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Kung Foo Kid
Kung-Foo Kid

Kung Foo Kid, known as Goat Kungfu (ゴート・カンフー Gōto Kanfū?) in Japan, is the EM Wave Change of Kidd Gruff and Goat Foo. He is an extra boss from Mega Man Star Force 2 that can be fought by first speaking to Kidd Gruff in Mess Village. He did not appear in the anime and manga.

Game History

Mega Man Star Force 2

Very little information is given about Kung Foo Kid, save for that he is a martial artist who is traveling through Mess Village at the time of the Mega Man Star Force series' second game. Like Kidd Gruff, Kung Foo Kid is a well-mannered and respecting fighter, and is always ready to challenge Mega Man to a sparring match.


SF3Normalpanel SF3Grasspanel SF3Normalpanel
SF3Grasspanel SF3Normalpanel SF3Grasspanel
SF3Normalpanel SF3Grasspanel SF3Normalpanel
SF3Grasspanel SF3Normalpanel SF3Grasspanel
SF3Normalpanel SF3Normalpanel SF3Normalpanel
SF3Normalpanel Normal panel
SF3Grasspanel Grass panel

At the beginning, the battlefield will have some Grass panels, in a checkered pattern starting from the middle panel of his back row, as seen in the table to the right.

He will continuously zip around the battlefield and then close in for one of the following attacks:

  • Hoof Punch: Kung Foo Kid punches Mega Man with his arm-hoof.
  • Hoof Kick: Kung Foo Kid stands two panels away and flying-kicks Mega Man with his leg-hoof. He may strike diagonally.
  • Shadow Smash: Kung Foo Kid darts to the row directly in front of his enemy and summons two clones of himself. The three proceed to attack the row in front of them several times with a palm attack.
  • Grass Consume: Kung Foo Kid stops on a Grass panel and charges up, growing in size and returning the panel to normal. Kung Foo Kid now gains Super Armor, all his attacks are powered up and gain breaking attributes, but his size slows him down a bit and prevents him from using Hoof Kick.
  • Horn Slash: Kung Foo Kid stands in front of the player, and rakes his horns across the panels in front of him, twice. This attack must be blocked, and can only be used after Grass Consume.

Battle Cards

ID Battle Card Description Attack Type
Mega Card 34 SF2 BC M034 Kung Foo Kid
Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash 25 BC Element Wood Wood
Mega Card 35 SF2 BC M035 Kung Foo Kid EX
Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash 30 BC Element Wood Wood
Mega Card 36 SF2 BC M036 Kung Foo Kid SP
Use grass to Dart to emy, Shadow Smash 35-60 BC Element Wood Wood


  • Kung Foo Kid, Harp Note and Hollow, are the only Mega Cards from Mega Man Star Force 2 not obtainable by any means in Mega Man Star Force 3, even through Illegal Data.
  • "Kung Foo Kid" is a play on words; the name itself is most likely a parody of "The Karate Kid", while a "kid" is a juvenile goat as well as a human child, and "kung fu" a Chinese martial art.

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