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Knight Crush
Mega Man using Knight Crush.

Knight Crush (ナイトクラッシャー Naito Kurasshā?) is Knight Man's special weapon from Mega Man 6. It shoots a spiked ball that moves straightforward until a certain distance, moves in an arch and boomerangs back. The user can move while the ball is moving to extend its range when returning. Up to two balls can be used at the same time. It can also be  fired in 6 directions: diagonally up and down to either side as well as straight to either side. Even when deflected by an enemy, the Knight Crush will still return to Mega Man and deal damage to anything it touches.  If it hits a shielded enemy such as the Tatebo or Shield Attacker GTR from below or behind, the Crush will destroy it.  The same is true for Silver Tomahawk, although Knight Crush has an advantage over the former because it can be fired in multiple directions and boomerangs back, giving it two chances to hit the target.

The Knight Crush is Centaur Man's weakness, although it is also semi-effective against Plant Man, the Rounder 2, and all 3 forms of Wily Machine 6.

Damage Data Chart

Known damage values in units for Mega Man 6.

Knightcrushicon Knight Crush
Boss Damage
Blizzard Man 1
Centaur Man 4
Flame Man 1
Knight Man 1
Plant Man 2
Tomahawk Man 1
Wind Man 1
Yamato Man 1
Rounder 2 3
Power Piston 1
Mettonger Z 1
X Crusher 1
Mechazaurus 1
Tank-CS2 1
Wily Machine No. 6: 1st Phase 2
Wily Machine No. 6: 2nd Phase 2
Wily Capsule 2


One shot uses 1 weapon energy unit. Knight Crush can be used 28 times with a full weapon energy gauge.

Bosses weak against Knight Crush

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