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LarkMan.EXE, known as SwallowMan.EXE (スワローマン Suwarōman) in Japan, is a NetNavi that appears as an optional boss in Mega Man Battle Network 5 in Undernet 1. He is referenced on the SciLab BBS as a "cyber-lark" that someone saw flying into the Undernet. Despite his English name, he does not resemble a lark at all. He considers himself the freest of birds and doesn't have an operator. The player can fight him for his Battle Chips.

Anime History

Rockman.EXE Stream

In Stream, Larkman is a Darkloid who serves Dark Rockman.EXE. He is almost constantly seen teaming up with CloudMan who is also a flying Darkloid. In the end both are deleted by the Cross Fusion team, with SwallowMan being easily defeated by CF Mayl, Jasmine and Miyabi.

Rockman.EXE Beast

In Beast, Zoano Larkman is a servant of the Falzar Army. In episode 11 of the series, he comes to aid Zoano Gateman, another Falzar Navi. However, instead of helping Zoano Gateman fight off G-Beast Rockman, he attempts to capture Iris's Navi. He is ultimately deleted by R-Protoman.



LarkMan's emblem

  • FloatShoes and AirShoes: LarkMan is constantly in flight, so he can hover over holes and is unaffected by the harmful effects of some panels.
  • Lark Cutter: LarkMan fires a bird at the player. It then curves around the back of the player's area and returns whilst aligned with the player's row if they have moved.
  • Lark Drive: Some panels will flash. LarkMan will then charge through those panels, hitting them.
  • Lark Dive: LarkMan dives down the row. If it connects it will destroy any chips and Program Advances the player has loaded.

Battle Chips

Mega Man Battle Network 5

Battle Chip ID Image Name Description Damage Element Rarity Code(s) Memory
Mega Chip 52 BN5MChip052LarkManWhirl forward and atk 140BC Element Null None ***S45 MB
Mega Chip 53 BN5MChip053 LarkMan SP (LarkMnSP)Whirl forward and atk 170BC Element Null None ****S77 MB
Mega Chip 54 BN5MChip054 LarkMan DS (LarkMnDS)Whirl forward and atk  ???BC Element Null None ****S77 MB



Megaman Battle Network 5 Find Larkman

Megaman Battle Network 5 Find Larkman

How to find LarkMan.EXE