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Libra Noise (リブラノイズ) is the Noise Change between Mega Man and Libra, which formerly was the EM counterpart of Libra Scales.


Libra Noise's main color is earth-brown, with some metallic blue joints and body parts. The shoulders and head is covered with pillar-like extensions, in which the head part is rounded.


Libra Noise is one of the two Non-elemental Noise Changes, the other being Cygnus Noise, which shares the same Noise Force Big Bang. While the card attack boost does not discriminate between dimming or non-dimming, unlike that of other Noises, and the healing effect being good for survival, Libra Noise tends to suffer against bosses due to the fact that every one of them has at least one attack that is Breaking (though avoidable). Users must key in on said attacks to prevent taking massive damage and losing the Noise.

Noise Form

  • Fire cards +10 attack
  • Aqua cards +10 attack

Vibrant Noise

  • Element: BC Element Null Null
  • Weakness: BC Attribute Break Breaking
  • Non-dimming, non-elemental cards heal 5% of Mega Man's maximum HP.
  • Charge Shot: Side Spread
    • Spreads to the left and right of the target, hitting 3 times for (5 x Buster Attack) damage each. Does not flinch.
  • NFB: Meteor Light Barrage

Ability Waves

  • Charge Spread/100
  • HP+500/350

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