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Legion HQ

Legion (レギオンズ Regionzu?, "Legions") is the governing body of the whole world in Mega Man ZX Advent. This coalition government is ruled by three leaders known as the Sage Trinity: Master Thomas, Master Mikhail, and Master Albert.

Master Albert is the main antagonist in the game. Using his position, Albert gave his DNA to "Chosen Ones", making them able to Megamerge. When Ashe/Grey discovered Albert was behind the Game of Destiny and Biometal Model W, he leaves Legion's headquarters and goes into hiding to proceed with his plans.

The government created the global law that bring equality between humans and Reploids, giving humans mechanical parts (becoming Humanoids) and Reploids lifespans. The original human parts and Reploid data are stored by Legion. In the secret ending from Mega Man ZX Advent, Master Thomas shows to plan using the stored parts and data for unknown reasons (although the arrival of the Mega Men Siarnaq, Aeolus, Thetis, and Atlas immediately after Thomas reveals this to Mikhail implies they were related somehow to his plans on the matter).

Legion HQ


Legion HQ (レギオンズ本部?) is the headquarters of Legion. The area becomes available after repairing the Train. When Ashe/Grey arrive to the area to deliver the Biometal Model A, it is attacked by Mavericks. After defeating Siarnaq, it is discovered that Albert is behind the attack and Model W. Albert then escapes and begins to put his plan into motion.



  • The Legion HQ is remarkably similar to Neo Arcadia in terms of architecture.
  • In the Legion HQ area part 1 entrance, there're road signs of C02 and C03 that implies the Legion HQ may have located in near the Area C-2 and C-3 in the previous Mega Man ZX game.