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Kodansha Manga Hyakka (講談社まんが百科? roughly "Kodansha Manga Encyclopedia") is a series of hard cover encyclopedias for children, ranging on popular topics from dinosaurs to sports to popular characters from comics, television and video games, including the Mega Man franchise. Each issue includes a special bonus manga inside.

Rockman books

Kodansha Manga Hyakka 6:
Rockman & Rockman X Daizukan
(ロックマン&ロックマンX 大図鑑? roughly "Rockman & Rockman X Big Reference Book")
Release dateNovember 1994 ISBN4-06-259006-9
Summary Book with information from the first Mega Man to Mega Man 6, the five Mega Man Game Boy games, and Mega Man X. Contains a Mega Man X manga.
Kodansha Manga Hyakka 24:
Rockman & Rockman X Himitsu Daihyakka
(ロックマン&ロックマンX ひみつ大百科? roughly "Rockman & Rockman X Big Encyclopedia of Secrets")
Release dateApril 1995 ISBN4-06-259024-7
Summary Like the previous book, contains information from several Mega Man games, with the addition of Mega Man 7 and Mega Man X2. Contains a Mega Man X2 manga.
Kodansha Manga Hyakka 34:
Rockman X Chouhyakka
(ロックマンX 超百科? roughly "Rockman X Ultra Encyclopedia")
Release dateApril 1996 ISBN4-06-259034-4
Summary Contains information from the first three games in the Mega Man X series.


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