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King Stage
King Stages in Mega Man & Bass.

The King Stage (キングステージ Kingu Sutēji?) is the fortress used by King in Mega Man & Bass. This castle has three levels.


King Stage 1


King Stage 1

The first level has an industrial look and is where the bagworm boss Atetemino Proto resides. This is helped by a robo-monkey called Monking A.


King Stage 2


King Stage 2

The second level is more of a royal palace, which is contain with three segment indicating that is where King resides, and is where the player encounters the sub-bosses King Tank and King Plane, before encountering King himself. The player is unable to harm King due to his shield, but Proto Man appears and uses Big Bang Strike to destroy it. After the player fights King, Dr. Wily reveals himself and brainwashes King after refusing to fight anymore, and then King fused with the two previous sub-bosses into Jet King Robo.


King Stage 3


King Stage 3

The third level has a more industrial look but is different from King Stage 1. The player refights all of the previous Robot Masters again in a predefined order, before facing off against Dr. Wily.


Other media


King's base.

In the Rockman & Forte manga, Mega Man and Bass invade King's base (キングの基地 Kingu no kichi?) and they fight against Burner Man, Dynamo Man, Magic Man, Pirate Man, and King.

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