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Knight Soul

Knight Soul is the Double Soul MegaMan.EXE performs with KnightMan.EXE, requiring a Breaking Battle Chip to be sacrificed. This is the first Double Soul obtained in the Team Colonel version of MegaMan Battle Network 5. Knight Soul combines brute power with front-line defense.


  • Breaking chips can be charged for double damage. This is particularly devastating with multi-hitting chips like Air Hockey or Drill Arm.
  • While MegaMan is using a non-dimming chip in the front row, he turns invincible until he can move again. 
  • Charge Shot: Royal Wrecking Ball (Hits the 8 panels surrounding MegaMan for 40 Breaking damage, with an additional 10 damage for each increase in Buster Rank. Enemies that are hit are also confused.)
  • Weakness: The Charge Shot lacks range.
  • Bosses to use against:
    • KnightMan.EXE - Charged Breaking chips will ensure that damage is dealt even while his guard is still raised. Knight Chaos can even shred KnightMan with a single Area Grab since KnightMan does not move most of the time.
    • CosmoMan.EXE - The Charge Shot is capable of destroying his otherwise indestructable Cosmo Planets.

Competitive Play

  • With Drill Arm joining Air Hockey in the multi-hitting Breaking chips category, Knight Soul, with its invincibility frames and its x2 chip charge bonus, is a popular Soul, both offensively and defensively.

CKnightEmo Chaos Soul


Chaos Unison with Knight Soul

  • MegaMan's Charge Shot turns into Dark Drill, which hits the two panels in front of him for 100 damage. Enemies hit by the drill will be pushed backwards, but if they cannot move they remain in contact with the drill and continue taking hits. The drill can inflict up to 5 hits. With an AreaGrab or two, one can easily inflict 500 damage or so, and the enemy hasn't flinched, leaving them open to an immediate follow-up attack.

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