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Laguz Island (ラグズランド島 Raguzurando Shima?) is an island in the Southern Ocean where the events from Mega Man Xtreme 2 take place. The Maverick Hunters go to the island to investigate the Erasure, and they fight against the Reploids Gareth and Berkana in the island's Reploid Research Laboratory.


Opening Stage
Jungle Stage
Neon Tiger
Ocean Base Stage
Launch Octopus
Hydroelectric Plant Stage
Volt Catfish
Factory Stage
Flame Mammoth
Weather Control Stage
Wire Sponge
Air Battleship Stage
Blast Hornet
Desert Stage
Overdrive Ostrich
Underground Stage
Tunnel Rhino
Laguz Research Laboratory 1
Laguz Research Laboratory 2
Isaz and Sowilo
Laguz Research Laboratory 3
Berkana / Gareth
Sigma's Hideout


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