181 Rogue chip exeoss Burai60

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