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KendoMan.EXE (ケンドーマン) is the third NetNavi that Mr. Famous uses in the games, being the others GateMan.EXE, Punk.EXE and GridMan.EXE. He is a master of Kendo.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

KendoMan is in NetFrica training the youth kendo which teaches them discipline. He is an extremely strict teacher. When MegaMan.EXE meets him, he assumes that MegaMan is one of his students and orders him to defeat several training dummies. Without any choice, MegaMan has to do so. The training dummies and MegaMan fight with kendo sticks and after defeating all of them, he gets three licences. After showing them to KendoMan, he gets the opportunity to explain that he's his opponent in the Red Sun\Blue Moon tournament. A former apprentice of Mr. Famous tries to delete KendoMan later but is thwarted by Lan. Later they battle and KendoMan is defeated.

Powers and abilities


KendoMan's emblem

  • Men - The head protective gear in Kendo. Kendoman will rush down the row if the player lines up with him.
  • Koteh - Means Kendo glove. KendoMan steps into player's area and attacks when player does.
  • Dou - Means Kendo chest protector. Kendoman will slash in a wide arc.
  • Training - Kendoman will create two clones that will attack the player from behind and in front.


The main thing to do is not stay in his row or front collom. Use seeking, mega, or giga chips for quick deletion.

Rockman.EXE Beast

KendoMan appears briefly in Rockman.EXE Beast as a Zoanoroid that serves Falzar. Princess Pride and Ms. Yuri fight against him using Cross Fusion, and he is defeated by them.